Why Eat Hydroponic Lettuce: Circle A Lettuce Spotlight

why eat hydroponic lettuce

Why Eat Hydroponic Lettuce: Circle A Lettuce Spotlight

Salads are a big part of my regular diet. So easy to make and easy to change up. Plus they are a great way that I make sure I get in plenty of green vegetables. When I tell people about the lettuce delivery service that I have used for the last few years a question that I get is why eat hydroponic lettuce. Well, today not only am I going to share with you why I prefer to eat hydroponic lettuce, but I am going to introduce you to the greenhouse that grows the lettuce that Mark and I love to eat.

What is Hydroponic Lettuce

Lettuce is something that most of us eat on the regular. Whether it’s as a salad or a topping on a sandwich or taco, lettuce is a part of our diets. Hydroponic lettuce is lettuce that is grown in water in a nutrient solution instead of in soil. Growing lettuce in this way allows you to grow it all year long.

Beth and Circle A Co-Owner Cheryl Howlin in the greenhouse

Why We Love to Eat Hydroponic Lettuce from Circle A Lettuce

A friend introduced me to Circle A Lettuce a few years ago and I was hooked on their lettuces immediately. So why is it that I am a regular on their delivery schedule? Here are the benefits I enjoy from hydroponic lettuce:

  • The taste. Yes, their lettuce just tastes better.
  • Crunch. Yes, it is crunchier than other store bought lettuces that are grown in soil.
  • It stays fresh much longer. This is the game changer about their lettuce for me. As a family of two, I need lettuce to last and the lettuce I buy from them lasts two weeks and still looks and tastes great.

In case you don’t know me well. I love to cook and cook from fresh locally grown sources as much as possible. Many who know me say that one of my talents is spotting good recipes no matter what ingredient I am trying to highlight in my cooking. You can read more about how I find and choose great recipes here.

So without further ado I am going to introduce you to my favorite source for hydropnic lettuce, Circle A Farms.

Circle A Farms, Cumming, Georgia

Circle A Farms is a locally owned and operated hydroponic greenhouse in Cumming, Georgia. The owners, Jeff Adams and Cheryl Howlin, have been providing quality hydroponically grown lettuce to this part of Georgia for 10 years now. I was lucky to get to go for a tour of the greenhouse and learn more about their operations. Let me say this, it is quite impressive. Here are some things that I think you will enjoy learning about the business and their products.

Tell us a little bit about Circle A. 

In 2012, Jeff wanted a way to farm on a smaller piece of land.  He researched hydroponics extensively and decided to give it a try.  Being a contractor, he had the knowledge to build the structure himself as well as do the necessary plumbing and electrical components. 

Cheryl and Jeff met two months into his first harvest. She came on board to help get the word out about the healthy and local greens option to the community.  Cheryl’s background is in chemistry and dietetics so they were a great combination to work together to build the business. Their products were well received and after building the initial 2 bays, and they have now expanded to 6 bays. The 6 bays allows them to grow 100,000 heads of lettuce at any given time. 

We love what we do and have an amazing team that all work together to get it done, each and every (many times, hot hot days). We have been very blessed with quite a following of local deliveries, restaurants, farmers markets and small grocery stores.

What are the benefits of eating hydroponic lettuces?  

Nutrient-filled.  The fine roots soak up the water, that is fortified with the 14 essential nutrients lettuce love to have and not only grow faster but provide an excellent taste and nutrition to our customers.  Eating local really does taste better and it’s almost as if you are eating a multi-vitamin as you consume our greens.  All of our nutrients are sourced from natural resources. 

Who are your customers and why do they love your products? 

We chose to only grow lettuces since just about everyone eats lettuce to some degree.  Salads, on sandwiches, for company, and for health.  People love the freshness (cut daily and lasts 2 weeks fresh in refrigerator), but mostly love the fact that lettuce in fact can have a terrific flavor.  Not bland like most grocery store lettuce, conventionally grown in soil.

How can people buy your lettuces and other products?

If they are in our delivery zones, then they can order for direct delivery to their homes.  You can also utilize our Curbside service at the Cumming greenhouse  M-F  10-2.   We are also at the Alpharetta and Woodstock Farmers Markets every Saturday morning, April – November.

Circle A Delivery Details

The Circle A website will provide you with all of the zip codes that they service in the north metro Atlanta area and the days that they deliver to you door. You can also sign up for their weekly newsletter which is very informative and will remind you to order your greens on time.


As always, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I really appreciate you taking the time to read about the things that interest me. If you haven’t tried hydroponic lettuce, then I hope that this post will convince you that you should give it a try. Don’t live near Cricle A, then google hydroponic lettuce near me and see if you can find a great source for it where you live. Another option is to get a small grow kit like this or this and grow it for yourself.

Remember to always have a little SASs in your day!


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