The Best Little Black Dresses for Petites This Winter

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Little black dresses (LBDs) are kind of like black slacks and black shoes. It’s always nice to have a few on hand because they are so versatile for our wardrobes. The LBD can be worn day or night, casual to formal. Just depends upon the dress. Also, it is so easy to change up the look of a great black dress with accessories.

It is always nice to do a refresh of such a great staple every so often. So I thought I would do a little round-up of some of the best LBDs for petites for this fall and winter.

Before we dive into all sorts of little black dress tips and scenarios here are a few other blog posts I have written that you might want to check out.

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Little Black Dresses – A Wardrobe Staple

Coco Chanel changed the way everyone thinks of little black dresses in 1926. Her simple design was featured on the cover of Vogue and forever changed when and where we enjoy wearing this iconic dress style.

Today you see little black dresses styled with everything from sneakers to your favorite party shoes. There are so many styles of dresses and oh so many ways that you can wear them.

Easy Ways to Style Your Little Black Dresses for Colder Weather

Dresses aren’t just for easy breezy dressing in the summer. They are a great way to wear the “one and done” look. Yes, not having to worry about mixing and matching things in our closet. Just pull out the dress, grab a pair of shoes and a handbag and you are out the door and feeling great about the way that you look.

Probably the easiest way to stay warm in your little black dresses in winter is to style them with tights and knee high boots. Add a great coat over your dress and a scarf. Yes, this is the time to break out a winter coat that is a fun color that enhances your beauty. Think red, pink, green, bright blue. Who doesn’t love a punch of color on a dreary winter day.

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Oh Where Your Little Black Dresses Can Go

Yes, the little black dress is a staple in your closet. For me, the LBD and great-fitting jeans rank right up there with one another. So let’s look at where you can wear this iconic style of dress.

  • Out to lunch with girlfriends
  • Running errands
  • To a lunch meeting
  • Out for drinks
  • Out to dinner
  • To a semi-formal event
  • To work
  • To a funeral
  • Entertaining at home
  • For a coffee date

I am sure that there are numerous other places and events where you can wear little black dresses, but that gives you plenty of options to see why this is such a staple. For me there are two types of LBDs, dresses that I wear during the day or day to night dresses. Let’s take a look at some dress options.

Great Day Dresses

Day dresses or day-to-night dresses as many will refer to them are more on the casual side. They could also be categorized as work dresses. This black tweed dress is a perfect example of a great LBD that can go from the office to dinner or drinks in the evening. This ponte knit dress is a great one for a casual lunch out with flats or you could dress it up and wear it to the office.

Now, you are probably wondering why I would suggest a sleeveless slip dress for winter. First of all, they are not easy to find in petite sizing so if you don’t have one you might want to grab one. Slip skirts and dresses are so versatile. You can pair them with so much or wear them as a stand alone. For winter, think of wearing a sweater over the dress. Yes, a sweater that hits you at the waist and then you will stay warm.

I always think that it is good to have little black dresses that will work for multiple occasions. You will always look chic and you can easily change up the look with accessories. Here are some great dresses for this year’s cooler months.

LBDs for Evening When You Don’t Need Black Tie Formal

Sometimes a little black dress is needed in the closet that isn’t too casual but isn’t too dressy. I think of these dresses as my going-out dresses. You can wear them out to dinner, to a special event, or to a cocktail party. It is probably something that you will want to pair with a dressier pair of shoes and a small handbag.

Here are some that have caught my eye for this winter.

Accessories to Spice Up Your LBD

Let’s face it, we love our little black dresses because they are so versatile. Sometimes they do need a little punch of color to add variety or a little pizazz. You can easily do that by adding a scarf around your neck. Not only does it add color and texture, but it also keeps your neck and chest warm.

When it comes to jewelry, you can accessorize with silver or gold jewelry. Pearls are also the true classic look with your LBD when you are dressed up.

So what shoes should you wear? Whatever color of shoe strikes your fancy. You can pair your LBD with black shoes for a monochromatic look, wear them with a neutral, or punch it up with a fun color.

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Thanks for stopping by today to read this post. I hope that this post helped you find the perfect little black dress for your petite frame and a new styling tip or two. My motto is if I don’t know what to wear I always pull out an LBD and feel great.

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Updated November 2023.

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