The Best Comfortable Flats For Women With Small Feet

Finding comfortable flats can sometimes be harder than you think. Just because they don’t have a heel we think they will be great for walking or standing for long periods. That isn’t always the case. Also, if you have petite feet certain things will make them look better on your feet and complete your OOTD.

So not only are we looking for comfortable flats, but we are also looking for flats available in small shoe sizes. As a professed shoe lover, I will tell you that I have tried many flats over the years. I typically wear a size 5 in flats and my foot is a narrow medium. I have tried many styles and brands to find my favorites.

Before we find your new favorite comfortable flats here are a few other posts I have written that you might want to check out. You will find a variety of posts about petite fashion and shoe resources for women with small feet on Serious About Styling.

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woman over 50 sitting on a step ladder in a closet with a wall of shoes behind her
This is a throwback photo to my old closet. I loved that wall of shoes.

Comfortable Flats For Women With Small Feet

One thing we have in common is that you wear a small shoe size or you wouldn’t be reading this blog post. I am so glad that you found Serious About Styling. Finding great, comfortable shoes for small feet is one of my favorite things. Who am I kidding, I love finding comfortable shoes in all heel heights. I have always loved shoes since I was a little girl. I believe our shoe choices can truly make or break whatever we wear for the day. As I have gotten older, finding comfortable shoes, not just comfortable flats is a mission for me.

Comfortable flats that are stylish and classic should be in every woman’s closet. Who has time for achy arches or sore heels? I know that I don’t. And I am sure that you don’t either. There are a few things that all of us need to consider when we are shopping for shoes. It doesn’t matter the heel height, shoes should look good on our feet and not leave us needing a foot massage at the end of the day!

Things To Look For In Comfortable Flats

  • Find flat shoes that have arch support. You need to make sure that your comfortable flats have just a tiny heel to them 10-20 mm. That is less than a 1″heel. More like .4″-.75″.
  • Invest in good leather. We all have budgets so purchase the best quality leather for your shoe shopping budget. The better the quality of the leather the better it will mold to your feet creating that glove-like fit we all love. That molded fit also helps with the rubbing and friction that can cause blisters or discomfort.
  • Choose the best toe box for your feet. Shoes being too tight or pinching near the toes is a problem many women have especially with pointy-toe shoes (my favorites for petites). However, if your feet need more breathing room at the toes the next best option is an almond-shaped toe box. You also want to check for seams or adornments at the toe box. That can be a source of pinching and rubbing that we want to avoid so that our flats are comfortable.

My Go-To Brands For Flats

I am putting my go-to brands for comfortable flats in alphabetical order on purpose. I don’t want you to think that I have a favorite out of the three. Each of these brands has something different and unique that I love about their shoes. As I said earlier in this post, I am a professed shoe lover and have many shoes to choose from when I get dressed for my day or a particular outing. One thing that all of them have in common is that they are woman-founded and designed shoes. Woohoo!

Each of us has a unique arch and gait so the way that shoes fit me may or may not work for you. The brands that I am spotlighting below are known for their quality, fit, and comfort. Also what I love about these brands is that they start below a size 5. That, my fellow small feet friends, is not always easy to find. I think we all know that.

Ally Shoes

woman wearing a trench coat, ankle length blue jeans and comfortable flats in blue suede with a black patent cap toe
Cap Toe Flats | Use Code BETH10 for 10% Off Sitewide

Ally Shoes is known for its signature pain-free heels. The founder, Samantha Dong, had an accident and had trouble finding shoes that didn’t hurt her feet afterward. She teamed up with shoe designer Sara Jaramillo and podiatric expert Dr. Roxann Clarke to design stylish and pain-free shoes for all women. They started with a classic pump and now they offer other styles including comfortable flat.

Not only do they aspire to make shoes that are pain-free for all women, they are size-inclusive for all styles. Their sizing starts at a US 4.5-12 and is available in 4 widths. The insoles of the shoes are so padded in all of the right places and have built-in metatarsal and arch support.

They have 2 styles of flats that are available in multiple color options. The Forever Flat and the Cap Toe Flat. The cap toe is a newer style for the brand. Both styles are classics that you will have in your closet for many years to come. You can only purchase this brand online and I will tell you that if they have to make your size, it is worth the wait.

I find the cap toe shoe to run TTS. Wearing the size 5 narrow. These shoes will go with jeans, slacks, skirts, and dresses. Remember to use code BETH10 at checkout for 10% off.


woman sitting on a couch wearing a white button down shirt, jeans, and comfortable flats in a nude color
Shirt | Jeans

I wear and recommend Marguax shoes because this female-founded brand is known for its obsession with fit. Another reason is that they offer their shoes starting in US 3-15 and three different widths. My fellow small feet friends know the importance of this.

The Pointe was comfortable the minute I took it out of the box. The vamp of the shoe is cut lower so you see more foot thus making the toe box more comfortable. There is no stitching or adornments that rub my feet. The footbed has nice padding and the heel is a good height to make the shoes more comfortable on my arches. The soles of the shoes are also rubber reinforced which helps with wear and tear on the shoes.

I think of these shoes as my ballet slipper shoes. A pointy-toe shoe usually fits and looks better on my small feet than a round-toe. I found them to run a bit large and sized down to a 34.5. Margaux shoes are only available online. If you do Happy Returns, the returns are free.

The Demi and the Pointe are available in multiple colors and have been a part of their core collection for years. If you don’t see your size, you can usually order or check back for restocks. The Mary Janes are a new and trending style for the line.

Sarah Flint

Sarah Flint’s shoes are extensively tested for fit and built for comfort. She also adds some luxury details to all of her shoes. This combination is not easy to find. The Natalie is a signature shoe for her and the first of many shoes I have purchased from this line. The Natalie is always available in core colors and then seasonal special editions are sprinkled in. I always tell my friends that her special editions are truly wearing works of art on your feet.

This shoe runs true to size for me. I also have the Natalie in the slingback version. Both are size 5, my normal size. All of her shoes are made in Italy and the price for the quality is a match in my opinion. Another feature I like about all of her shoes is the toe box. She always gives you a little extra room there so that you can wear her shoes all day and have a smile on your face. There is some padding in the footbed on this shoe and it does have the perfect height of heel for a flat.

She also has the Sacchetto Ballet flat. It has a tapered square toe design. The tapering will help to elongate your foot and might give you a little more room in the toe box.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Wearing comfortable flats and shoes is just something that is a priority for me. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. It doesn’t matter if it is for our favorite flats, kitten heels, or high heels. There is a shoe brands/style out there that works for your feet. Keep looking and I am sure you will find it. We deserve to have a smile on our face at the end of the day.

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    Great insight into these brands. It’s hard to order shoes online without this info!

    1. It is nice to be informed by someone that loves the brands like I do. I have multiple styles from each of them. When you have small feet you have to know where to shop and usually it is online.

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