How to Look Taller In Cropped Pants For Petites

brunette woman wearing tan cropped pants for petites and a white sleeveless blouse, carrying a wicker handbag

Pants can be a tricky thing for petites. Since we always want to look our best I thought I would break down how we can look and feel great in cropped pants for petites. Yes, we can wear cropped pants and we can wear them year-round. I find myself wearing them more in the warmer months. However, we can also reach for them in the cooler months to wear with a pair of boots or booties.

Cropped pants can also be referred to as capris or pedal pushers. Pedal pushers usually hit mid-calf. While capri pants typically.

True cropped pants are what I am going to talk about wearing. You would think that wearing shorter pants would make short legs look shorter. That is not the case. Once you figure out how to wear them, then you will want to have this style in your closet.

Before we talk all things cropped pants there are some other petite fashion posts I have written that you might want to check out.

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woman wearing wide leg cropped tan pants with a nude wedge

What Are Cropped Pants Exactly?

Cropped pants for petites should fall between the bottom of your calf and your ankle bone. I know that can be a few inches even on our short bodies. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind for the length of your cropped pants is that they should not be any longer than two fingers above your ankle bone. We don’t want people thinking that we are wearing long pants that are too short.

Since each of us has a unique body keep the rule of thumb in mind and play with the length so that it is most flattering on your body.

Tips To Looking Taller In Cropped Pants

1. Choose a Slim Cut

As with any type of clothing for petites, more fabric is not always better for us. You want to have your pants more fitted. A leg that is tapered or straight looks good on our short legs. Wearing high-waisted petite cropped pants also helps to make the legs look even longer.

2. Go For solid Colors

Solid colors tend to look better on our short legs. They are the most slimming. When wearing different colors keep in mind that monochromatic dressing is a petite woman’s best trick to looking taller.

3. Avoid Large Patterns

If you just love to wear patterns, then make sure that they are small patterns. You don’t want the pattern to overwhelm you.

4. Pair Them With Heels or a Wedge

Showing some skin on the top of the foot will always help elongate your legs. Slipping on a heel or wedge will not only give you some height, but it will make your legs look longer. If you can’t wear heels, then choose a flat with a pointed toe and a low vamp.

A nude shoe is a petite woman’s BFF. I have rounded up comfortable nude shoes that look great on petite feet. This post will help you find great shoes to wear with your cropped pants for petites.

5. Tuck In Your Top

When petite it is always good to wear a top with a wider neckline. Our goal is always to draw the eye up so that we look like we are standing tall. Tucking in your top helps with that illusion. If you leave your shirt untucked it can make your short legs look shorter.

So think V-neck, boat necks, and square neck tops. Yes, your button down shirts can become a V by opening up the buttons enough and popping up your collar.

Wear Pull On Cropped Pants To Wear Your Shirt Untucked

If you don’t feel comfortable with tucking in your shirt, then opt for a pair of pull-on cropped pants for petites. Elastic waistlines have come so far in the last several years. They now lay very flat which looks nice and provides a clean landing for the shirt you choose to wear out.

Can Short Girls Wear Wide Leg Cropped Pants?

Yes, we can. I have actually written an entire post on how to wear wide-leg pants with confidence when you are petite. The big takeaway on wide-leg pants of any type for petites is that you don’t want the legs to be too wide. Fitted pants at the waist with no pockets or pleats and a high waist are always going to help our legs look longer.

Best Styles To Wear

So now that we have some “tricks up our sleeve” so that we will look taller in cropped pants, let’s look at the best styles to wear.

High Waisted Tapered or Slim Leg

This style of pant can be casual or a great business look with a heel. This pant is a great example of on that you can dress up or down and in many climates wear it year round. A four-season stretch fabric pant is a workhorse in any woman’s wardrobe. I also really like this pant for a more casual look. It is a sateen cotton so it’s very versatile for your wardrobe.

Pull On Cropped Pants

Who doesn’t love a good pull on pant some days. That comfy elastic waist can be great if you are sitting much of the day or traveling. For fall I love these pants made out of a sweater material. Talk about a packing dream for fall and winter.

I do have to admit that Spanx does a great job with pants. They have a pull on style for every body type and their pants are always slimming. I really like this kick flare and this stretch twill for a more casual everyday running around look.

Kick Out Crop

This style of pant or jean has become popular the last few years. There is just something fun about this cut of pants or jeans. They are a slim cropped leg with a slight flare at the bottom. Simple as that. Some will have more flare than others. Smaller flares look better on short legs. Remember it’s all about scale when it comes to our petite bodies. I love this trouser style kick crop for work and this pull on style is great for fall with boots.

Wide Leg

As you can see from the photos I am a fan of wide leg cropped pants. I love wearing them in the summer because they are a bit flowy and thus cooler than slimmer cut pants. This pant is a petite woman’s dream of a wide leg pant. The size zipper makes sure that the front is flat and is slimming.


Every woman needs a good cropped jean in their wardrobe. Make sure that you have them hemmed to a true cropped length. Cuffing or rolling them up will just make your legs look shorter. Have fun with your jean styles.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post. I genuinely appreciate every read, share, and follow. I hope you now feel comfortable with how to wear cropped pants for petites bodies. Once you figure out your length sweet spot and how you look best in them I bet they become a favorite style to wear.

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