Petite Friendly Fashion Trends for Winter 2022

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Petite Friendly Fashion Trends for Winter 2022

The first day of Winter 2022 is not far away. This year it is on Wednesday, December 21st. Yes, the shortest day of the year. One of the things that I like about living in the south and winter fashion is that I can usually pick up one or two of the trending pieces on sale. Our true cold weather usually arrives in January.

So it’s time to dig thru your sweater storage and closet and refresh your memory. Even if you prefer classic styles, adding in a few of the season’s trends keeps you looking fresh and up-to-date. I also think that helps to keep me looking age appropriate, yet youthful and hip.

Being petite (I’m 5′ 1/2″) can make many trends quite tricky.  The other thing that I always factor in is that I am now midlife. What looks good on young, tall women isn’t necessarily a good thing for me and my body type.  No matter your age and body type, once you know what looks good on your body and you feel comfortable in, then you always look good because you feel good in your clothes.

So today I’m going to touch on some of the winter 2022 fashion trends and how they can work on a petite body.  I’m also going to highlight some of the trends that this body/body type will NOT be jumping up and down about this year and why. 

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My version of dopamine dressing. Red and leopard always make me happy.

You may want to check out my post on how to buy clothing if a brand does not sell petite sizing. It is full of helpful shopping tips. I also have some great tips for taking care of your cashmere here.

Winter 2022 Fashion Trends I’m Embracing

Just because something is a trend doesn’t mean that we have to like it or embrace it. Yes, we want to look current, but we have to remember we need to wear what we are comfortable in and what makes us feel good about ourselves. That being said let’s look at a few things that you will see me wearing this winter.

Feaux Leather

I remember years ago when a brand of clothing I used to sell started putting “dry cleanable” leather trim on some pieces. I wondered what in the world is this stuff and how is it going to hold up. Fast forward about 10 years and you see it everywhere and now it is entire garments.

Faux Leather Bottoms Options

I am loving all of the different bottoms options. Spanx always has great leggings that come in petite. Now they have many other styles of pants in petites like these flare leg faux leather pants. When I was in Paris recently you saw women everywhere in shorts with tights, including faux leather shorts.

Of course, there are always the more traditional jeans or pant styles available. M.M. LaFleur makes a great boot cut in vegan leather. Their trademark for petite friendly pants is the hidden buttons so that you can easily shorten your pants yourself. NYDJ also has a great straight leg jean that is petite friendly.

Faux Leather Top

This year it seems as if there are more options that ever in faux leather. From regular tops and blouses to dresses and jackets, there is something for every person’s taste. Most are always in black which makes them a great closet staple/neutral to mix in with things that you have. I am really liking this dress by M.M. LaFleur. Such a great, simple dress that can be worn as a stand alone, under a jacket, or with a great blouse or turtleneck underneath. This DKNY blouse is a very flattering silhouette for so many body types and so easy to mix and match with other pants, skirts, or jeans.

There are so many different jacket styles out there. I thought that some of these were great for those of us who are vertically challenge (a.k.a. petite).

Faux Fur Coats

OK, I must say that faux fur coats are something that I started embracing last year. I don’t have coats yet, but I do have vests and I LOVE them. When it comes to faux fur I think that you have to be careful about the quality. You want it to look as real as possible. There is one brand in particular that I feel does a great job of that and it is Fabulous Furs. I have this vest in two colors, brown and black. I’m thinking about adding this vest to my collection this year. Love that it is reversible. These are so easy to throw on with a sweater and jeans to look totally pulled together in a winter way.

No when it comes to coats I think that this faux beaver anorak would be fantastic for a cold climate. It just looks so plush and soft. Now if you live where it’s cold and you get a lot of precipitation, then this reversible jacket would be a great addition to your coat wardrobe.

Dopamine Dressing

This term has been all over the place this year. I think that we all want to be happy and this is something that does bring a lot of us joy……dressing in what makes you happy. Yes, studies prove that wearing certain colors does help boost your mood.

So what colors will you see associated most frequently with dopamine dressing during the winter 2022 season?

  • Barbie Pink
  • Hot magenta
  • Red
  • Royal purple
  • Tangerine
  • Zesty green

The nice thing about so many of these colors is that they will transition nicely into spring for you.

Winter Fashion Trends I Won’t Be Embracing

Trends are just that. Things that you see for a season or two. Some stick around. Others do not. The beauty of that is that you can choose what you embrace and add in or not. I think that so much of this is based upon personal preference and knowing what you feel comfortable in (dopamine dressing).

Corset Tops

Ok, when I started writing this I was totally against the idea of a corste top until I saw this photo. When you style something like this under a jacket it is a great look.

What I will not be embracing is the very revealing corset tops. You know the ones that not only show lots of your chest, but also your tummy.

Cargo Pants

Ok, who else remembers the TV show, What Not to Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly? You can raise your hand now. Oh how I used to love to watch this show. I will never forget when Clinton Kelly talked about cargo pants and shorts. Needless, to say he was not a fan of them for any body type back then. I must say that as a petite I don’t think they work either. Who wants all of that extra added fabric on their hips and thighs. To me it just add bulk to our shorter frames. So my vote for this style will always be a big no.


As always thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I greatly appreciate EVERY read, share and pin to Pinterest.

I hope that you found some things that you will be looking forward to wearing this winter. It’s always fun to add a couple of fun pieces to the closet to mix in with things that we truly love. Wishing you a wonderful winter. Stay warm and cozy.

Remember to have a little SASs in your day!


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