Easy, Healthy Game Day Snacks for Two People

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Easy, Healthy Game Day Snacks for Two People

Sometimes watching the big game is just a day at home. I know that for the Fergusons if it is a late college game, then we definitely plan to watch it at home. Watching the game from your favorite chair or sofa doesn’t me that you just watch the game. You can have a little celebration with easy, healthy game day snacks for two. Trust me, it can be done with just a little cooking that day. You can also prep some of this a day ahead of time if you have other commitments that day.

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How to Set A Fun Table for Snacks

Setting the table for watching games is an easy one. Most likely you will have your food spread out on some sort of low table in the room with the TV. If your house is like ours, then you don’t want to have to go far from the TV in case you would miss something. (Thank goodness for playback these days.)

Show Your Team Spirit

It is so easy to make the game watching room festive. I used one of the spare beer glasses to put our shakers in as the centerpiece. This would also work well if you had larger gatherings. Paper napkins are always an easy way to add a little more team spirit.


Honey and Hank linens have the best designs for so many college football teams. You can easily sort by state to see if your favorite team is a part of their Game Day collection. I used the Auburn napkins overlapped as my tablecloth. Sadly those are already sold out, but you could use the coordinating tea towel. I used all four napkins so I would suggest two or three of the tea towels. So easy to gather up and throw in the wash after the game.

Serving Pieces for Smaller Gatherings

Mud Pie Gifts is always a brand that I look to when I am needing a cute serving dish. They always seem to have just what I need. They are also a great resource for any type of seasonal items that you may need for the kitchen or serving. When I planned my menu for game day I knew that I would have a protein, some healthy carbs, and a sweet treat. And what’s a football game day without chips and dips.

There were so many cute small serving trays that it was hard to choose. I ended up with this one and this one. When I saw this chip and dip bowl I knew that it was perfect for two people. Anyone else not eat the same dip as their spouse????

For our sweet treat of the day I just couldn’t pass up this Sweet Eat Repeat bowl. If your household is a chocolate fan, then this Choc It To Me bowl is the perfect bowl for you. I also like the Sugar Rush bowl.

My Favorite Snacks to Serve for Game Day

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Just like any meal, I make sure that our game day snacks for two are a complete meal. Yes, I am a firm believer in getting in all of the food groups even if it is a spread of snacks. Like to make sure I have all of the different macro nutrients covered. So let’s dive in to my favorite recipes for game days. You can read all about how I pick great recipes in this blog post.


My protein choice for game days snacks for two is usually chicken. Chicken nuggets to be exact. We don’t mind these if they are not piping hot so they are great to much on throughout the game. There are two recipes that I like to use. I alternate between these Buffalo Chicken nuggets and these regular chicken nuggets.

Yes, I make my own sauces. I like this honey mustard sauce and this lightened up blue cheese sauce. The blue cheese sauce is made with greek yogurt so there is not as much dairy as in most blue cheese recipes.

Carbs/Healthy Carbs

I always try to put some raw veggies out. That always helps to fill me up so that I don’t reach for too many chips. These sweet potato chips are so easy to make. Sometimes I will make them ahead of time and then recrisp them in the oven like the recipes says.

Now I will confess to my biggest weakness. Boulder Canyon Avocado Oil salt and pepper potato chips. I have to hide these from myself. They are the only store bought potato chips that I eat. I like them because the only ingredients are potatoes, avocado oil, salt and pepper.

Sweet Treats

Just warning you if you make this mixed nut recipe, you may want to hide it from yourself. These are so so so good. Another thing that I like to make this time of year is peanut butter balls. Honestly, I either just make a half batch or freeze them so that we don’t eat too many.


As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by and read this post. I appreciate it immensely. Let me know if you try any of my favorite recipes for football watching this season.


Thanks to Mud Pie Gifts for providing the fun serving pieces for our Game Day snacks.

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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    I’ve had those chips and know what you mean. But at least there isn’t a lot of crap in them.

    1. You have to hide them from yourself. They are the ONLY chip that does that to me. And the reason I eat them is because there isn’t crap in them.

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