5 Ways To Get More Healthy Sleep this Winter

woman over 50 wearing red silk pajamas and hugging a pillow in bed details about how she gets healthy sleep

Healthy sleep….something that we all crave.  I LOVE a good night of healthy sleep.  When that happens I feel like I can conquer the world the next day.  Well, maybe not the world but everything on my to do list. I thought that I thought I would break down a few of the things that really help me with my sleep patterns.

My sleep, especially in the winter, is so important to me because I know that it not only has it’s beauty benefits, but it also keeps us healthier.  As a person who does her very best to stay healthy (since I am autoimmune compromised) I make healthy sleep a priority in my life.

woman over 50 standing next to a bed wearing red silk pajamas holding a pillow telling you how she gets healthy sleep

Pajamas | Pillowcase

My Drinking/Eating Habits for Healthy Sleep

Caffeine really isn’t an issue for me and my sleep routine since I really don’t drink caffeine except for a cup or two of tea in the morning.  If I have tea in the afternoon it is either white or herbal.  My favorite 5 0’clock drink is actually sparkling mineral water.  I drink it out of a wine glass so it feels “special”.  Not only is it a nice change, but it also helps with digestion.

Dinnertime is always so important.  That time of day when we connect with our loved ones after a long day.  Since I am the main person for meal prep and cooking I do my best to have that ready at least 2 hours before my early bedtime.  Some days are easier than other to do that because of schedules.  All that we can do it try for that window of time.

My Schedule for Healthy Sleep

Yes, I am one of those early to bed, early to rise people.  Bedtime every day of the week is usually about the same and even though I don’t set an alarm on the weekends I’m usually up by 6:30am at the latest.  I do have a bit of a routine before I go to bed besides all of my lotions and potions on my skin.   You can read more about that winddown routine here.

Having a winddown routine really makes a difference for me.  It really makes me slow down and relax.  My furry kids also enjoy this time of day.  Wally always seems to appear and we end up playing toys which always makes me laugh and smile.  Another positive way to end the day.

Between my winddown routine and toy time with the furry kids I am ready for sleep when I crawl into bed.  Sometimes I really wish I had more time before I fell asleep to get more reading time in.  If you don’t have a winddown routine of your own, I would really encourage you to put one together that works for you.

Sleep Environment Does Make a Difference

Every article you read about sleep will talk about your sleep environment.  I totally agree with the cool, dark environment philosophy.  Great sheets and blankets always help too.  The one thing that we have realized this year while in our temporary housing situation is the humidity factor in the winter.  We had always had built in humidifiers/dehumidifiers so that levels were always optimal.  Oh my, could we ever tell the difference once the weather got cold.  The dry nose and throat was not fun.  This little portable cool mist humidifier has been a game changer for the bedroom.  Bonus is that it has an aromatherapy tray if you need an extra boost of smell for helping you relax.  It goes thru about a gallon of water a day just for our bedroom.  An quick and easy refill every day for a better night of sleep.

The Perfect Pillow

The elusive perfect pillow.  Have you found the perfect pillow?  Truth be known, I have a few pillows that I rotate among.  Guess I’m a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to my pillow preference.  I do know that I am diligent about replacing our pillows regularly.  (Not that we have just gotten over Covid, I’m going to be pillow shopping.)  If you haven’t replaced your pillow lately, you may want to read this article.  Not only, does having the right pillow help with getting a good night’s sleep, it can also affect your health.

One thing that all of my pillows have in common is that I ALWAYS have a silk pillow case on them.  I have tried a couple of different brands.  Both have been great for sleeping and I do think that they help keep my lotions and potions on my face versus being absorbed into the fabric.  You can click on the photos to learn more about each of them.

woman over 50 wearing red silk pajamas sitting in bed reading a book about healthy sleep self talk


My Recent Bedtime Habit

Pillow Self Talk.  Who doesn’t like to have sweet dreams and positive starts to the next day?  The author of this book is telling us that the few minutes before we fall asleep have a tremendous effect on our sleep and our lives.  I am delving into this book and will let you know what effects I see from the chats with myself right before I go to sleep.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I wish you lots of healthy sleep and sweet dreams.


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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    I still have yet to try a silk pillowcase, and was going to ask my email readers for recommendations. Then again, are they all the same??

    1. I think it’s the quality of the silk honestly. I like the LilySilk and it is less expensive than the Slip. LilySilk has a zipper and the other one does not. Have a preference on that feature? Hope that helps.

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