TLC Time for Your Leather Investment Pieces

brunette woman over 50 wearing a black sweater showing a red leather jacket that is inside a breathable garment storage bag

Leather investment pieces are truly special pieces to have in your wardrobe.  Whether it is classic black leather jacket or a great pencil skirt they are pieces that will always be that great option to pull out of the closet.  If you are like me, 2020 is not a year that I have been wearing my leather investment pieces.  Honestly, I don’t think I will have much reason to pull them out in the early part of 2021 either.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve or need a little TLC.  You can read more about some of the other items that I keep in my closet for wardrobe TLC here.

Now that we are entering the coldest months of the year the heat is on and the air in our homes is rather dry.  Here at the Ferugsons we are fortunate to have humidifiers built into our heating system.  It is one of Mark’s OCD things.  Humidity levels in the summer and winter are something that he keeps check on so that the HVAC runs more efficiently.  Don’t even get me started on the this topic.  I will say the cats  appreciate it so that the static electricity doesn’t affect their petting in the winter. The other positive is that I really don’t have fly away hair in the winter either.

Why am I talking about dry air from our heat?  It’s something that our leather investment pieces don’t really like.  A quality leather piece can last for years and years if it gets a little TLC.  When I pull my pieces out of the closet it truly evokes memories and sparks some joy as to why I chose them in the first place.  The pieces in these photos are about a decade old and you would never know it because of the TLC that I show them from time to time.  So how do we make sure they last us for years and years.

Closet TLC for your Leather Investment Pieces

Three things that are very easy to do to keep your leather pieces happy in your closet is to:

  • Keep them away from any sunlight
  • Make sure they are not hanging directly below or above a HVAC vent
  • Keep them covered with a breathable bag like these.  They come in various lengths to accommodate different types of garments.

TLC to keep the Leather Supple and Soft

Now that you are taking precautions to keep your garments safe in the closet it’s time to give them an annual inspection.  Before you put them away after each wear, make sure that there are no spots or stains.  I also like to use a good leather conditioner on my pieces from time to time.  You can tell if they need a drink.  You want to prevent them from cracking because once they crack you can’t repair them.

So as we enter the cold months of the winter here’s a little project for you and your closet.  You might want to check out your handbags too and make sure they are getting the TLC that they need as well.  Here’s a great article from Cosmopolitan about that.

Thanks so much for reading.  Hope some of my little trick and closet hacks help you out.  Please let me know if you try any of them.

Remember to always have a little Sass in your day.



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  1. Beth- excellent post! Really focused ion areas & products I need. Have been wondering how to keep my leather jackets and better handbags happy this winter. Thanks so much

    1. Thanks. Glad you found the tips helpful and liked the product recommendations. We have to take care of our investments

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