Celebrate Valentine’s Day With An Easy Dinner

woman over 50 wearing a red sweater and a red and white striped apron lifting a glass of sparkling water as she cooks and easy dinner

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with an easy dinner at home has been our go to plans for years now.  Now that doesn’t mean that we don’t go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We are just selective about when we go out.  Why go out on the holiday or a day or two before or after when it’s difficult to get reservations.  You know that the restaurant will be so crowded. Then due to the crowds, the service will not be on point.  We tend to go out for Valentine’s Day at least a week prior or after and enjoy the meal so much more.

woman over 50 wearing a red sweater and red and white striped apron standing at a kitchen counter drinking sparkling water while she cooks and easy dinner

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Why We Love an Easy Dinner for Valentine’s Day In

So many years the holiday falls on a week night so who wants to spend hours cooking dinner.   One of the easiest and most popular Valentine’s Day dinners is steak.  The other good thing about a steak dinner is that it can still work in with your New Year’s resolution diet.

If you are like me, grilling is the last thing that you want to do in the middle of winter.  Here is how I have been making my filets for years and they taste better this way than when I grill them.

  • Sear them on all sides in my LeCrueset grill pan on the cook top (about 30-60 seconds each side).
  • Transfer them to the oven at 325 degrees.  I usually bake them slow for 15-20 minutes depending upon the thickness and how well done you like them.  I turn them at least twice during their oven time and check for doneness.
  • The ONLY thing that I use on my filets is this seasoning by Instant Gourmet.  I was distraught when my local grocery stopped selling it, but Amazon to the rescue.

What To Serve With Your Filet

If you are like us, then simple sides it is.  Roasted asparagus, roasted brussels sprouts with a little balsamic vinegar, or a good salad are great veggie options.  If you are eating carbs, then a simple baked potato rounds out the meal.

Dessert and Valentine’s Day are just synonymous.  We are not big on dessert, but I do include it just because.  I usually stop by a local bakery where I can either buy a slice of cake for us to share or a few bite sized cookies or treats.  That way there is no leftover temptations. My favorite local bakery here in the Alpharetta area is Alpline Bakery.  Trust me, click on this just to see their creations.  They taste even better than they look too.

Comfortable Looks to Wear for Valentine’s Day At Home

I’ll be honest dressing up for dinner in is not a priority.  Looking nice and being comfortable is what I’m all about.  So why not find some things that you will enjoy wearing for Valentine’s Day and all winter long.  One can never go wrong with a good red or pink sweater in my opinion so I rounded up a few for you.  Throw on a sweater with a great pair of jeans and some fuzzy slippers (it is winter at home after all) and a bright red lip and you are all set.  You can read all about how I keep my lips looking good for wearing bright lips here.  If you are a brunette like me, then check out my post on the best red lipsticks for brunettes.


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Thanks for stopping by and reading.  Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day.  Let me know if you try cooking filets with my favorite method.


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  1. We love cooking steaks indoors too. Often we’ll add a few skewered shrimp to the meal.
    I love your idea about picking up small dessert servings- so no leftover.

    1. It is the best method for a tender filet in my book. You should try the seasoning the next time you make an Amazon order. Yes, small bite sized desserts or a slice of cake is the only way I buy dessert so it doesn’t linger around to tempt me.

  2. jodie filogomo says:

    If it weren’t our anniversary I bet we would do this in a heartbeat. While I love having our anniversary on Valentine’s Day, there are drawbacks, haha.

    1. I’m with you on that. Anniversaries need to be celebrated out. How many years? Sometimes ours fall on Mother’s Day and that’s not when I like to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

  3. Love this post Beth! We love steak too (and also bbq in the crazy Canadian winter)! But I do want to try this indoor recipe- sounds delicious.

    1. Thanks Lucy. My filets come out perfectly every time with this method. So tender because of roasting at the lower temperature. This seasoning is the bomb too.

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