Midweek Meander: The First of 2021

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My first midweek meander of 2021.  I hope that your year is off to a good start.  It seem like this has already been a long week.   I thought I was caught up on things during the holidays and organized and ready to go, but obviously there was a glitch somewhere or this would have been done this time yesterday.

Last year I started these midweek meanders and did not do a good job of keeping up with them.  I plan to do so this year so hold me accountable.  There will be a meander each week.  A quick read where I may share some things I’m loving or that I have my eye on.  I may even ask your opinion on some things too.  I promise that I will keep you guessing from week to week as to what I chat about on Wednesdays.

My New Loves for this Midweek Meander

Ok, so for this week’s meander there are two things I am loving.


Morning tea is a must for me.  So is an electric kettle.   Morning is black tea and afternoon is usually a cup of green or white.  I had been using the same electric kettle for years that only had 1 temperature.  What a difference the right temperature makes.  Here’s a great article that explains why tea temperature is important.

A new office candle for a new year.  Wally and I have a lot of “together” time in my office.  A good candle, focus music from the @headspace app, a good cup of tea makes me more productive and puts him to sleep.  This candle smells heavenly and isn’t too strong.  Just a nice warm fragrance in the air.

A Find for this Midweek Meander

My “find” for this week.  Please drop a comment below if you choose a “word of the year” or not.

So do you think a small framed word of the year print on or near your desk or special me time space would make you more aware for the year?  These prints can be custom sized and you get to choose your own color and if you want to put the year on it or not.

Thanks for taking the time to read this today.  I hope that you enjoyed my little meander.  Please drop a comment below and let me know what you think about this weekly feature.  Remember to have a little “SASs in your day”.



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  1. I am delighted to see this weekly series. Wally (your coworker) is adorable. I am also a morning black tea drinker. What green and white teas do you enjoy?

    1. Wally loves to “work” with me. He’s not very productive, but good company. I love green tea tropical by Mighty Leaf. What’s your favorite?

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