10 Best Things I Purchased in 2023

This last post of 2023 starts a new tradition for SASforShort. It’s fun to look back at the year and think about the best things that you added into your life. That is one of the fun things about what I do. I am always looking for and trying new things to share with others. Some of those things spark joy and are worthy of sharing while others fall short.

I will admit that I took a long look at my kitchen, my bathroom, and my closet when I started putting this list together. I am sure that I have shared these things with you throughout the year; however, only 10 items could make the cut to the best things in all of 2023.

Before I share my favorites of the year, here are the top blog posts read by readers this year. You might want to check them out.

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Best Things I Purchased In 2023 And Would Repurchase

There are some things that you just seem to reach for over and over again. That is what I am talking about here. Things that I find myself using frequently and wondering why I hadn’t purchased them earlier. Also, things that I am using daily for my skin and beauty routines. Last but not least, some things that I added to my closet that I know I will wear for many seasons to come.

Best Things I Added To My Kitchen/home This Year

As the saying goes, sometimes it’s just the little things that can make your day. Here are three things that I use all of the time that make my day a little better.

Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mugs

I use one of these to start my day every day. It is amazing how much warmer this keeps your coffee or tea. We liked them so much that I also got these glasses to use for water. One of the things that I love is that you don’t have to worry about sweat rings on your furniture.

Souper Cubes

Why didn’t I discover these beauties earlier? I am a soup lover, but I am the only soup lover in our household. So when I make it I have to freeze at least half of it. I love that these “cubes” are 1 cup which is the normal serving size for a bowl of soup. The trays take up so much less room than putting food into individual containers. It is so easy to get out 1 serving at a time too.

I like the big ones so much that I got this smaller size too. I use it for Fluff’s fish bone broth so that I get just enough out for each day. It also works great for freezing fresh herbs in small portions.

Compact Cool Mist Humidifier

As a Southerner, I love the right amount of humidity in the winter. Not only do I like to use a humidifier when I sleep (click here for the many benefits), but I also love this compact one to keep on my desk when it is cold. Mark even got one to take with him while he is commuting this winter. He just plugs it in every night in his hotel room. It uses tap water and will last overnight.

If you have static in your hair or if your pets have static in their hair, then add one where everyone sleeps. This little machine does a great job for small spaces. Your skin will thank you.

My Favorite Additions To My Bathroom Countertop

I have added many things to my bathroom drawers and countertops throughout the year, but I must say that there are three standouts that I use every day. Each of them has a different purpose.

Merit Great Skin Instant Glow Serum

This is my favorite product by Merit Beauty. I love the way that this serum makes my skin look and feel. I use it as a serum before my foundation. My skin just drinks in the moisture and leaves my skin with a beautiful, youthful glow. You can read all about my thoughts on Merit Beauty products for mature skin.

I just use one pump of this daily. More than that and my skin is a little too dewy for my preference. On days that I am not wearing any makeup, I will put on a couple of pumps so that I get even more moisture to my face. This is a good one ladies.

Freedom Eucalyptus Shower Spray

This shower spray is used daily. Not only does it make my shower smell so good, but it also opens up my sinuses. It feels good on the sinuses if you have been sick with a cold or virus. Freedom also makes my favorite clean deodorant. They sent me a box of goodies over a year ago and I now repurchase both of these items whenever I get low.

Necessaire The Body Serum

For the last few years, I have had rough and bumpy skin on the backs of my arms and it drives me crazy. I have talked to the dermatologist and tried several things. This body serum followed by Cerave lotion daily has finally made them almost disappear. The dermatologist told me that it is part of the eczema family and to keep it very moisturized. After many different products, this one is the winner.

I also use this on my chest daily. Wrinkle prevention at its best.

Closet Additions That Made The Best Things List

Athleta Ranier Tights

Athleta is always one of my go-to websites for leggings. They have more petite leggings than any other retailer that I have found and trust me I have looked a lot. I wear leggings several days a week to work out and I can always count on Athleta to keep me in tights that not only fit, but that work for all types of workouts. Yes, their leggings are on the pricier side, but they launder nicely and last.

This year I finally added a pair of Ranier tights for cold-weather outdoor activities. My goal is to get out and walk more at midday. It is good for the mind and the body when you work from home in front of a computer most days. The brushed interior helps keep me toasty warm on my outings. Just throw on a puffer and a hat if it’s really cold out and you can walk for miles.

Sezane Sandy Skirt

A slip skirt had been on my add-to-closet list for quite some time. You always hear others saying that they are one of the most versatile skirts to have in your closet. Well, when you are petite they are not always an easy find. I had tried several and they just did flatter my petite frame.

The other thing is that I wanted the satiny fabric to be thick enough to not show lines. Well, the Sandy skirt ticked all of my boxes for a slip skirt. I wear a size 0 in this skirt with NO alterations which is a miracle in and of itself. If they make other colors in this skirt in a 0 you can bet that it will live in my closet. You can read about all of my Sezane finds that work for petites here.

Margaux Bleeker Boots

Knee high boots that work for short legs!!!! Not only are these boots the perfect shaft height for my short legs, but they are also comfortable. This was my first boot purchase from Margqaux and I can tell you that it won’t be my last. I have the black suede (you can see them here and here). You can also see them in my post about the most flattering knee boots for petites.

Joe’s Jeans Provocateur Petite Sizing

Finally, boot-cut jeans that I didn’t have to hem. I have looked for quite some time to find the perfect boot-cut jeans that would make my legs look oh so much longer than they really are. I like these jeans so much that I now own them in two rinses, blue and black. If you are petite then you get it because you can’t hem this style of jean without taking away from the overall look of the jeans. You can see them on me in this post about the most flattering jean styles for petite

Joe’s Jeans has become a favorite website for finding jeans this year. I prefer to buy petite jeans whenever possible and they have the best selection of styles and rinses. I will always alert you when they have sales. They will run 30% off from time to time and that is when I place an order.


Thanks for reading this new tradition here on SASforShort. I am so glad that you are a part of this community. I am grateful that each one of you has subscribed to my newsletter. Let me know if you have tried any of the items that made my best things list for 2023!

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