How To Find The Most Flattering Knee High Boots For Petites

Knee high boots for petites can be so tricky. We want to wear them because that is what you wear in the winter for a few reasons. First of all, they really complete certain fall and winter looks. They look oh-so chic on all of the models that advertise them. And most importantly they keep your tootsies and legs warm in the cold months.

The tricky part about knee high boots for petites is that they are not always made for our shorter legs. So we have to do a little more work to find THE boots that will flatter on our short legs.

Before I break down how to find the best knee high boots for your legs this winter here are a few other posts I have written that you might want to check out.

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Flattering Knee High Boots For Petites Do Exist

Knee high boots for petites are the trickiest of all types of boots. Chelsea, sock, and ankle booties are all pretty straightforward. Do they fit our feet and are they comfortable to walk and stand in? If yes, then they are keepers.

This issue with most knee high boots is that they are not scaled in the shaft for our shorter legs. So your unique legs will determine how easy it is to find knee boots that work for you.

5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Pair

Here are easy things to look for and think about when you are trying on knee high boots.

Where The Top Of Boot Should Hit Your Short Legs

The top of the boot should hit 1-2″ below the center of your kneecap. Not only is this for proportion, but it is so that you can walk easily in them. It also allows you to sit comfortably in them. Yes, when trying on boots make sure that you walk around in them and sit in them so that you are comfortable when wearing them.

Balance The Proportions

Balance things out by showing a little skin. Wear a shorter skirt and show a little skin if it isn’t too cold. If you wear a midi or maxi skirt make sure there is a slit or a way for your boots to shine. It also makes walking a little easier. Another easy way to show some skin when wearing knee high boots is to wear a v-neck or open neckline or push your sleeves up.

Add A Little Height

Wear a heel if you can. You don’t have to wear a high heel. There are plenty of kitten heel or low-heeled styles of boots. That extra inch or two will help give you a little height and balance out the proportions.

The Boot Style That Is Coveted By Petites

Find a knee high boot designed with a dip in the front. You don’t see them often, but when you do grab a pair and hold on to them. They are the most flattering style of boot for women with short legs. That dip or V-shape can help to elongate your legs and make you look taller. Just like the v-neck blouse/sweater is a petite girl’s BFF.

Get Them When Inventory Is Good

Shop early in the season. If you are petite, then most likely you wear a smaller size of shoe. I wear a size 5 and have learned this lesson well. Brands do not make many pairs in our size. So snag the pair you want before they are gone.

Styles Of Knee High Boots That Are Great To Own

Boots, especially knee high boots are a wardrobe investment. You want them to fit, look great on, and last you for many seasons. I always try to add boots that are simple, classic designs so that will look stylish for years to come. Almond toe and pointy toe boots are my go-to toe styles and the best for those of us who have petite feet. The big thing that I look for in the details about boots is that they have a 15″ shaft height. I find that at 5′ 1/2″ I can usually wear that at the maximum. It’s even better on my legs if it is a bit shorter.

So as you are boot shopping here are some styles of boots that you can add to your boot collection. I find that when I break it down by category, then I can figure out what I will get the most wear out of with my wardrobe.


Dress | Boots (available in regular and wide calf)

If you are a dress and skirt lover, then you definitely need to have a pair of heeled boots for the winter months. Dresses and skirts are not the only things you can pair with heeled boots. Also, think about your wide leg/cropped trousers or even jeans. If you are a skinny jeans wearer then tuck them into your boots.

One thing to keep in mind is that you see some slouchy boots these days like this boot. The shaft might be a bit higher, but if you scrunch them down just so they might work. Just depends upon if you like that look on your unique petites frame or not.

Here are some dressy/heeled boots that are worth a try to see if the shaft height and fit works for you.

Low Heeled

I don’t know about you, but I was so glad to see the kitten heel make such a great comeback. They have been around for years, but lately we have been seeing so much more of them. They are fabulous for petites. They give us just a little boost of height and are great with petite body frames.

Low heeled boots whether they are a kitten heel or a block heel are great to have in your closet. They can be a more casual look and are great if you have to do a lot of walking.

Riding Boot

Jacket | Boots (similar)

This is a very understated, yet very versatile style of boot to have in your closet. They are perfect for pairing with a pair of skinny jeans; however, they will also look great just as easily with a knit dress. Not only are they easy to style, but they are comfortable. I have had the pair in the photo for at least 5 years and they are just a classic I pull out every year. They are actually a favorite to travel with for winter trips when I am doing a lot of walking and sightseeing.


This is one type of boot that comes in handy. They may not always be the chicest boot that you own, but they serve a very important purpose. They keep our feet dry in the winter. In the south I like to have them for rainy days and those of you in colder climates where you see snow they are a necessity.

I always pack my waterproof booties every time we travel in the winter and make my husband take his too. It never fails that it always rains at least one day. I need to add a pair of taller waterproof boots to my boot collection for those really cold trips.

Special Sizes

I get all of the ladies out there that have what I call “special needs” when it comes to sizing. I wear a size 5 shoe. Thank goodness my width is usually a M unless someone with wide feet have tried the shoes on and my calves are normal width. They are muscular so I do love a boot with a little stretch. As I used to tell my Carlisle clients we all have our “issues” when it comes to fashion.

Wide Calf

I know that this is an issue that many women deal with issue with boots. With all of my boot research, I have noticed that Naturalizer and Vince Camuto tend to have good selections. I have never tried any of these, but I think that you should be able to find something to try with these three brands. Just remember to look at the shaft height before ordering.

Wear Smaller Than Size?

When it comes to shoes and boots that are available in sizes smaller than a 5 I always steer people to Margaux. Their shoes and boots are so comfortable and what is nice is that they also offer multiple widths.

Thanks, Let’s Stay In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by my post. I hope that you found this helpful. If you have a pair of knee high boots you love and want to share with all of the other petites out there on the hunt please drop a comment below. I am always on the hunt myself and love discovering new brands and styles.

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