Resort Wear For Women That Petites Look Amazing In

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Bright blue skies and warm weather are on many people’s minds right now. Just the thought of getting rid of the layers of warm clothing makes us smile. Then comes the question, what to wear? So in this post, we are going to look at the best places for petites to find casual resort wear for day and evening. You will be feeling oh so put together and chic in your resort wear.

Resort wear options made just for petites are not always abundant. However, there are some great petite-friendly options that I have ferreted out over the years as we have escaped to blue skies, warm weather, and sand.

Before we dive into all things resort wear here are a few other posts I have written that you might want to check out as you prepare for your trip.

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Past Season Coolibar on both of us.

What Is Resort Wear?

The simplest way to explain resort wear is it is something that you would typically wear while you are on vacation. Now that doesn’t mean it is the only time you will wear it. It is clothing that you can wear in the spring or summer depending upon where you live. You just may style it a little differently.

Brands typically introduce their resort wear collections between their fall/winter and spring/summer collections. You will start to see them in December and definitely in January. These collections are usually smaller than their main collections.

Resort Dress Guidelines

Most resorts and even cruise lines have dress codes for day and night. It is always best to check their websites or your booking information before you start packing your suitcase. It is usually casual wear during the day and can be a little more formal in the evening. I always check this well in advance so that I give myself time to order the pieces that I might need (and I usually have to do the same for my husband).

Best Places To Find Petite-friendly Resort Wear

Over the years I have realized that there are some great resources for petite-friendly resort wear. Petite sizing, not so much. I get it. Resort collections are smaller and brands may not make as much of it. So we petites just have to figure out pieces that we can add to our wardrobes that are friendly to our petite frames.

Here are the brands that I turn to whenever we are planning a warm-weather getaway in the winter.


Boden is one of my go-to brands for petite clothing. This is one brand that makes several petite pieces just for their resort line. I know I can always find something here that is colorful and fun to add to my vacation packing. Boden’s resort pieces work for me during the spring and summer as well. I may style them a little differently at home than on vacation.

I have always been a big fan of their linen pieces. This long-sleeved shirt is a style that you will wear on repeat all spring and summer. Also, these shorts are made like one of my favorite pant styles. The fit is so flattering and they come in multiple lengths so you can determine how much leg you want to show. These shorts would be great worn over a bathing suit. Here are some pieces that I would pack in a heartbeat.

Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama is a resource for so many petite-friendly pieces when you are going somewhere warm. They may not make petite sizing, but many of their things work for me. One of the things that I do love about them is that they have a few pieces that they make season after season, just in different colors. That way once you know what works you can easily add a new color to freshen things up.

Two of my favorites are this dress and this jacket. Those two items need to be in your suitcase every time you go to a warm destination. Both come in so many color options.

The other thing that you can always depend upon them to have are great bathing suit coverups…a must for resort chic. They also have a great selection of mix-and-match pieces for bathing suits as well as one-piece options year-round that are UPF50 fabric.

Here are some of my favorite pieces to pack.


This is a site I turn to when I am looking for classic pieces. It could be a dress, a sweater, or some great accessories. Selections are cool but effortless and always stylish.

They always have a vacation shop up on their site which makes shopping easy. I find the Tuckernuck brand of dresses and blouses to work for my petite frame season after season. Here are some favorites and favorite styles that are great for a getaway.


The Somerset collection is one that you can almost always find in stock in petite sizing. It is a staple on Anthropologie‘s site. Currently, there are three variations of the dress. The maxi, the mini, and a halter version. It’s so popular that they even have a maxi skirt. They are always offering new colors and patterns.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by my post today. I hope that you found something that you can’t wait to put in your suitcase for your next getaway. Resort wear can be such a fun thing to buy as we anticipate the warmer weather.

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