Green and Navy for Spring

Green and navy blue for spring is a favorite combination of mine.   St. Paddy’s day is just around the corner so it is a good time to break out the spring greens in the wardrobe.

The kelly green and navy that I have on today just oozes with a springtime feel. It reminds me that green grass in the yard and leaves on the trees will be here soon. The navy blue pant is a lighter version of the “go to” black pant that we tend to reach for in the fall and winter. Navy blue is my favorite dark neutral for spring and summer. It just plays well with so many cheery spring and summer colors.

Let’s talk about these navy pants for a bit. They are the “Ava Techy Pants” by Rebecca Taylor. They are made of an amazing fabric that hugs the body in all of the right places. The black strip down the side of the leg makes them even more slenderizing and these babies NEVER wrinkle. They come in this navy/black combo and a black/black combo. I wear mine 3 seasons here in the south. The pants get a bit warm for me in the middle of summer unless I am not leaving air conditioning. Highly recommend a pair of these for your wardrobe. You will find so many ways to wear them. FYI, I have both combinations in my closet.

I have started pulling out different shoes that don’t require socks, lighter perfume fragrances,  and some of my favorite coral/orange lipsticks this week.  Have your found yourself reaching for different things in your closet or in your makeup drawer?

Spring is officially here in less than a week and I sure am ready for some sunny spring days.


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