How To Shop for Carlisle + An Amazing Blouse

woman wearing a red silk blouse with metallic thread thru it and a silver leather skirt with a smile on her face telling you how to shop for carlisle

Shop for Carlisle with me.  Today I am so excited to talk with you about a brand that has been near and dear to my heart for almost 20 years.  Yes, I have been wearing and selling this brand for almost 20 years now.  If you see me out and about really dressed for my day, most likely there will be a piece of Carlisle on my body.  It could be a piece of clothing, a scarf, a belt, and maybe even a necklace from many years ago.

woman over 50 wearing a Carlisle red silk blouse with metallic thread thru it and brown trousers shop for Carlisle

Who Is Carlisle

Carlisle is a womens clothing company based in New York City.  They have been in business for more than 30 years.  Their clothing embodies contemporary easy elegance with a sense of classic style.  From professional clothing to casual you can think of their pieces as classic with a twist.

The fabrics that they source and use are of the highest quality.  Their designs always have beautiful details and they are truly made for altering.  Ample seams so that the pieces you purchase look like they were made for your body.  Whether you need to have them taken in or let out.  That is the beauty of this product.

Why I Love To Shop for Carlisle

Slow fashion or sustainable fashion were not in our vocabularies when I started selling and buying Carlisle almost 20 years ago.  Nobody talked about cost per wear.  However, that is what I feel the brand is about for me.  I have pieces in my closet that I now call vintage.  Several that are at least 12-15 years old.

  • Do I still wear them?  Of course.
  • Have I had some of them altered more than once as my size has changed?  You betcha.
  • Do they spark joy for me?  Yes they do every time I wear them.
  • Do I get compliments every time I wear them?  Yes, I do.  Even my oldie but goodies.
  • Do I love the fact that they make limited amounts of each piece so that you don’t see yourself coming and going?  100%.  Never have to worry about showing up to an event and someone else having on the same exact look.

Winter 2021 Blouse Styled 3 Ways

Where do I begin with the blouse that I am featuring here today?  The color, the design with metallic threads.  When Carlisle asked me to style this blouse  I started imagining where I would wear it and what what Carlisle pieces I would pull from my closet to pair with it.  Notice I am trying to figure out multiple ways to enjoy the beauty of this garment and not reserve it for the holiday season just because it has lots of sparkle and shine.

Look #1 – A night out.  I would wear this blouse from October – March, not just during the holidays.  The leather skirt is one of my oldie but goodies from about 12 years ago.

Look #2 – Business lunch during the holiday season.  Here I paired it with my favorite brown wool trousers that are probably 8-10 years old.

Look #3 – Casually.  Yes, we all love our jeans so why not dress them up a little.  I just added some fun jewelry and a wrap and I am ready to go.

How to Shop for Carlisle

Carlisle is primarily sold by a networks of stylists throughout the United States.  These women receive a box of samples from the corporate offices four times a year for several days.  During their show dates you are able to make an appointment with them to view the collection for the season.  Many of them show in their homes or sometimes in a small space near their homes.  You can click this link and fill out the form and the corporate office can match you up with someone who sells the line near you.

I sold the line for 10 years out of my home and now I take my clients to another stylist’s space in Atlanta.  What I will say about buying Carlisle this way is that you truly develop a relationship with each of your clients.  I have always said that the silver lining of selling Carlisle was that I met some of the most wonderful women and they became my friend as well.

Yes, Carlisle also offers you the ability to shop online if that is what you prefer.  You can always find the latest collection here.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  It means the world to me.  Feel free to share this wherever you can.  You can do this by saving one of my images to your Pinterest board or sharing this post on Facebook.  Even better send this post to a friend that you think would enjoy the brands and topics that I write about.

Remember to always have a little SASs in your day.


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  1. Love this post and the way you styled that beautiful blouse.

    1. This blouse is stunning in person. Every way you turn the light catches different colors of the metallic threads so you are always glowing.

  2. Catherine Hook says:

    Love the way you styled the blouse three ways. It looks amazing with the vintage leather skirt!

    1. Thanks Catherine. It was great to break out the leather skirt and bring new life to it. I’ll have this blouse for many years to come. It’s a headturner and keeper.

    1. Jodie, thank you. Yes, they source some of the most beautiful fabrics and their designs always have great detail. Always be on the lookout for them in your favorite shopping spots.

  3. Great blouse. You look incredibly beautiful.

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