7 Easy Ways To Look Taller Without Heels When Petite

brunette woman wearing a white long sleeved blouse, dark wash denim and flat shoes to look taller

As a member of the short girls club, I am a heels lover. Trust me, my closet is full of them. However, there are days that you just need to be able to scoot around quickly and in the comfort of flats. If you are like me, you don’t want to look short and frumpy when you are scooting around. We want to look pulled toghether and comfortable. Yes, spring, summer, winter or fall there are ways that we can look taller without wearing heels. I promise.

Before we look at easy things to incorporate into your daily looks to appear taller you might want to check out some other petite related posts I have written.

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brunette woman wearing a red print dress that has vertical stripes to the patttern to make her look taller

Let’s Look Taller and Not Wear Heels

7 Easy Things To Incorporate Into Your Daily Looks

High Waisted Pants

brunette woman wearing cream high waisted pants and a navy blouse to look taller

Wearing J.Crew Kate pants. I would also wear these with flats.

The petite size might need to be hemmed a bit to look right on me.

High waisted pants or short are a petite woman’s BFF. The higher waist immediately gives the illusions of longer legs. If you don’t like to wear really high waisted pants, then opt for a mid rise. Many times a mid rise pant will fit like a high waisted pant on petite bodies. We just don’t need as high of a rise.

I would recommend staying away from any missy sizing that says ultra high waisted. You may feel like they come up to your arm pits. I know that when a rise is too high on my body it is just uncomfortable.

Here are some of my favortie styles of highwaisted pants and jeans that are either petite sizing or petite friendly sizing.

Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes or patterns are another BFF for petite women. The long, vertical lines will instantly elongate your body and create the illusion of height. The red and cream dress in the photo above is a great example of a vertical print that is not a stripe. So if you are a print lover here’s what to ask yourself when you really study a print….is it a vertical print and does it draw the eye up? If so, then you need to give it a try.

A fun twist on pattern and vertical stripes combined is this top. You can see it on me here. At first you wonder, but then when you look not only are the stripes vertical, but the flowers are as well. It also comes in a blue version. Either color is stunning.

If you are looking for a casual dress for summer, then think gauze. The nature of the fabric lends itself to a vertical pattern. This dress is a great example and comes in multiple colors.

V-neck Tops or Necklace to Give Illusion of V

V-neck tops are a go to top style for creating the illusion of vertical lines on the upper half of the body. A great white tshirt and black tshirt in vneck style are wardrobe must haves for any petite woman. You can get them in all prices and fabrics. Personally I don’t like to invest a tremendous amount in my white tshirts and this style has been a favorite for years.

Another favorite tshirt is this one by Banana Republic. They are a little dressier. Now if you are looking for a great vneck tshirt in fun colors to wear in the summer, this is my favorite.

So if you don’t like to show your decollete, then I would suggest wearing a higher neck like a crew or round neck and using a necklace to create an illusion of a V over the top.

We don’t need to stop at tshirts in a Vneck style. Think all sorts of tops from camis to bodysuits to sweaters, to blouses. A petite woman’s closet should have a good variety of vneck styles to choose from.

Monochrome Dressing

Monochrome dressing creates a seamless line from head to toe which makes you look taller and leaner. When I sold Carlisle Collection clothes years ago, my professional women swore by columns of color. We would also get the coordinating top and pants. Many of them would always have black, shades of brown and grey, and white or winter white. This made dressing so simple for them.

When you think of columns of color don’t forget about skirts. They can also be so handy for creating that long lean look as well. When it come to modern day column dressing M.M.Lafleur always come to mind. Ann Taylor is another that always has skirts, tops, and pants in the same colorway.

Dress Light on Top to Dark

Wearing dark colors on the bottom is an easy way to appear thinner and taller. Pair them with a lighter top and you will always be drawing the attention up to your face. Exactly what we want when you are short.

Tuck in Your Top

Yes ladies. Tuck in your top. Doing so defines your waistline especially if you are wearing high waisted pants. Also, leaving your top untucked when you are short can make your legs appear shorter.

Wear Pointed Toe Flat Shoes

The Natalie is the quintessential pointy toe flat. Use code SARAHFLINT-BABETHF for $60 off your purchase.

Now let’s talk about the style of flat shoes that always looks best on petite women and feet. The ponted toe flat. Yes, the pointed toe always elongates the foot. Most likely if you are petite your feet are also on the low in of the sizing chart. Another favorite pointed toe flat of mine is The Pointe by Margaux. It also comes in a mule.

If you are looking for a slipper like feel to your pionted toe flat, then look no further than Birdies. The Goldfinch pointed toe flat is always oh so fashionable or the Swan mule.

Other tips to Look Taller

Sometimes little things will make a difference in our appearance. It is nothing major, but sometimes just a little tweak can make a difference.


Ladies, when we are short our posture is so important. I measured in at an even 5′ for years and years. It wasn’t until in my 40 when I started doing yoga and mat pilates on a regular basis that my height suddenly increased by 1/2″. I know it’s not much, but it was a HUGE deal to me. Just making sure that my shoulders are “up, back, and down” and that I stretch my body regularly contributes to looking taller.


When we are petite having long hair can sometimes make us appear even shorter. Now I am not saying that you have to cut your hair short short into a pixie. If you love your hair long, then wear it long. However, consider pulling it back from your face or styling it so that it in not hanging on the front of your shoulders. Shoulder length or chin length hair can be very flattering on petites. It is something that you should discuss with a hair stylist that you trust. Another bonus to having shorter hair is that it can make it look fuller and thicker.


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