10 Best Places To Shop For Petite Clothes Over 50

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For those of us who are 5′ 4″ and under and over 50, petite clothes that are proportional can be a challenge to find. Add on top of that the clothes need to fit our body type and look age appropriate. Oh, and let’s not forget that we don’t want to look frumpy just because we are petite and over 50.

Since I have been short all of my life, I have had plenty of experience ferreting out where to find petite clothes that fit my body type. Trust me, it has been a trial and error process. Not all designers make and carry petite sizes. Also, if they do make them most likely there are only a few styles. Our options are much slimmer than the people who wear “regular size” clothes.

I thought I would round up some of the places that I find to have the best selection of petite sizing for midlife women and beyond. Yes, this is for those of us who want to look stylish and not spend a fortune on alterations. What I will say is that it is a lot of try-on sessions to find the brand (s) that fit YOUR body the best. Just because they are petite sizing does not mean that it will work for your body in a flattering way.

Before we look at shopping options here are a few other petite fashion-related posts I have written that you might want to check out.

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Petite Clothes That You Will Want To Wear Over 50

Why more retailers don’t offer petite clothing, I don’t know. According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) almost 40% of American women are 5’4″ and under and yet the selection of petite clothing is limited. More petite brands would be welcomed by all of us who are short. And for those who do make petite sizing, it would be nice to have more to choose from. Until then, here is the list of places where I am able to find the best selections of petite clothing.

Brands and Stores That Have Good Petite Clothes Selections

What I will say is that there is no one place that is my holy grail go-to for petite clothes. Some brands will have good tops, others good pants. Some brands are a great resource for dresses. Unfortunately, there is no one-stop shopping for the “vertically challenged” (that’s what I call myself all of the time). So let’s take a look at some of the places that I found to have a good selection of styles and they are age appropriate/stylish.

Department Stores That Offer Good Petite clothes options


Nordstrom is a go-to for many things for me. They always have two brands of jeans, Kut from the Kloth and NYDJ, that have multiple styles in a full range of petite sizes. Another category in which I can always find things is in petite dresses. Brands like Eliza J and Maggie London have nice selections.


I always find that Macy’s is a great go-to for a good selection of things from Lauren Ralph Lauren which are great closet staples. Also, they have a good selection of winter coats in petite sizing. Their store brands Charter Club and Alfani also feature several styles each season in a full range of petite sizes.


Dillards is a store that is more prominent in the southern United States. I am able to shop their stores near where I live. Granted they do not usually have many petite selections in the stores near me. However, they do have a nice selection on their website. I have found them to be a great go-to for dresses. Also, do not forget about their store brand, Antonio Melani. Even though their pieces are not offered in petite sizes I do find that I can wear many of their designs. The brand is well-made and offers nice pieces for the price point. They actually make my favorite shorts for summer. You can see me in them here.

Brands With Good Petite Clothes Options


Boden is a UK-based retailer. They have a great, easy-to-navigate website. They value a great fit and offer petite clothes in sizes 2 to 22. When I think of this brand I think of all of their dresses and their pants. They always have a good selection of pant styles and colors. Another item that always comes to mind for this retailer is their selection of outerwear. No matter the season they always have appropriate jackets and coats.

Ann Taylor

When it comes to classic, tailored pieces Ann Taylor always pops into my head. Yes, they will have office-appropriate jackets, pants, skirts, and coordinating pieces for you season after season. So if you need true business or professional looks, then head to their site for plenty of options. Don’t discount them for your weekend looks too. They also offer some great casual wear and jeans. It’s always nice to be able to use your jackets with more casual bottoms so you get the most wear out of them.

What I do really like about the petite pants is that in some styles they will offer a regular petite or a curvy petite. As a woman who is always having to have waistlines taken in the curvy fit is a dream come true. If you decide to try a pant that has that option I highly recommend ordering one of each fit in your size to see which is better for your body type. After that you will know for reorders if they are for your body.


Talbots is a US-based retailer known for its timeless, classic pieces. Each season you will find a full range of designs for your wardrobe in the current colors, patterns, and prints. They even offer many of their petite selections in plus sizing.

Some of my favorite things from this retailer are their perfect shirts and layering tees. They always have the basic colors your need for your wardrobe basic plus some fun prints or patterns.

Hobbs London

Hobbs London is a UK-based brand that started out as a shoe label. The brand has evolved into a clothing label that is known for its contemporary, yet timeless designs. They are known for their quality and affordability. So when you do purchase a piece from them, you know that it will be something that you will reach for many years to come.

Personally, their wool pieces and knits are something that I am drawn to. Who doesn’t love a classic blazer in their closet in a color that looks amazing on them? Since they are out of the UK, outerwear is another great option from this company.

White House Black Market

The brand is built upon fashion’s iconic contrast – Black & White. Even though many of their pieces are black or white, you will still find plenty of other colors in their stores and on their website.

Their styles are modern yet classic and timeless. You will find many pieces to wear to work or for casual. They are known for great jackets and modern work wear pieces.

J. Crew

J. Crew is known for its classic, preppy clothing. They are size inclusive for many of their things. So you will be able to find pants, blazers, tops, dresses, and skirts in petite sizing that is inclusive. I do find that I can also wear many of their short-sleeved tees and tops that are in regular sizing.

Once you find their denim or pant fit that is good for your body, then you are good to go. They will usually make the same cuts season after season. The Kate pant is a good example of that and so is the Regent blazer. You can also always count on them for a good striped shirt or chambray shirt in petite sizing. I have also found their lady jackets to work for my petite body. You just have to have the sleeves shortened.


Spanx is no longer a brand that is all about shapewear. Yes, when we hear the word Spanx we automatically think of shapewear. However, their website is a great option for pants with built-in shapewear. Now what woman doesn’t love that? Sarah and her team know what women like and do a great job of designing it for us. So if you are looking for some great black pants, sort thru their various styles and see what looks and feels great on your body. Their faux leather leggings are also a must for every woman’s wardrobe.


Thanks so much for stopping by and making it all of the way down to the bottom of this post. I truly appreciate every read, share, comment, and pin. If you know a petite person that you think would find this informative and helpful, please forward it to them. I hope that I introduced you to a new source of petite clothes today.

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Updated August 2023.

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  1. These look like several good options for petite clothing. I like how you specified which type of clothing is your best bet at each store.

    1. You really have to figure out which store has the best things to fit your body type and keepyour fingers crossed that they don’t change the fit model and patterns.

  2. I had no idea that Spanx would be on this list. I’ve had luck with Banana Republic too.

    1. Spanx has a great selection of petite pants these days and what over 50 woman also doesn’t love a littl extra support in the right places. Their workout pants are great too. They don’t come in petite, but I find that their 7/8 leggings work great. BR has some good options, but they have changed a lot of their fits lately.

  3. Theory also has well tailored petite fits

    1. Hi Grace,
      I couldn’t agree more. I love Theory as great classic wardrobe pieces. Another good one for jacekts if the length is short enough is Rag and Bone.

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