The Best Little Black Dresses for Petites This Winter

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The Best Little Black Dresses for Petites This Winter

Little black dresses (LBDs) are kind of like black slacks and black shoes. It’s always nice to have a few on hand because they are so versatile for our wardrobes. The LBD can be worn day or night, casual to formal. Just depends upon the dress. Also, it is so easy to change up the look of a great black dress with accessories.

It is always nice to do a refresh of such a great staple every so often. So I thought I would do a little round up of some of the best LBDs out there for this fall and winter.

Some of these dresses are available in petite sizing. As we all know, that is not always the easiest thing to find. So if the dress you find in is regular people sizing, then you can check out my post on petite clothing tips when you can’t buy petite sizing here.

Great Day Dresses

A more casual dress comes in handy so many days even in the winter. I always love a one and done kind of look. You can just put on some tights and a pair of boots or heeled loafers and you are out the door. The cashmere dress that I am wearing in the photo is so comfortable and easy. Also great if you are traveling and need something to wear to a casual dinner out. Think no wrinkling. I also really like this black sweater dress for cooler weather. It is a bit longer and oh so cozy.

If you get too hot in sweater dresses, then this knit combo dress is a great option. It just has such a sassy look to it in my opinion. This colorblocked dress in black and grey is also a great option and would be very slenderizing on due to the blocking.

LBDs for Evening When You Don’t Need Black Tie Formal

Sometimes a little black dress is needed in the closet that isn’t too casual, but isn’t too dressy. It could be called a day to night dress. A number that you would wear with heels, flats or boots. Whatever your feet prefer especially if you are going to be standing or walking a lot.

A great fit and flare dress like this long sleeved or this short sleeved is always comfortable and easy to dress up or down with accessories. If you are looking for something a little sassier, the I really like this pleated skirt dress or this belted pleated skirt dress. Both really don’t need any accessories except for a great pair of earrings.

Easy Way to Change Up the Look of Your Little Black Dresses

Let’s face it, we love our little black dresses because they are so versatile. Sometimes they do need a little punch of color to add variety or a little pizazz. The easiest way to do that is to add a scarf. Whether you are looking for animal print or color there are so many great designs. They don’t have to be expensive, just a pattern that you love.

As a petite, we can feel overwhelmed by a scarf. I know I do. I enjoy following @scarflookbook on Instagram and on YouTube. She does a great job as a petite scarf enthusiast in making it so that her scarves do not overwhelm a petite frame. So if you are looking for knot ideas she is a great resource.


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