Comfortable Nude Shoes For Petite Feet That Look Great On

brunette woman wearing a turquoise brown and white geometric pattern dress with nude high heeled shoes for petite feet

If you are reading this about shoes for petite feet, most likely you are also petite. A petite woman is someone who is 5’4″ or shorter. What goes along with that so many times is wearing a small shoes size. A petite foot is when you wear a shoe size 6 or under. Yes, there are lots of out out there too.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the average height for a woman is 5’4″. On top of that little tidbit, about 40% of all American women are 5’3″ or shorter. That being said we are in good company as we look for comfortable shoes for petite feet that look great on our small frames.

Before I dive into to why nude or skin tones shoes are a must have for your petite feet here are a few other posts I have written that you might want to check out.

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Why Nude Shoes for Petite Feet

First of all, what is a “nude” shoe? Well, basically it is a skin toned colored shoe. So that means a nude shoe can be different color for you than for me. The main factor that we are looking for when we purchase a nude shoe is that it is close to our skin tone so that it blends. So when you are searching for your perfect pair or pairs of nude shoes you may have to try several on to find the color that best suits your skin tone.

Yes, the fact that you wear a nude shoes just means that we are keeping things neutral from the bottom of your clothing line to your feet. This will help give the illusion that your legs are longer.

Another great option when it comes to nude shoes is the clear shoe that has been popular the last few years. It is almost as if the top of your shoe disappears. I love this kitten heel, this block heel, and this high heel as options for petite feet. I have been wearing my clear kitten heels so much this summer.

When It’s Good to Wear A Nude Shoe

Nude shoes area a closet MVP becasue they can be worn with pretty much anything in your closet. If you are wanting to visually elongate your legs this color of shoes will do the trick for you. A nude shoe goes with shirts, skirts, dresses, or anything that the hem is not down to your ankle.

Nude shoes are also great to tone down a busy outfit. Yes, busy prints and bright colors can be overwhelming especially when you are petite. The nude shoe is a great way to help balance that out.

With that being said there are a few styles of nude shoes for petite feet that come in handy. I promise that once you find “your shade of nude” in these styles you will wear them on repeat.

4 Styles of Nude Shoes To Have In Your Wardrobe

Ever go in to get a pair of shoes and just can’t find the “right” pair to go with your outfit? Well, if you have nude shoes in a few styles you should never have that problem again. I know you’re probably thinking that shoes for petite feet can be more fun and interesting, but trust me if you have some great nude shoes you will always love the way your outfit of the day looks. After all, your shoes can make or break your outfit.

One thing to remember when it comes to nude shoes is to keep it simple. You want the style of the shoe to be nice and clean. Not a lot of embellishments or details. Just keep it simple. The purpose is for this shoe to blend, not stand out.

So let’s look at the shoe styles that will make sure that all of your outfits look great and your feet are comfortable. Because no one should ever wear shoes that are not comfortable.


A classic pump is always a good shoe on petite feet. To me this is a shoe style that you want to be comfortable. It can be a kitten heel which is usually 2″ or a 3″ heel. Much higher than 3″ can look a little awkward on a petite woman. You don’t want the shoe to look out of proportion with the rest of your body.

There are a couple of brands that I really like when it comes to pump. Sarah Flint and Ally. Yes, they are a little pricey, but once you have your perfect color of nude pump you won’t have to buy another pair for many many years.

Sarah Flint

Sarah Flint is know for her perfect pump. She makes all of her pumps in three heel heights, 2″, 3″, and 4″. She has a couple of great nude or neutral shades of pumps that she always keeps in stock. They are truly a classic pump that will not go out of style or looked dated for many many years to come. You can use my code SARAHFLINT-BABETHF for $60 off your first purchase.


Ally Shoes arew known for their stylish and pain free heels. They are the collaboration of a shoe lover, a podiatrist, and a shoe designer. Their goal is to make sure that they design shoes that alleviate pain for women.

Their shoes are so size inclusive, starting at size 4.5 and available in four different widths. That is not something that you find very often.

Another great thing that came out of this team of women is a nude shoe that is available in a variety of shades. Yes, you should be able to find not only your size, but also the color that best matches your skin tone from this line of shoes. There are six colors of nude shoes to choose from.

They offer their nude pumps in the classic 3″ heel and also in the 2″ kitten heel. Some of the shades are available in the block heels. I also love the recently released cap toe heel that is a combination of nude and black.


Who doesn’t love a great pair of wedges in the summer. They are a summer staple. Great when you want to wear heels, but want a more casual look. I tend to gravitate to my wedges when I am wearing sundresses or midiskirt. If I am wearing a longer pair of shorts a wedge is also an option that I like to mix in.

Stuart Weitzman has always been a favorite brand for wedges for my petite feet. The wedges that I have on in the photo above have been in my closet for over 5 years. This is the latest version of that same wedge. The heel has changed from cork to jute. I always try to pick up a great pair of their sandals when they are on sale. They are classics you will have for many years to come if they feet your feet well. They usually start at a size 4 which is nice.

One thing about wedges and peitites. You don’t want the platform to be too thick and the heel too high. That will cause you to look a little out of proportion. Try to stick with a 3.5″ heel or lower. Also, that height is easier to walk in.

Sandals Use code SAS10 for 10% off.


Nude sandals are probably the easiest color of sandal to wear in the warm months if you are petite. They go with every color of shorts in your closet. If you are not a shorts wearer, then whatever casual skirts and pants you choose to wear you can find a neutral sandal to go with them. Whether you like a strap sandal like the Corene that I have on above, a chunkier sandal, or a flip flop there is one out there in a neutral shade.


A great nude flat can be worn any time of the year. Yes, think shorts, skirts, dresses, or jeans in the cooler months. When it comess to flats the best option for petites is a pointy toe. They help elongate the foot.

I always love the Sarah Flint Natalie, the Ally Forever Flat in Tenacious Tan, and Margaux NY has The Point. The Forever Flat and Margaux NY has more options when it comes to smaller sizes and widths. Another go to brand for me is Marmi Shoes and they always have a great cap toe flat year after year. That is why I gravitate towards these brands whenever possible. Yes, their shoes can be a little pricey, but the quality will last you for a long time.

Here are some great nude flats in a variety of shades and pricepoints.


Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet today. If you can’t tell, I love to talk about shoes for petite feet. I always have been and always will be a shoe girl. Let me know in comments below your favorite style of nude shoes to wear.

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