Life Can Throw Big Curveballs: Life Update

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Curveballs, life can really throw us some big ones.  Two months ago I let all of you know that we were moving west. Yes, I put it out to the world in this blog post that we had sold our home and that we were moving to Arizona to start our next chapter of life.  Well, the powers that be had other plans for us after all.  Surprise.  We are still in Atlanta.  Our current temporary address is only 5 miles from our old home.

The First of the Curveballs

Our home of 17 years had sold.  I was organizing and packing everything for a long distance move.  Preparing myself mentally for such a BIG change after living in Atlanta for 30 years was also a very stressful thing to wrap my mind around.

Mark’s plan was to commute back and forth for a few weeks until the house closed.  During that time he would find temporary housing for us there.  Well, some things didn’t sit with him just right in his new position the first week.  Digging more and more into the financials made him question oh so many things about the company he was to be the CFO for.  The second week even more things were uncovered and he knew then that it just was not meant to be for us to move there at this time.  So this was the first of the curveballs, next up what and where are we going?

Curveball #2:  Where Are We Going to Live?

Two weeks until closing.  A decision had to be made.  We knew that we didn’t want to buy anything at this point.  The search for a rental house began.  At this point, the saying “beggers can’t be choosers” was appropriate.  We were open to a condo in the city, a townhome, or a house in the suburbs.  The options were slim pickings in this real estate market.  After looking at a few disgusting and very expensive places, we found the cutest little neighborhood just a few miles from where we were living.  Yes, we stayed in Alpharetta.  The area we are in is called Crabapple.  The neighborhood is cute and quaint and full of empty nesters.  Once we are truly settled I will let you know what we have learned from moving into this type of neighborhood.

If you are thinking about downsizing and possibly moving to an empty nester neighborhood, this is a great article that will give you “food for thought” on that type of move.  Believe me, we addressed some of these things in the wrong order.  The less curveballs, the smoother the move on your body and mind.

This photo is truly how I felt for oh so long.  What ball am I trying to catch today?

woman over 50 standing on a baseball field trying to catch a curveball

The Adjustments:  More Curveballs

I tell all of my friends that I am like Goldilocks.  The house we were living in was too big, the house that we are in now is definitely too small.  Even though we donated and consigned a lot of furniture and belongings there was still a lot left.  We knew that certain furniture and belongings had to be with us and then the rest would have to go to storage.  At this point, half of our things are with us and half are in storage.

No we are not hoarders, but this is what our storage unit looks like.  The space is 10′ wide x 20′ deep x 10′ high.  Not an inch of space that is unused.  We had requested that the movers put the Christmas decor that was packed and labeled very legibly in the front so that we could get to it in case we had not figured out where we were going to land next by the end of November.  Needless to say, they “forgot” about a few pieces of furniture and had to put it in front of all of the Christmas decorations.

If I don’t have what I need here at the house with us, then I just won’t see it until everything is moved again.  Hopefully I won’t miss something too badly.

What We Really Miss

We really miss is the tranquility of all of our outdoor living spaces and the pool.  Now that spring/early summer weather is here we realize how much time we spent there.  Sometimes you don’t really appreciate certain things enough until you don’t have them.  I am sure that next summer we will be somewhere with either a pretty yard or plans to beautify an existing yard.  I already know some things that I want to make sure I incorporate.

Little luxuries.  Yes, we had some features in our home that were truly luxuries.  A complex HVAC system that had wonderful filtration systems built in, filtered water at the kitchen sink, a true spa tub to name a few.  My outlook is that all of those things can be installed at the next house, just a newer version.

Once we have been settled for a while, I will give you an update on how Goldilocks has adjusted to living in a smaller space with very little yard and lots of neighbors.  I really had to learn how to give myself grace during this series of curveballs.

Thanks for reading.  If you  haven’t heard from me personally for a while, now probably understand why.




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  1. Oh wow Beth! I had no idea you were dealing with so much. I’m sure this adventure with all its lessons will turn in your favor. So glad to hear you’re still in Atlanta!

    1. Takiyah, we definitely have to catch up. What a year it has been. Chat soon. I promise. Beth

  2. KAAN AYDIN says:

    Dear beth, I told you that you are a very strong person in the time, and you are still so, sometimes there are changes in life that we do not want and we have to adapt to this, I am sure you will get used to your new settlement easily, do not upset yourself.

  3. Omg! You poor thing! What an experience! The good thing is that you know what you want and you’ve already sorted all your things!

    1. Julie, what a whirlwind life has been the last few months. It’s so nice te have things kind of back to normal again.

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