Embracing A Damp Lifestyle: Tasty Mocktails To Buy

brunette woman wearing a white dress standing behind a table with nonalcoholic Tost beverages for a damp lifestyle

Anyone else remember having Shirley Temples as kid and feeling so special and grown up? I used to look so forward to those when I went out to dinner with my parents. Who knew that I would be enjoying similar types of cocktails at this stage of my life. I adopted a damp lifestyle several years ago before it was even a thing and didn’t realize it until recently.

Living a healthy lifestyle so that I can be the best version of me is always my goal. If you have followed me for a while, then you know that exercising regularly, eating a diet that is gluten and dairy free, and many other little habits are what I find to make me the best version of me. Each of us is unique and we have to find what works best for our bodies and minds.

Before we dive into the subject of a damp lifestyle, here are a few other healthy lifestyle posts you might enjoy reading from my blog.

brunette woman wearing a white dress perched on an outside coffee table near a lucite tray with nonalcoholic spirits and stemware for a damp lifestyle

What is a Damp Lifestyle All About?

In recent years, there has been a big upswing in the amount of alcohol being consumed. A report from the Centers for Disease Control showed that binge drinking increased significantly between 2011 and 2017. Shortly after that, COVID hit and triggered many people to drink more. So what is considered a drink in the world of health? Again, this article from the Centers for Disease Control maps out what a drink is depending upon the type of alcohol.

I find it interesting that someone much younger than me has brought this relationship with alcohol to light. Yes, this TikTok superstar, Hana Danly, is the person who brought this subject to its current popularity. I am so glad that people are now being so cognizant about having a healthy relationship with alcohol.

What Does Damp Lifestyle Mean

A Damp lifestyle is one in which you embrace mindful, moderate drinking. So basically you are cognizant of when and where you enjoy your serving of alcohol. You are not reaching for that glass of wine or cocktail as a way of dealing with stress and you are not overindulging at social events. You are very intentional about your serving of alcohol.

Health Benefits of a Damp Lifestyle

Once you have decided that you are going to embrace a damp lifestyle there are three main health benefits that people can experience.

  1. You will really think about your relationship with alcohol. What triggers you to drink?
  2. You will sleep better. It is known that drinking alcohol disrupts REM sleep. So you will now have more energy to enjoying other things in life.
  3. You will feel better. Yes, alcohol is an inflammatory and really affects the gut. So once you get the inflammation in your body down, your overall health will improve.

How to Get Started With a Damp Lifestyle

Dry January is a where many people first get the idea of going damp. You may not want to go “cold turkey” and be 100% sober so trying a damp lifestyle for a month is a great place to start. During that month you can really examine when and why you drink and get a chance to see if it is something that is for you. So many times it is all about habits.

If you tend to drink at home, then don’t keep as much alcohol in the house. Making it inconvenient to have a drink every evening really helps form a new habit. Just try to have something to swap it out for. Don’t make yourself drink plain water instead of your usual wine or cocktail.

woman holding a bollted of tost sparkling rose beverage which is a great damp lifestyle replacement

Tost Rose c/o

Why I Chose To Be Damp

The damp lifestyle is something that kind of evolved for me about 10-12 years ago in my 40s. I was fitnes training very intensely and really counting my macronutrients. Well, there really aren’t any healthy macronutrients to count in alcohol so when I did enjoy a drink on the weekends as a splurge I learned to savor that drink.

People often ask me how I stay so small and I really think that this approach to alcohol and other foods attribute to that. I rarely eat processed sugar and gluten as well. My husband and friends will laugh because I always say that if I am having a drink or a sweet treat that it has to be totally worthy or I just enjoy something healthy.

Now if I have a glass of wine after 6pm I don’t sleep well. It’s like I wake up in the middle of the night with a hangover. My body just has trouble processing it. Same thing happens with processedsugar. If I eat it too late in the day, it ruins my sleep. Sleep is sacred to me so I am very careful about my choice of drink and when I drink. I also make sure I consume extra water too.

My Biggest Health Reason for Staying Damp

Another big reason for me to stay away from these foods is inflammation. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a type of microscopic colitis. After a year of medicine, I have been able to keep it in remission due to diet. Alcohol of any type is such an inflammatory trigger that I choose my health over it.

This damp lifestyle movement has really helped bring about so many nonalcoholic options that are so tasty. It is nice to be able to put them in a pretty cocktail glass and have a “special” drink. Most weeknights my go to is just a sparkling mineral water with a piece of lime in it. Other nights I break out something and make myself a cocktail or have a sparkling glass of wine. So without further ado, I hope I can introduce you to some products that you will enjoy and not miss the alcohol.

Tasty Mocktails to Buy

There is a nonalcoholic options out there for everyone’s tastebuds. It may take you a few tries before you find your best substitute for your favorite wine or cocktail. Here are some great things to try as you start your damp journey. Another benefite that you will see from switching to alcohol free wines and spirits is calories. Most are much lower in carb if they even have any carbs.

No Alcohol Wine

Tost makes a great rose and white sparkling wine alternative. It comes in full size bottles or you can get it in smaller single servings which is nice for picnics or other social outings.

Single Serving Alcohol Free Mocktails

Looking for something that all you have to do is chill and pour? Here are three tasty options and they come in variety packs so it is a nice way to figure out your favorite. Personally I love the can option for summer. So handy for time around the pool, on the boat, or at the beach.

No Alcohol Spirits

I love a good mocktail. My favorite cocktail has always been something simple like a vodka tonic or a gin and tonic. There are so many spirits avaiable that have different botanicals to give you the taste that you enjoy. Most of the time you can just mix them with something simple like a great Indian River Tonic water, ginger beer, or ginger ale. I love to keep this variety pack in my pantry for mocktail time..Some can be enjoyed on the rocks.

Ritual crafts all of their alcohol alternatives. They are never distilled which means that there is never any alcohol. I have tried their gin and tequila alternatives and they are quite tasty. Their products are meant to be made into cocktails. So if you are a cocktail connoisseur, then this is a brand you will want to check out.

Ceder’s distilled non-alcoholic spirits are 0 calories, 0 sugars, and 100% flavor. Their spirits are made from 15 diferent botanicals and come in four flavors….classic, wild, crisp, and rose.

Seedlip is made from six botanicals that are sourced from around the world and spices. They offer their nonalcoholic spirits in three different flavors. You can enjoy them with ginger ale or mixed into a cocktail.

Aplos makes two functional nonalcoholic spirits. Calmeis crated to help you relax and unwind. Arise is crafted for moments of revelry. You can enjoy either neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.


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