Hello to 2019

Day 1 of 365 of a new journey……

The beginning of a new year is full of anticipation of what is to come.  Many of us make resolutions, others set goals. My preference is setting goals and this year I have several personal and professional goals for my 2019 journey. Reflecting back upon 2018, I have sifted through lessons learned that I want to pack up and take into the new year so I can learn even more to make me a healthier and happier person.   I am also packing a bunch of curiosity and excitement about the many new things that I am challenging myself to do and learn.

Today’s picture is from a “southern snow storm” a few years ago.  Southern snow storm = ½” or more of snow. I always love to look at our back yard when we get one of these little gifts.  It is always a calm, peaceful and magical time. I am hoping for many of these days in 2019 with or without snow.

Whatever your methodology to prepare for your 2019 journey I hope that it is a magical one for you.

Here’s to a great 1st day of 2019!!!

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