Game Day Essentials That Fit in My Crossbody Stadium Bag

A great clear stadium bag is a must-have these days. Whether you are off to see a professional, college, or even high school football game these days they have bag policies. Yes, even to go to many concerts you have to have a clear handbag to get in. Gone are the days when you can pack everything but the kitchen sink with you.

The NFL has a very clear policy about sizing and you can read that here. If you are going NFL stadium it is just better to be safe than sorry and go by their rules. Doesn’t matter if it is a sporting event or a concert.

Before we talk all about clear stadium bags, there is a post I have written about what to serve if you are staying home to watch the game that you might want to check out.

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What Fits In A Clear Stadium Crossbody Bag

Now that there are so many restrictions as to what we can and cannot take into stadiums we have to be strategic. Yes, we still want to look nice and maybe even coordinate with our favorite team’s colors. There are ways to do that with a clear stadium bag. I promise.

My Stadium Bag

The stadium-approved bag that I am carrying is from Hammitt Handbags. It is their Tony Small and comes in 5 color combinations. Hammitt’s bags are built to last, functional, and beautiful. The adjustable leather strap is buttery soft and the gunmetal hardware is guaranteed for life. The bag itself is made of clear TPU. TPU is a cross between plastic and rubber. That means that you get the protection of a hard case and the grip of rubber.

What to Pack in Your Stadium Bag

When you pack your stadium-approved bag, you have to be strategic. They are not all that big. Keeping it as simple as possible is best. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be the one in our family that keeps us stuck in the security line. Missing the kickoff or the first song is not a good way to start any event.

I tend to pack the basics.

  • Photo ID
  • Credit card, can’t leave home without it
  • Hand sanitizer or wipes
  • Lipstick/small mirror
  • Phone – remember that is also your ticket to get into the stadium and your camera
clear stadium bag for football 03

How to Pack Your Bag

The main thing to remember about packing your stadium bag is that everyone can see what’s in it. If you don’t want strangers to see what you are carrying, then you need to somehow disguise or hide things. It’s a good idea to keep your photo ID and credit card in a small wallet like this. I’m a matchy matchy gal sometimes so it’s nice to have something that goes with my Tony Small. I find that I use my small wallet not only for my stadium bags but also for my evening or very small handbags. So it’s a good idea to have one.

When it comes to more personal things, then you might want to have some sort of transparent pouch to store them in. Something like this little leather pouch works well.

Another trick that I do is tie a scarf at the base of my handbag strap. You can kind of move it around so that others don’t have a clear view of what you have with you.

Clear Stadium Bag Options

You can find clear stadium bags in all price ranges. It just depends on how often you need to use one, the look that you want, and your budget. I am sure that you can find a bag below that meets your requirements.

Great Bags – $

Baggallini Stadium Clear Bryant Crossbody

This is a great Target find. It is lightweight and water-resistant. You just use a cloth to wipe it clean. It has a 52″ adjustable strap.

Amazon Clear Crossbody Bag

This bag is made of TPU and leather. It is also waterproof. Wipes clean with a cloth. Available in 8 colors.

Shop now

Great Bags – $$

Clear Kennon Crossbody Bag

This saddle bag stadium bag is made of PU/PVC. The flap has a magnetic closure. The strap is adjustable. Available in 4 colors.

shop now

Clear Camera Crossbody Bag

This camera bag is made of PU/PVC. It has a zippered closure and a small outside zipper pocket. The strap is adjustable. The clear camera bag is available in 4 colors and is just under $50.

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Great Bags – $$$

Mark & Graham Build Your Clear Crossbody Bag

Yes, this is a bag that you can customize. You choose the bag (3 color options), then you choose the strap. You can also have it monogrammed. There is a strap that comes with it that will be the same color as the bag. But, how fun to customize it.

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Mark & Graham Clear Crossbody With Chain

This is a great zippered bag option. The strap and chain are detachable so you can use it just as a pouch at other times.

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Hammitt Charles Crossbody Clear

If you are a belt bag lover, then this is the clear stadium bag for you. It is designed so that you can wear it as a low slung crossbody bag. It is made of clear TPU and leather.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post. I genuinely appreciate every read, share, and follow. Hope this helped you find the perfect clear game day purse that you can use for fun outings.

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Thanks so much to Hammitt Handbags for kindly gifting me a stadium bag for this post.

Updated August 2023.

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