Useful Gardening Gifts Anyone Will Love

woman over 50 in a garden looking at a camelia bloom . a person who would enjoy gardening gifts

All of us know that special someone who loves to garden.   It could be a parent that enjoys their flower or vegetable garden.   An aunt who loves her herb garden.  A friend who adores her house plants.  Yes, we all have those green thumb people in our lives.  Honestly, after the last couple of years I think that we now know more and more of those green thumb people.  Trust me, there are all sorts of great gardening gifts that these people in your life will love.

This is the time of year that these people in our lives are just itching to get back outside.  They are ready  to play in the dirt.  They are planning and plotting their new projects.   Figuring out what they want to move and or add to their gardens.  Making adjustments to the things that didn’t grow just right last year.  Checking the Farmer’s Almanac to see when they should start planting their gardens.

How do I know this?  I am missing my flower gardens and small herb garden again this season.  Since we sold the house with the big yard last year I didn’t realize how much those green spaces mattered to me.  Looking out from inside your home to see beautiful flowering plants and different textures of green plants is not only rewarding, but calming for some reason.  I have decided that the next house my project is going to be a cutting garden.  That is something that I have never had. 

This post was origninally published April 2022, updated April 2023.

inside the she shed there are seedlings ready for planting in the cutting garden

This cute “she shed” is at a local flower farm that I go to.

Useful and Thoughtful Gardening Gifts

Before I dig into great gardening gifts here are a few other posts that you might want to check out.

Gardening gifts can be given any time of year and appreciated.  With so many spring holidays and celebrations coming up soon I thought this was a great time of year to put together a list of gifts anyone on your list would like to receive.  I gathered things from useful tools to whimsical ornaments for the garden.  You should be able to find something for any of the gardeners on your list.

Gifts for the Yard and Garden Aficianado

Yes, we know this type of gardener. They are always winning yard of the month or producing beautiful vegetables from their garden. They are meticulous about how everything looks and tastes. So whether you just want to get them a journal for their planning or a great coffee table book for garden inspiration there is something in this collage for your favorite gardener. Yes, they may have gardening gloves, but why not get them a pair of really pretty gardening gloves.

Gifts for the Flower Lover

I must admit I am a flower lover. Fresh flowers are almost always on my desk while I work. I love seeing them blossom and make a yard or porch look oh so pretty with seasonal color. So why not add a colorful, artistic hummingbird feeder to their pretty flower garden. Another thing that any flower lover can never have too many of is vases. I am sure that any of these gardening gifts would be much appreciated by the flower lover in your life.


As always, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog.  I hope that it will give you some inspiration for the gardening lovers on your list or perhaps even your own wish list for your garden.  Drop me a comment below and let me know what kind of gardening you enjoy doing.  Happy gardening!

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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    I think the gardening gene missed me!! I remember one time having so much fun shopping for plants, but when it came around to actually planting them, ugh!!

    1. I love the shopping part too. There are some local growers near me that have the most amazing assortment of flowers and shrubs.
      You can just go and admire other’s work. Actually it’s a lot easier.

  2. Gardening is something I enjoy. And I have decided to start a rose garden again this year- in honor of my Mom and Dad. These gift ideas are fabulous!

    1. Rose gardens are so beautiful. What a wonderful way to honor your parents. So glad you like the gift ideas.

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