The Perfect Pump – I Have Found Mine

woman wearing a black taupe and cream swirl pattern skirt and taupe perfect pumps

The Perfect Pump….many women wonder if it exists.  Well, it does for me.  Trust me, I have shopped for many years to finally find THE ONE.  It is the Perfect Pump by Sarah Flint.  I do believe the older we get, the wiser we are about wanting shoes that are comfortable and stylish.  Guess that’s why there are now so many of her designs in my closet.

Many people laugh when I say that all of my nicer/dressier clothes and many of my casual clothes are hemmed to be worn with 3″ heels.  For me, it is all about scale.  Since I am 5′ tall and have been most of my life I need a little help when it comes to elongating my body.  Even though I don’t wear heels daily, I can pull out a pair of my Perfect Pumps and go for hours and not have hurting feet.

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So a little bit about the brand. It has been around for about 6 years now and sells exclusively online so you won’t find her shoes in any stores.  I found her on social media a few years ago and have been hooked since my first pair.  You can see the entire line here.   She only sells her shoes online, thus the price point for well made Italian shoes is reasonable  She offers every colorway of the Perfect Pump in 3 heel heights 2 inch, 3.3 inch, and 4 inch.  My favorite is the 3.3 inch. Now let me tell you why I love her shoes so much.

What Makes the Perfect Pump Perfect

  • The footbed hugs your arch like a cloud
  • There’s extra padding in the footbed and under your heel
  • The toebox is expanded so your toes don’t get scrunched together
  • The stiletto heel has a steel rod inside

I have the Perfect Pump in several colors.  My current season favorite are here and here.  If you are like me and like something that is a little extra special, she’s got something for that too in her limited editions.  Just look at this beauty.

Trust me, her other shoes are just as comfortable.  The Rosies and Natalies are both in my closet in multiple colors.  Just so many beauties to choose from.

Sarah Flint Brand Ambassador Code

So here’s the good news.  If I have convinced you that you should try a pair to see if they are your Perfect Pump or favorite new flat I have a discount code for you.  Just use the code SARAHFLINT-BABETHF for $50 off your first purchase of shoes.

How I Styled The Perfect Pump Today

You will see me wearing this neutral Perfect Pump with oh so many things in my wardrobe.  It is a shade of taupe that goes well with everything.  Both the skirt and handbag are vintage.  Yes this skirt is from the early 2000s by a brand that I adore, Tuleh.  I paired it with this low back slouchy sweater to give it a current updated vibe that wasn’t so classic.  When I first put it on I had a Flashdance flashback, but fell in love with the deep vback and gold buttons as an extra added surprise.

Please leave me any comments or questions about any of Sarah Flint’s shoes.  Also if you know someone that would enjoy reading this please forward it along.  Thank so much for taking the time to read this little visit from me today.

Remember to always have a little SASs in your day.




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    1. I am so glad I discovered them a few years ago. Pumps have never been so comfortable to wear.

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