Veggie Prep – A Weekly Ritual

veggie prep necessities

Veggie Prep is part of my weekly routine, just like doing a face mask.  Actually I do both more than once a week.  A frig full of fresh veggies and fruit cleaned and prepped keeps me from choosing less healthy options.

Veggie prep goes much quicker and easier with a few of my favorite kitchen gadgets and essentials.  Thought I would share them with you.

First of all I can’t live with out my Veggie Spray.  I use this stuff on EVERYTHING from lemons to brussel sprouts.  I used to joke with a friend that I needed to buy it by the gallon and now I can on Amazon.  It seems like you can just wish for it and then search for it on Amazon these day with success.

Another new favorite is my Unpaper towels.  Remember a few months ago when we couldn’t find paper towels to save our lives.  I ordered a set of 10 of these and now I’m totally addicted to them and they save on paper towel waste.  Bonus they are great for cleaning glasses.  Absolutely no lint left behind.

The other towel/paper towel saver is this veggie drying mat.  I wash everything, put it on this mat and then wipe them dry with my Unpaper towels.

The other item I am so picky about when working in my kitchen is my cutting boards.  Yes, I have one that I use just for produce and another that is just for raw meat.  Trust me, I have tried several because I have to be able to put them in the dishwasher for sterilization purposes and yet I want them to work like a good wooden cutting board.  So far this has been the best that I have found that checks all of my boxes.  The cutting boards are made of ecofriendly products and hold up beautifully.  Trust me, they go into the dishwasher daily.

Let me know if you have any favorite products you use when doing veggie prep in your kitchen.




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