Petite Friendly Fashion Trends for Fall 2022

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Petite Friendly Fashion Trends for Fall 2022

The first day of Fall 2022 is not far away. This year it is on Thursday, September 22nd. Even though that “first day of fall” is mid September we don’t see those cool, crisp days until October here in Atlanta. Until then, we can plan and figure out which fall trends will work best for our bodies and personal style. Love being prepared for that first cool morning.

Even if you prefer classic styles, adding in a few of the season’s trends keeps you looking fresh and up to date. Once I see what’s out there for the season, I always take a walk through my closet to remind myself of what is in there. After that I decide if there is something that I need to add. That way I look age appropriate and yet youthful and hip.

Being petite (I’m 5′ 1/2″) can make many trends quite tricky.  The other thing that I always factor in is that I am now midlife. What looks good on young, tall women isn’t necessarily a good thing for me and my body type.  No matter your age and body type, once you know what looks good on your body and you feel comfortable in, then you always look good because you feel good in your clothes.

So today I’m going to touch on some of the fall 2022 fashion trends and how they can work on a petite body.  I’m also going to highlight some of the trends that this body/body type will NOT be jumping up and down about this year and why. 

You may want to check out my post on how to buy clothing if a brand does not sell petite sizing. It is full of helpful shopping tips.

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Fall 2022 Fashion Trends I’m Dreaming Of


Ok, this is a great classic look. How can I not like it? I live in horse country here in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. It is not unusual for me to see ladies in their riding pants at the grocery after they have been to visit and ride their horse. So needless to say I am embracing all of the equestrian vibes for fall this year.

So how do you wear this look and not look like you are headed to the barn? Well, riding boots with a pair of skinny jeans, a white buttondown shirt and a great gilet (vest) are a fabulous classic on trend way to carry this off. If that is a bit too much for you, then the a classic loafer/mule with a horsebit and a great Barbour jacket is in order. Just think Ralph Lauren models or Kate Middleton and you can easily replicate some of their looks. Below are some easy pieces to add in to make it happen.

Hot Pink

Hot pink. Talk about a color that you are seeing everywhere. You can find this striking color in pretty much every womens clothing department. If you don’t like to wear the color up near your face, then you can always wear it on bottom. These pink wool trousers are a great example and then keep it neutral up top. Here are some great pieces that can inspire you for this fall. I’m loving all of the pink workout options like these leggings and this fun pink snakeskin print legging. So, how will you add hot pink into your fall wardrobe?


Who doesn’t like a little sparkle and shine and day of the year. As a petite, sometimes we don’t need too much sparkle because it can overwhelm us. We end up looking like a big blinking billboard. I must say that I am really crushing on these silver sequins pants even for petites. Pair them with a solid top and it would be absolutely stunning.

If you want some sparkle and shine, but prefer to be more subdued about it, then consider a silver handbag or a pair of sparkly pumps. These sparkly pumps by Sarah Flint are not too blingy and oh so comfortable. You can always use my code SARAHFLINT-BABETHF for $50 off any purchase on her site.

Just remember that sequins and sparkle aren’t just for the holidays. We need to wear a little sparkle whenever we feel like it, day or night.

Mini Skirt – Tailored Pieces

Yeah to mini skirts and tailored pieces for this fall. One less thing to have to take to the seamstress for hemming. As a petite, mini skirts are a favorite. They are above my knee, but not too short. Also remember that you can always put on a pair of dark tights so that the skirt doesn’t appear too short. My favorite tights are these Wolford tights. They are not inexpensive, but they wear so well and are the perfect amount of opaque color. So many cute fall patterns are starting to hit the stores.

Fall Fashion Trends I Won’t Be Dreaming Of

Severe Cutouts

First of all, it’s fall so and that means it is cooler out or even cold. Not only does this trend bare too much for cold weather, but it just doesn’t appeal to me as a midlife woman. Call me an old lady if you like, but I like to keep things a little more covered. Plus most of the time, the cut outs are not going to hit a petite woman in all the right places so you will have trouble getting the fit right and altering would be a nightmare.

See Thru Everything

Again, fall equals cold weather. To me that means it’s time for a little more coverage.


As always thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I greatly appreciate EVERY read, share and pin to Pinterest.

I hope that you found some things that you will be dreaming of wearing this fall. It’s always fun to add a couple of fun pieces to the closet to mix in with things that we truly love. Wishing you a wonder fall 2022.

Remember to have a little SASs in your day!


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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    I’m so glad to see the bright colors emerge even in the fall. We need that kind of happy in our clothing.

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