Best Hostess Gifts That Will Make Them Feel Special

best hostess gifts that will make them feel special

The best hostess gifts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. They just need to be thoughtful so that the host or hostess will know that you put a little thought into the gesture. Yes, you always want to make sure that it is something that they will like or enjoy once their soiree is over. That is what will make them feel special.

The moment I get an invitation to something my mind starts whirling as to what type of gift I am going to take with me. It helps if you know the person well. However, if you do not then it gets a little trickier. I’ve got you covered with gift ideas that will make any hostess feel special when they open the gift that you bring.

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gift bag that contains one of the best hostess gifts you can give

Best Hostess Gift To Give So You Will Be Invited Back

Repeat invitations are a good thing. I know I look forward to certain invitations each year. I like to think that I am a good party guest and that I come up with some of the best hostess gifts that my host receives. Here are the things that I don’t do and some of my favorite gifts to give.

What I Don’t Take As Gifts

Two things that I avoid taking as gifts are wine and flowers. I know. Call me crazy, but here is why.

I don’t take wine because not everyone drinks wine. Even if they do drink wine, how do you know if it is a wine that they like? I also don’t want them to feel like they have to serve it during their soiree. What if it doesn’t go with what they are serving?

While I love fresh flowers, I don’t take fresh-cut flowers as a gift. The last thing that a hostess wants to have to do is look for a vase to put them in. Now if you know that they are a plant lover then you could take a small potted plant so that all they have to do is find a spot with the right amount of sunlight. The host can do that easily the next day after the event.

Best Hostess Gifts for The Entertainer

Some people just love to entertain. Whether it is an intimate party of less than eight people or a huge cocktail party. Depending upon how well you know that person and what their tastes are you can always do something that is personalized or monogrammed. Monogrammed napkins like these or these are a very special gift. Obviously, they are something that you really have to plan ahead for.

If you know that they like to have guests in for cocktails and appetizers then fun cocktail napkins like these are such a whimsical touch to any event. I also really like this design with grasshoppers and this one with a tiger.

Another gift that is always handy for the entertainer to have is extra serving pieces. If they like a more formal style of decor, then this personalized marble board would be appreciated. This wooden board is one that would always come in handy whether you are entertaining indoors or outdoors.

For the wine-drinking host/hostess, another wine chiller can be handy to have around. Add in a cute book about drinks that can be made with bubbly and they can practice for their next soiree. Both are great stand-alone gifts as well. Just depends on your budget.

Best Hostess Gifts for A Daytime Gathering of Ladies

These are some of my favorite types of gatherings. It could be for a holiday luncheon, a gathering of women who do charity work together, or a special book club or bridge group.

Most likely you will know about these in advance and you will know the hostess quite well. Since that is the case then why not give some personalized stationery? The handwritten note is always appreciated and honestly can you ever have too many cute cards in your desk drawer? Joy’s Creative Shop is a great stop for all sorts of colorful fun personalized stationery and gift wrap. If you know that they are a book lover, then this is the cutest stationery.

Another favorite source for gifts for women is Rifle Paper Co. They have some of the prettiest feminine patterns and designs. Whether you like cute notepads, notebooks, or blank cards, they always have a pretty design that I like for a personal touch.

Last Minute Hostess Gift IDeas

Yes, we can’t always plan ahead. Sometimes a last-minute invitation comes in that we just can’t resist and we need easy hostess gifts. So it’s to the grocery store or specialty kitchen store. Yes, you can get some great last-minute gifts at either place.

Think of things that someone may not splurge for themselves. It could be an expensive bottle of balsamic vinegar or olive oils. Another fun thing for a cool weather gathering is a set of teas or you could take a honey jar and pick up some local honey. Another great last-minute gift is great-smelling hand soap and lotion. All of these things are handy to have around any home and would be welcomed by a hostess.

How to Be A Good Party Guest

Okay, we have talked about all sorts of gifts and what is good to take to the hostess. Now let’s talk a little about being a good guest. Please make sure that you RSVP and that you are on time for the event. No hostess likes to have surprises when she is planning and hosting an event. I know that from experience.

Here is a great article on how to be The World’s Best Party Guest. Your hostess will truly appreciate you even more if you mind your Ps and Qs that are in this article. You will definitely be invited back if you do.

THANKS, Let’s Stay In Touch

As always, thanks so much for stopping by. I hope this post gave you some ideas for cute and thoughtful gifts to take to your next soiree. Again, the best hostess gifts do not have to be expensive. The most appreciated ones are those that someone put a little thought into.

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Updated October 2023.

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