Best Rainy Day Clothing And Essentials For Petite Women

petite woman wearing rainy day clothing and essentials to stay dry

Rainy days are just a part of life. Some months we have more of them than others. Just because it is rainy doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable. With just a few rainy day clothing items (some are probably in your closet) and a couple of essentials, you can look good and be comfortable. It won’t matter if you get caught in the rain.

Being prepared with the right things in your closet can make all the difference. Once you have your rainy day clothing options at your fingertips, you might even look forward to a rainy day every once in a while.

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Rainy Day Clothing That Will Keep You Warm And Dry

Outfits for rainy weather always have a few things in common. The goal is to stay dry and still look fashionable. The other thing that is good to keep in mind is to make sure that your rainy day clothing has some fun pops of color.

No matter the season rainy days are gloomy and dark. Having some fun pops of color can always help to lift the mood a bit.

Best Things To Wear As A Base Layer

You always want to have a good base layer of clothes for your rainy day outfits. Here are a few things to keep in mind

  • Wear a slim ankle length pant. Black or darker denim works well. They won’t show the signs of rain or mud like lighter colors. They will also dry quicker so that you aren’t wet for too long if you get caught in a torrential downpour.
  • Wear a sturdier fabric. You don’t want a delicate fabric that will show water spots or become see-through.
  • If it is a very casual day for you consider wearing moisture-wicking clothing such as these tights and this long-sleeved tee.

Rainy Day Clothes And Essentials

Four essentials will ensure that you look fashionable and stay dry on rainy days. Winter, spring, summer, or fall these items are must-haves.

Waterproof Coat

You want to make sure that you have a waterproof coat. One that comes at least to mid-thigh or longer. A detachable hood (detachable is a bonus) is also a good thing to look for. It never hurts to have the hood for those quick in and out errands or it it is a light rain.

When purchasing a waterproof coat make sure that it is roomy. You don’t want it to be too fitted because you will be layering under it if it is cold. Rainy days can be bone-chilling cold even in the spring. You never know when the winds are going to whip up.

There are so many cute styles and colors of waterproof coats out there for petites. My favorite go-to brands are Boden, Land’s End, and J.Crew. These brands always have a good selection. It just depends upon your style perference.

Waterproof Boots

Waterproof boots now come in so many styles and colors. You no longer have to wear the traditional rubber boots that come up to your mid calf or higher. Those rubber boots can be stiff and hot.

Now you can opt for cute ankle boots. Some will have fleece lining (mine do) to keep your tootsies warm. If not you can always make sure there is room for a thick, warm sock. You can still avoid the puddles and arrive with dry feet.

A comfortable pair of waterproof boots will come in handy if you travel. I can’t tell you how many times that cute, comfortable have been the shoes of choice on days when sightseeing. My husband and I never leave home on a trip without them.

Water Resistant Handbag

On rainy days it is a good idea to leave the nice leather or suede handbags at home. Swap them out for something that is water-resistant or water-repellant. The umbrella doesn’t always keep all of the water away.

A crossbody bag is probably your best friend on rainy days. Above I am carrying a tote, but it also has a strap to make it into a cross body bag. Hands-free purses are always the best when you are dashing about.


Investing in a sturdy umbrella is a must for rainy weather. There is a reason that I am only suggesting one umbrella. This umbrella has over 70,000 4.5-star ratings on Amazon. It is a windproof, compact umbrella. Once you buy one, you will replace all of your other umbrellas. It comes in multiple colors. Trust me, get an extra just to keep in your luggage.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks for stopping by my post today. I hope that I helped you find some things that will make rainy days a bit brighter for you. I truly believe that if you are prepared with the right rainy day clothing, then you won’t mind them as much. Stay dry and look cute is my motto.

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