Hello Sunshine!!

It is so nice to say “hello sunshine”.  The temperatures still may be a little cool, but seeing the sunshine is such a welcome change. We have had so many days of grey skies and rain and this change just puts and little extra pep in my step.

Today I am saying “hello sunshine” via my shirt. I was so glad to see that yellow was one of the colors of the season. It has been one of my favorite colors since I was a child. It always reminds me of bright and sunny days which usually resonates happiness with me.  As an adult, I enjoy wearing it with white and blue as I am doing today.

Let’s talk for a minute about this shirt. It is a simple button down in yellow and white stripe, but the beautiful thing about it is the “no gape technology” designed by Rochelle Behrens of The Shirt. www.the-shirt.com Seeing a gaping hole at the bust line is not attractive on anyone. I have always had issues with that and fitted shirts just do the way that I am built. It is so nice to put on one of her blouses and never have to worry. You can zoom in on today’s pictures and see what I am talking about.

The rest of the ensemble is a pair of high waisted white jeans and a simple jean jacket. The brooch is an added pop of turquoise blue. This is a vintage brooch that I picked up at an antique shop several years ago. A simple piece like a interesting brooch just elevates the regular old jean jacket. Today’s flats are a favorite of mine and they go with everything. You will see these time and time again this spring and summer.

Wherever you are today, I hope you get to say “hello sunshine” to start your week.

Happy Monday!

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