The Best Petite Work Pants for Women

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At 5″ 1/2,” it is safe to say that I am a petite woman. Yes, I have been at that height for most of my life. I think since middle school. It is something that I have gotten used to over the years. I am always joking that I am vertically challenged. When you are vertically challenged many other things can also be challenging. One of those is finding pants that fit my petite frame, specifically work pants. Yes, those professional-looking pants. The pants that everyone needs to have one or two good pair hanging in the closet that fits beautifully. You just never know when you are going to need to pull them out and look fabulous.

Nedless to say, shopping as a petite woman can get expensive. Seems as if weare always needing alterations. So that is something that we have to keep in mind when purchasing work pants or any garments for our closet. One thing that that I swear by is knowing my measurements. Also, knowing the measurements of garments that look good on my body. You can ready why a tape measure is my shopping BFF.

My Go To Brands/Stores to Shop for Petite Work Pants

The last few years many brands have really expanded or even launched their petite pant offerings. Each of us has a totally unique body shape. So just like anything else we have to try try again until we find that fit that not only looks good on our body, but also makes us feel confident when we are wearing them. Confidence is key.

So let’s take a look at some of the brands/stores that have multiple styles for work pants for us to choose from. You can click on the images below to shop them directly.

Ann Taylor

When you think of Ann Taylor stores, you immediately think work wear. Rightfully so. They have a timeless classic approach to their clothing. Their petite clothing is made to fit petite frames. So whether you are looking for work pants or a blouse to make an OOTD you know that the seams are going to fall where they need to fall and lengths are going to work. Another thing that I love about many of their pants is that they come in a Petite Regular and a Petite Curvy. I am a curvy girl and it is so nice not to have to have the waistline adjusted.

In the main photo I am wearing this pant. When I put it on my mouth dropped open. Not one alteration was needed. It is my favorite style of work pant…..a side zip.

What I like about their website is that they break down the pants by the leg type. Each of us has a style that we feel our best in and they make it very easy to shop. It’s also nice that they will bring back the same styles season after season. If something works, why not have it in multiple colors. Am I right?


J.Crew is know for it’s classic, preppy style. They have been one of my go to brands for years. You know that when you buy a pair of pants or work pants from them, they will not look dated the next season. What is nice is that once you find a cut that works from their petite pants selection you pretty much know that you can see it again next season (at least for a couple of years). Sometimes they will make a tweak to the pant. This year the Pixie pant got an update and now has a back zipper which is a fun alternative to have in the closet. I am wearing it in the photo above with the camel sweater.

Another nice feature with J.Crew petite works pants is that in some styles like the Kate (my favorite fit) they will offer more than one fabric type. If you are into fun, bright colors for your work pants, as well as, the usual neutrals then J.Crew is the place for you.

Petite Studio NYC

Petite Studio NYC is a slow fashion brand based in New York. Their things are designed by petite women for petite women. You can depend upon their things to fit your petite frame the way that they should fit and fall. Each season they have a curated selection of pieces that you can depend upon for being fashionable and well made. You can read more about some of their signature pieces in this review that I did on the brand.

I always like supporting woman owned businesses. The fact that they are also a sustainable fashion brand is a bonus in my opinion.

M.M. LaFleur

M.M. LaFleur is a woman founded business that is all about women succeeding. Not just in business, but in life. They are known for their Power Casual workwear. If you are all about capsule wardrobes and having quality pieces that mix and match, then this is a brand that is for you. Their pieces are travel friendly and are made to work for your life. So think board room to soccer field to dinner.

What makes so many of their pants petite friendly is the hidden buttons for hemming. Their best selling Foster pant is best known for this feature. Other styles that have this feature are the Hockley jean and the Archie pant.


Spanx is a name that we all know too well. The last several years they have expanded way beyond shapewear. Why not have your shapewear built into your pants. Their pants are ones that I would say is good to have for that day that you want to have a little extra shaping and support in just the right places. Most of the work pants from Spanx come in black or navy blue and are a part of the Perfect Collection. Can one ever have too many black pants?

Other Places to Shop


It never ceases to amaze me when I look on Amazon for specific things. Yes, you can search that website for almost anything and find what you are looking for. I was shocked when I saw the 4-5 star reviews on this bootcut black pant and this straight leg black pant. For under $50 they are worth a try. Obviously thousands of women have purchased them and been very happy.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic always has a great selection of petite clothing. From dresses, blazers, tees and pants. For some reason their pants do not fit my body without quite a few alterations. That doesn’t mean that I don’t buy other petite pieces from them. It’s just their pants are not for me and that is OK. They always have great looking pants and they may work for your body.


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