Best Petite Jeans: Where To Find The Perfect Pair

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Let’s face it there’s nothing better than a great-fitting pair of jeans. A pair that makes you look and feel like a million bucks when you are wearing them. I think that finding a great-fitting pair of petite jeans ranks up there for shopping for a bathing suit for most women. No matter your age or size. Am I right? The best petite jeans are out there and I am rounding up all of the sites and stores where you can find them.

I am a jeans girl. They are what I wear several days of the week during cooler months. Straight leg, wide leg, boot cut, and skinny leg….you will find all styles in my closet. Needless to say, I have tried on a lot of jeans to find the best petite jeans.

So before we start looking for the best petite jeans there are a few other posts that I have written about petite bottoms and shoes that you might want to check out.

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Best Petite Jeans, Let’s Find THE Pair For Your Body

Think of how many pairs of jeans you have tried on and they fit great in the hips and thighs, but the waist is too big. Or vice versa. It is a process of trying on and finding the pair that looks and feels great. Yes, it may feel like you are looking for that “needle in a haystack” kind of thing. You just have to keep trying until you find the brand and style that works for your petite frame and curves. Once you find it, then you just have to pray that the brand doesn’t change its pattern or fit model.

So let’s take a look at what makes petite jeans better for our bodies and where we can find them.

What Makes A Petite Jean Different Than A Regular Jean

First of all, let me say that this will vary from brand to brand. You may find all of these features in petite-sized jeans or only one or two. Here are some of the ways that petite jeans can differ from regular-sized jeans.

  • A shorter inseam.
  • Rise that is not as high. (here’s a guide for measuring your rise)
  • Where the knees are in the garment (think distressed jeans with holes on this one).
  • The slimmer leg opening for a more defined silhouette.

Where to Find Great Fitting Petite Jeans

Even though I live in a big city where there is lots of shopping, petite jeans are still hard to find in the store. I am usually a size 25 jeans, sometimes a 24. What I end up doing is reading reviews and most likely ordering two pairs to see which looks best. So here are some of the places that I have found to have the best petite jeans that are really made for petite bodies.

J. Crew

J. Crew always has the most up-to-date styles and washes every season. Many of the styles will come in multiple washes so if you find a style that works, then you can get different washes. What’s nice is that they also have denim and chambray shirts in petite sizing if you like the denim-on-denim look. Personally, I love a chambray shirt with white denim.

In warmer months they will also have denim skirts and short options in petite sizing. Depending upon the time of year, you may also find denim dresses in petite sizing.

This season the jean that I love from J.Crew is the 9″ demi boot crop jean. The fit is petite perfection on my body. I could have them in multiple washes in my closet. I wear them with heels or loafers now and once the weather gets cooler I will be wearing them with boots.

J.Crew is great at making multiple styles of petite jeans in multiple washes. So think nothing of getting a great-fitting pair of jeans in multiple washes. If it works, it works.

Ann Taylor

Love the fact that Ann Taylor makes their jeans in a regular fit and a curvy fit. If their pants fit you, then I would definitely give their jeans a try. Their jeans are made with performance stretch denim that sculpts, shapes, and supports while you wear them. Also, they have designed the pockets so that they smooth and flatter your figure.

They make all of the popular cuts and styles of denim each season. They make a great skinny jean to pair with their jackets for an elevated casual work look to a straight leg that you can wear dressed up or down.


Madewell always has the on-trend styles and washes of the season. They do a good job of having various fits and will always let you know how much stretch is in each pair. They have a cute graphic at the bottom of their product details that measures it for you in each style. You can also search by the level of sustainability in each pair of jeans if that is something that is important to you.

Last but not least, I like the fact that they use models in various sizes in the same thing so that you can get a better idea of how something is going to look on your unique body.


Anthropologie carries its own brand Pilcro in petite sizing as well as some other premium denim brands. If you are looking for a funkier jean, many times Pilcro will be your go-to brand for this. Think cargo pants, jumpsuits, overalls, etc.

What is unique about Anthropologie is that they carry petite sizing from many premium denim brands. This is so nice for some of the styles because if you hem them too much you lose the overall look of the denim. It is actually a hidden gem of a source for petite denim.

Ann Taylor Loft

There is always a good selection of styles and washes at Ann Taylor Loft when it comes to jeans. The price point is affordable and they are always running sales so you can score an even better price on a pair of jeans. I always say it’s not always the price of the garment that determines it’s value in your wardrobe. It’s the fit. Give them a try.

Another thing that I like about this retailer when it comes to denim is their reasonably priced denim shorts. Denim shorts are a warm-weather staple. I know I wear mine several times a week in the summer.


I was so excited when Joe’s announced that they were making petite-sized jeans. I have worn their jeans for years. The midrise in regular sizes in skinny jeans or straight-leg jeans would fit my body beautifully in certain styles. All that I would have to have done was a simple hem at my seamstress.

Now the petite fits are even better due to the shorter length and proper petite fit. This really comes in handy with the Provocateur and the wide-leg jeans this season


Yes, Paige denim makes petite sizing. You just don’t see it at many retailers, even online. The best way to see if they are the jeans for you is to order them directly from the brand. They offer many of their most popular cuts in petite sizing.

Honestly, the Paige Cindy cut has been a favorite of mine for the last few years. Yes, the regular sizing fits my body just right and all I do is have them hemmed. They are a midrise style and I don’t get the distressed styles in this cut so I don’t have to worry about the knee openings being in the correct spot on my legs.


In the last few years, Spanx has come out with some great denim styles. If you are all about shimmying into your pants so that you don’t have to worry about the zipper and love a little extra support and lift, then this could be your dream jeans. Spanx has a few styles and a few washes. Order what you think would be a good look and wear them around the house for a bit to see if they are your dream jeans. Many women swear by them.

If you like to wear knee boots with your jeans tucked in in the winter, then their skinny-leg jeans look great styled that way.

THANKS, Let’s Stay in Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by this blog post. I hope that I helped you find a new source for the best petite jeans in the marketplace today. Just remember THE pair is out there for your body. You may just have to try on lots of jeans before you find YOUR perfect pair.

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Updated September 2023.

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  1. These are great suggestions! I’ve found that the Democracy brand has a wide variety of petite jeans. I love the cut / the different fabric, color and wash choices and they can be found on Amazon.

    1. Thanks for that feedback. I will have to look them up. Everyone loves a great Amazon find!

  2. Adrienne Salinger says:

    Which bootcut Joe’s jeans are you wearing in the photograph? I keep looking on their site, but am not sure I have a match. They look just about perfect! Thank you!

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