My Midweek Meander – Library Rediscovery

Reading more books is one of my goals this year. I set the goal at two books a month, for a total of twenty-four. The last few months I gave up watching television before going to bed and rediscovered my love of reading. I forgot how relaxing it is to fall asleep to a good book. As the new year approached I wondered how I was going to achieve this. I knew that I had to carve out more than the few minutes each night before drifting off to sleep. One of my friends recently talked about how she loved audiobooks versus reading an old-fashioned paper book so a phone conversation had to happen.

When I asked her about her audiobook addiction and where she downloaded from her response was “don’t you have a library card”. I admitted that I hadn’t had one since college. The next day I went down to our local library, got a card, and discovered how many more services public libraries now offer  When I got home with my new card I downloaded the appropriate app on my iPad and phone as soon . I am now enjoying audiobooks and ebooks and don’t even have to step foot in the library again. I must admit that I still prefer a true paper book for nighttime reading. There is just something about turning the pages and there are no blue light issues to interrupt my sleep and melatonin levels.

I listen to the audiobooks while I cook, do simple tasks around the house, and in the car. The ebooks are handy to have on hand too for when I stuck waiting somewhere.

I had to include pictures of this beautiful sculpture that greets visitors at the door of the Alpharetta Library. This location opened just a couple of years ago and the sculpture is by local artist David Landis.

How long has it been since you went to your local public library? I encourage you to make a visit and discover all the possibilities.

Happy Reading!!


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