Best Cashmere Sweaters For Petites: Your New Favorite Sweater For Winter

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Let’s face it cashmere sweaters for petites or anyone just feels oh so good in the winter. I know that when our January weather arrives, I will pull my cashmere out on repeat. There is something about pulling on a cashmere sweater that is so luxurious, yet so comforting.

Cashmere sweaters for petites can be a bit tricky. We often find the quality and style of sweater that we want and they are not in petite sizing. I know I have had that happen so often when looking for something specific. So I thought I would round up not only the best places I have found to buy cashmere sweaters for petites but also the retailers where I find a lot of petite-friendly cashmere.

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J.Crew Shrunken Turtleneck (different color)

Cashmere Sweaters For Petites: Are They Worth It?

Many people, including me, consider a cashmere sweater an investment piece for their wardrobe. Cashmere sweaters come in so many styles, shapes, colors, and prices how do you know which ones you should buy.

I will be honest and say that I have different pricepoints of cashmere sweaters in my wardrobe. From reasonably priced that I wear on the regular to some expensive ones that I have had for many years. All of them have a purpose in my wardrobe.

How To Tell The Quality Of A Cashmere Sweater

Everyone has a budget. What we want to make sure that we go get when buying a cashmere sweater is the best quality that we can find for our money. I know I hate it when I have a swater that I love to wear and it start to pill and you have to constantly get rid of the little balls.

The Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute is the protector of cashmere integrity. They have some great resrouces that can explain why there are so many differences and nuances with cashmere garments. I love the two simple tests that they suggest so that you can tell the quality of the garment.

  1. Rub the palm of your hand on the garment and see if the fibers start rolling into little balls.
  2. Stretch the garment side to side to see if it snaps back into its original shape.

Those two quick tests will let you know if you want to add the cashmere sweater to your collection or not.

Best Places To Find Cashmere Sweaters For Petites

There are several retails online and instore where you can find cashmere sweaters for petites. It always seems to me that there are more options in regular sizing than petite sizing. Not anything new to those of us always looking for petite clothing. Over the years, I have found these retailers to offer good selections of sweater. I always like to shop with retailers who have been selling cashmere for many years. To me that is a sign that consumers keep going back for the product.

Here are some of the best places I have found to have cashmere sweaters for petites over the years.

Petite Sized Cashmere Sweaters

These are great retailers to check for petite sized cashmere and wool sweaters. They are some of my regular go to’s for all of my petite sized clothing needs.

Great Petite Friendly Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere Sweaters Worth Investing In This Season

I love to find a good cashmere sweater on sale each year and now is the time to do just that. Here are some cashmere sweaters that are great additions to any petite woman’s wardrobe.

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