Pajamas for All the Warm and Cozy Feels

woman over 50 wearing red paisley pajamas decorating a Christmas tree with traditional glass ornaments

I have a pajama problem.  What?  Yes, I have lots and lots of pajamas.  Always in search of the perfect pair.  My motto is that you don’t know which brand you will love the most until you have tried them.  Sometimes it takes a couple of pairs by a brand to know if they are for you are not.  You also have to have warm weather and cold weather pajamas.  A girl’s got to be comfortable to get a good night of beauty rest.  Don’t you agree?

Yes, I love to finish things in the kitchen after dinner and then sneak upstairs to find the perfect pair of pajamas for the night.  There’s nothing better than slipping into a favorite pair, my fluffy slippers, and a robe to relax for the evening.  You can read more about how I get ready for a good night of beauty rest here.

My Pajamas Issues Continue

My pajama issues aren’t just about finding the right pair to sleep in.   Many cold evenings before dinner I will change into a favorite pair of fun flannel pajamas to cook .  I tend to be a messy cook and I don’t really care if I get something on them  because no one but Mark and the cats see me in them.  I love PJ Salvage pajamas just for this.  They are oversized on me even in the XS and so warm.  Here are my picks from this brand for this season.  They always have such fun themes to their pajamas every year.



woman over 50 wearing red paisley pajamas looking at Christmas decorations on a Christmas tree

Oh, the issue doesn’t stop there.  The last few winters I have started getting myself a new pair of Christmas pajamas each year.  Yep, just like when we were kids.  Something about them just helps put me into the holiday mood.  I know it’s a little late for ordering, but here are my picks for this holiday season.  You might be able to get them on sale and enjoy them thru the end of the year.  The tree is still up until then so why not.

My Pajamas and Cozy Gift Picks for this Holiday Season

If you are still in need of some comfy cozy gift ideas, here’s some of my favorite picks for the season.  Or you might find something on there for yourself that you just didn’t realize that you needed.



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  1. Cute pajamas, Beth! I’ve fallen in love with wearing them this year too- so soft and cozy.

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