My Amazon Prime Day Picks: Some Things I Use And Like

This morning is the start of the two-day Amazon Prime Day events. This is my first time writing about this event so I am just going to highlight things that I use and like or that I plan to purchase while they are on sale. My Amazon Prime Day picks will be broken down into beauty, fashion, and around the house (kitchen and everyday life). Plus, I will let you know what’s in my shopping cart during this event.

This two-day event kind of kicks off the holiday shopping season which is hard to believe. Remember when no one even talked about the holidays until around Thanksgiving? So you might want to get your “thinking cap” on to see if there is anything that you could knock off your holiday list.

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My Prime Day Picks

Like I said this is not a huge list of things. Honestly, there was so much stuff to shuffle through that it was quite overwhelming. That is why I am keeping the list to things I use and like.


Ok, I was surprised by how many beauty things that I use on the regular are included in this round of Prime Day deals.

OPI nail polish. I just finished a blog post about THE nail colors of fall 2023 and several are included.

Butter London nail polish, is another brand I really like. The shine on their polish is great and it lasts a long time on my nails. High Street Cream is a favorite neutral and Metallic Red is a beautiful shade of red.

The cleansing oil I keep in the shower and use daily. I even use it to shave my legs.

The micellar water I use every morning before I workout versus washing my face.

These clean beauty eyeshadow sticks. I use the champagne shimmer as a great everyday color. It’s just enough. I also really like their eyeliner pencils. I am really trying to switch all of my eye related beauty products to clean products. It’s a process and now is a good time to try a color to see if you like it.

Love this mousse for my fine hair. Works great at the roots when it’s wet before blow drying to give me extra body.


Just going to be honest, didn’t find a thing here that I wear on the regular.

Around the House

Herb Savor Pods are in my refrigerator all of the time. Whenever I buy fresh herbs at the grocery I always come home and transfer them to a pod. It really prolongs how long they are fresh.

Double walled glasses are my favorite. I own a very similar set by another brand and we use them daily for hot or cold beverages. Never leaves a ring.

Bose Noise Cancelling Heaphones are a game changer. I use them when I listen to Headspace meditations, audio books, and when we travel. Once you have them, you will use them more than you think. Mark has a pair and loves to pair them to the television for certain movies. Think things that you don’t like to watch and your significant other loves to watch.

So glad this laundry detergent is back and the fabric conditioner. You can tell they have changed to consistency of the formula and I actually like it better. Smells the same. I use this on all of our nicer things.

My FAVORITE protein bars. The chocolate coconut are one of my favorites. Mark loves all of the peanut butter flavors.

picking up a package from the front porch after Amazon Prime Day picks

What’s In My Cart

This popcorn popper would be handy and healthier than microwave bags. Wondering if it is better than an air popper (mine is in storage).

A TheraGun has been on my list for a while. The chiropractor even suggested it for all of my recent hip issues.

Of course, I will be purchasing some of my favorite beauty items listed above like nail polish and my favorite cleansing oil.

Replacing my very old Aquis hair drying towels that I use every time I wash my hair.


Thanks for stopping by today. Let me know if you found a great deal during the Amazon Prime Days or if you choose to try one of my Prime Day picks.

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