Cashmere Cleaning and Storage Love

woman over 50 sitting on the floor of a closet wearing a camel cashmere turtleneck sweater and black jeans folding a sweater using a garment folder

I LOVE to wear cashmere.  Who doesn’t like the fell of this luxurious fabric against their skin.  Cashmere is definitely an investment piece for your wardrobe.  Since winter is coming to an end I thought I would share how I go about my ritual of cashmere cleaning and storage each year so that my garments feel much loved.

A few years ago a good friend and client of mine had some major losses to her cashmere collection.  After her experience I did some research so that hopefully I will never suffer the same losses.  Trust me I think I was just as sad about her losses as she was.  Today I am go to share some of my tips and tricks for keeping this part of your wardrobe looking its best for years to come.

Wear and Enjoy Your Cashmere

We buy this wonderful fabrication because we love the way it feels and it keeps us toasty warm in the colder months.  Personally I also like to have some thin cashmere short sleeved or sleeveless options  for layering.  They make wonderful transition pieces.  Hopefully you show your cashmere pieces lots of love and wear them regularly.  Don’t save them for a dressy or special occasion.  I love to pair my sweaters with jean and even joggers.

When I take my sweaters off during the colder months I do a quick onceover and see if I need to take a swipe with the sweater comb to get rid of any pilling.  I recommend this sweater comb and then I spritz it with this spray to get rid of any oils or smells that might attract any culprits.  Another option is to use this brush, it will help with oils if you are not a fan of sweater combs.

ALWAYS let your sweater get some fresh air for a day or so after you wear them and  before you fold it and put it away.  Your definitely don’t want to hang any of these prized possessions or they could lose their shape.  No one want shoulder hanger bumps or stretched out sweaters.

woman over 50 wearing a camel cashmere turtleneck and black jeans sitting on the floor of a closet folding a sweater with a plastic garment folder to demonstrate cashmere cleaning and storage love to your sweaters

woman over 50 wearing a camel cashmere turtleneck sweater and black jeans sitting on the floor of a closet spraying a sweater to explain how to show cashmere cleaning and storage love tips

Why Cashmere Cleaning and Storage is so Important

Moths LOVE cashmere and they can do some major damage to your beloved sweaters and garments.  This is a great article on ways they can infiltrate your wardrobe and why.  Once these pesky critters get into your closet and wardrobe you have to do a major cleaning and who wants to go thru that and possibly losing your beloved things.  Not only will they chomp on your sweaters, but they also love beautiful silk things.  If your like me and love cashmere, then I’m sure you love the feel of silk on your skin too.

Cashmere Cleaning and Storage Love Tips

To wash or dry clean?  The million dollar question.  I choose washing my cashmere.  What convinced me of this was a purchase from White + Warren.  They make beautiful cashmere sweaters and their travel wraps are a must have in my book.  They ship all of their products with a white cotton bag and recommend that you hand wash using products from The Laundress.  From that purchase on I started washing all of my cashmere and woolen sweaters.  Here are some of the products that I really recommend as you pack your sweaters and other cashmere/wool pieces away for the season.

Now it’s time to say goodbye for a while.

  • You can give them another spritz of the Cashmere spray or plan to put some lavender in the drawers with them.
  • Fold them neatly.  I love to use my plastic folder, just makes everything about the same size.  Remember Sheldon on Big Band Theory?  He never went to the laundry room without his.  Mark just rolls his eyes about this favorite gadget of mine.
  • Put them in a white cotton bag.  Personally I use old king sized pillowcases and put 2-3 sweaters in one pillowcase.
  • Pack and stack them into a drawer.  I like to put some lavender in the drawer with my white bags.  It just smells so good.  Next fall it will be like unwrapping gifts to yourself.

Here are a few of the products that I use for this seasonal goodbye ceremony.


Thanks so much for reading.  I really appreciate it and hope that you found some of my cashmere cleaning rituals helpful.  I also have some great tips for showing the leather pieces in your wardrobe some TLC.  Most likely you have some great leather pieces in your closets that you treasure too.

Remember to have a little SASs in  your day ladies.


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  1. This is all such great information. I definitely saw a few products listed that are going on my purchase list.

    1. Hope it helps you when you get ready to pack away your things this season. Don’t want those pesky moths or bugs to have a feast on your treasured things.

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