How To Feel Confident In A Swimsuit Over 50

Beth Ferguson is wearing a tan bikini, a turquoise bathing suit coverup by Coolibar and a tan UPF 50 hat by Coolibar in front of a tropical hotel pool showng how to be confident in a swimsuit over 50

One thing that I have learned over the years is that it’s all about illusion ladies. Yep. Illusions are an amazing tool for confidence. Feeling confident in a swimsuit over 50 is easy to do when you focus on a few things.

Whether you love your body the way that it is or not, we all have to get into a bathing suit every summer. For many of us, it is more than just in the summer. So let’s figure out how you are going to feel fabulous in your swimsuit from now on out.

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Ways to Boost Your Confidence in a Swimsuit Over 50

We all have to admit that after the age of 50 there are just some things that happen to our bodies. We can do all of the right things like eat a good diet, drink lots of water, exercise regularly, get good sleep, and use all of the lotions and potions, but there are parts of our bodies that aren’t what they used to be. Some of us embrace it better than others. No matter how much you do or do not love your body, you still need to appreciate it. That being said here are some things that will help you feel more confident wearing a swimsuit over 50.

Find A Swimsuit that Fits

Finding the “perfect” swimsuit is not always an easy task. I am sure you have heard the saying….if you don’t succeed, try, try again. Well, that is what it takes to find a great swimsuit over 50. The nice thing about online shopping and easy returns is that you can order several suits, from different brands, and try them on in the privacy of your own home. No more going to the store and having to walk out of the dressing room to see yourself in a big mirror. Remember those days? Yes, we can feel confident in a swimsuit if we focus on a few things when we are getting ready to find “the one”.

Choose a Great Color

We all have a color or two that when we wear we feel great. Look for a swimsuit in those colors. Again, the beauty of shopping online versus in-store. That search tool by color is one of my very favorite features and gets LOTS of use from me on all websites.

Choose a Suit Based on Your Body Type

We all have areas that we like to accentuate and others that we like to disguise. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. Once we hit a certain age things just naturally happen to the body. The one thing that makes me feel most comfortable in a bathing suit is having a top that is my bra size with underwires. That is my BIG thing when I buy a bathing suit. Yes, ladies if you have not discovered shopping for a bathing suit by your bra size, then you need to start considering it now. It was a game-changer for me a few years ago. You can find two-piece bathing suits and one-piece bathing suits that way.

There are also so many brands out there that have a little tummy control built into the bottom half of the suit. Again, one piece and two pieces.

So keep your options open and really take the time to read the descriptions that the brands write. They will tell you if the suit works better for long or short torsos, tummy control, etc.

Where to Shop Online for a Swimsuit

So now that I have convinced you that shopping online is the way to go for swimsuits, I thought I should include some of my favorite sites for finding great suits for midlife women.

Keep a Great Cover-up Nearby

Now that we have figured out how to find a swimsuit over 50 that you feel good in, let’s take it up another notch. Yes, adding a great cover-up. Think about how many times you have to get up from your lounger to go to get something to drink, a trip to the little girl’s room, or even to have lunch poolside. Having a great cover-up that coordinates and finishes the “look” of your swimsuit is key. You just need to find the type that you are most comfortable in. They come in all sorts of forms:

  • Oversized button-down shirts/tunics
  • Dresses
  • Bottoms such as sheer pants or cute shorts
  • Wraps or Pareos
  • Rompers

There is a great cover-up out there for everyone and you can usually find them in neutral colors so that they will coordinate with more than one swimsuit.

Accessories to Help You Feel Confident in a Swimsuit Over 50

There are three categories of accessories that can help you feel fabulous in your swimsuit. Once you have these, they will last you for many seasons to come.

A Great Bag

Not only does a great bag help complete your swimsuit look, but it also comes in handy. There are so many options out there and various price points. You do want to purchase something that will hold up so that you can get several seasons out of it and it will travel well.

Here are some companies that I like to shop for great beach/pool bags


Great sunnies are a must. Another thing to consider adding to your bag is sunnies that are readers. Personally, I don’t like to wear my really nice designer sunglasses when I am at the beach or pool. I prefer to wear something that protects my eyes and if I lose them or they get broken it’s not a big deal.

Sun Hat

A sun hat that protects your face is a must-have ladies. Yes, it protects your face from the rays, but it will also make you look oh-so chic and confident in a swimsuit. There are so many options out there that are packable these days that there isn’t an excuse for leaving them behind. I never go out in the sun for any length of time without one.

Pool Slides/Sandals

Something that I always pack is a pair of sandals that can be washed off as you return from the beach. You know that if you are near water whether it is at the pool or the beach your shoes are going to get wet. A great classic is Havianas and another brand that I love for the beach and pool is Reef.

A Little Tan Can Help With Confidence in a Swimsuit Over 50

A little self-tanner before donning your swimsuit can go a long way. Most of us don’t get out in the sun much these days so getting rid of that Casper glow and putting on a little bronze glow can help so much with how we feel in our swimsuits. There are so many options out there.

One thing I definitely recommend when you are trying a new self-tanner is not to wait until the last minute to try it out. You just never know how it may end up looking with your skin and body chemistry. Try it out a week or so before just so that you have the color that you are looking for. Here’s a great reminder on how to apply self-tanner.

Another great cream that I have recently found that is great for covering skin imperfections and giving your body a little glow is this Body CC Cream by Whish. It is great to have around for ANY occasion, not just when wearing a swimsuit.


As always, thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post. I hope that today’s post helps you find one little thing that will help you feel more confident in a swimsuit over 50 going forward. Life is too short not to get out and enjoy!

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Updated July 2023.

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  1. I love how there are so many different options for suits now too!

    1. Yes. So many choices out there that we can feel great in. Don’t forget the accessories to complete the look, just like any other OOTD.

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