Simple Tips to Wrap Gifts Like a Pro

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Simple Tips to Wrap Gifts Like a Pro

You know the gifts. The ones that just look so beautiful sitting under the tree. The paper, the ribbon, and the special touches just make it look so perfect. Trust me. With just a few things you can wrap gifts that look that way to put under your tree too.

Honestly, I love to see beautifully wrapped packages underneath the tree. They just complete the Christmas tree. I like to make sure that each gift is wrapped with love and a special touch. Now I know that if you have a large family this may not be possible. However, there are a few simple tips that I learned from a ribbon expert years ago that will step up your gift wrapping game.

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Choosing Your Paper and Ribbon

One of the things that I keep in mind each year when I am buying the paper is the way that my tree is decorated. We buy and wrap gifts days before the recipient gets to open them so let’s make sure the paper looks good with the tree decor.

My tree is always done in traditional reds, greens, and golds. Many of the ornaments are from my collection of Christopher Radko ornaments so I try to keep the papers that I choose pretty traditional as well. I like to choose two patterns and a solid that look nice together. If you are wrapping lots of gifts you might want to buy multiples of each. My favorite place to shop for quality wrapping paper is The Container Store. They always have a great selection. If you are a fan of gift bags, then they will have some that will also look nice with the papers you choose for the season.

Beautiful papers and all of the accessories can get pricey. One of my favorite things to do is to shop for them right after Christmas when they are on sale. I at least try to get my red or gold solid paper then. Also, think of colors that you can use other times of the year for gifts.

Tips So You Wrap Gifts Like a Pro

I briefly mentioned a ribbon expert earlier in this post. For years there was a ribbon shop in Atlanta owned by Nicholas Kniel. His shop was full of the most exquisite ribbons. Not only did he have the small retail shop, but he was also a milliner. Yes, he adorned custom hats for women for all types of charity events. That is how I got to know him. He made a few custom hats for me for the Kentucky Derby. You can still find his books here and here.

One year I had him come to a charity luncheon that I had organized to chat about wrapping gifts. He was well known for this and had done numerous photo shoots for local magazines that involved presents. Even though that was years ago I have since used the following tips from him every time I wrap a gift. Not just at the holidays.

What You will Need

  • Quality Wrapping Paper – not all papers are created equal. Make sure you get a good heavy paper that will hold a crease.
  • 2 Pairs of Scissors – why 2 pairs? You will want one pair to cut paper with and another pair to cut ribbon with. If your scissors are not sharp you can’t cut a straight edge of paper as easily. I recommend getting two different colors of scissors and putting a label on them.
  • Double Sided Tape – yes this is a game changer. You don’t see the tape and it is easier to move the paper around when you first start wrapping the gift. You know how you always need to make sure the design is straight and lines up.
  • Pretty Ribbons – no more premade bows. You don’t have to tie fancy bows. Just a simple bow with a beautiful ribbon will elevate any package. Think velvet ribbon, satin ribbon, and metallics.
  • Container to store ribbons – the beauty of using ribbon versus pre done bows is that at the end of your gift unwrapping you canput them away for next year. Over time, you will accumulate a beautiful collection of ribbons that will bring back memories.

Wrapping The Gifts

Now that you have all of your paper and the tools that a pro uses for perfectly wrapped gifts you are ready to start wrapping. The key to a crisp package is the creases. Yes, once you have started wrapping make sure that all of your creases are sharp and tight. Once the tape is on both ends turn it right side up and just run your fingers down the edges of the box. You will make the paper take the sharp edge of the box, leaving you with a crisp, beautiful package. Yours will be looking as good as his. The image below is from his old Pinterest page.

wrap gifts like a pro


Thanks for stopping by today. Let me know if you try any of these tips from my friend Nicholas Kniel. If you are looking for some gift ideas you can check out my post for great gifts for the gardener in your life or the man who has everything. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season.


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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    What a wonderful tip. I have gotten out of the habit of using ribbon, but I can see how it makes it so pretty,

    1. AND it’s sustainable for years to come. Get out all of your ribbon scraps and get creative.

  2. I have ribbons that I bought over 20 years ago! And you’re right, they do bring back memories. Xo Nipa

    1. So glad you use that special touch when you are wrapping. I love memories like that. Have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas.

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