Merit Beauty Review: Is It Good For Mature Skin Over 50?

merit beauty review, is it good for mature skin over 50?

When we are in our 20s and 30s we can wear just about any makeup that want to wear and it looks good. Once we get into our 50s and beyond that isn’t always the case. Merit Beauty products and reviews kept popping up everywhere so I was curious to try out some of the products by this clean beauty brand to see how they would work on my 50-something skin.

I will tell anyone that I have been “cleaning up” my skincare routine and makeup products for the last few years. It is a process. I don’t know that I will ever be 100% clean with my skincare and makeup, but I am more mindful now than ever before.

Before we look more closely at Merity Beauty here are some other beauty posts I have written that you might want to check out.

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Merit Beauty Review From A 50-Something Makeup Lover

As I have aged, I will admit that I look for products that are hydrating. That is probably my number one consideration when looking at new products. Lip products especially. Even with a small amount of lip filler from my facial balancing I still need to watch for feathering and bleeding when I wear lipstick.

I do like to have coverage with my foundation, but not full coverage. Most days my preference is to wear this tinted moisturizer/CC Creme and then on days when I am in front of a camera my go-to foundation is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. Why I am saying this is their Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick is their version of a foundation and a “foundation” that was a stick intrigued me.

Blush is always a must, as is mascara, and a little eyeshadow. Lipstick is something that I never leave home without. Even if I am not going anywhere I still like to have my makeup on 95% of the time. Every once in a while I will go without, but it is rare. Yes, Merit has all of these products so that box was checked for me.

Even though I wear all the makeup things almost all of the time, I tend to go for more of a minimalist makeup look. I like to enhance my eye color and my cheekbones, not have them blaring at you. When it comes to lipstick, I will admit that I love a bright lip. Merit Beauty is known as a minimalist make-up look so that is why their products intrigued me.

About The Brand

Katherine Power started working on Merit Beauty in 2017 and launched the brand in 2021. The brand is built around the concept of minimalist beauty and that we want to look like ourselves, but better. Merity is a clean, luxury beauty brand that is designed to be a full face without a lot of fuss.

Yes, their customer is that person who doesn’t want to have a lot of steps in their morning makeup routine. Also, the line is well-edited. That means that there aren’t too many color choices, but enough so that you can find the colors that you need for a no-fuss makeup look that enhances your skin and face. You can look like you, but better in 5 minutes or less.

Merit Beauty Standards

Merit’s focus is on responsible luxury. That means that they create products that are safe for the body, skin, and planet.

EU Compliant

Merit is EU Compliant. That means that they have removed over 1,300 potentially harmful ingredients from their formulas that aren’t allowed in European formulations. Not only are the EU compliant, but they partnered with Biba de Sousa (famous Hollywood aesthetician) who is known for her “no-list” of ingredients. That means that Merit together with Biba de Sousa eliminated another 73 ingredients that could trigger acne and inflammation for all skin types.

Sustainable Packaging

Merit believes in continuing to evolve with its packaging and shipping materials. Their goal is to minimize their global impact. Now, their mailer packaging is reusable (the Merit free signature bag) or is compostable. Also, each of their products is packaged in recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable packaging.

Ethically Made

All of Merit’s products are vegan and cruelty-free. They are certified by Leaping Bunny.

The Merit Beauty Products I Have Tried

Flush Balm

The Flush Balm is the first product that I tried in this line and probably my favorite. It is a creamy tint that just melts into your skin. My favorite colors are Beverly Hills and Cheeky. Beverly Hills is a pretty soft peach tone and Cheeky is a cool pink. It is not too pink.

The formula is buildable and I will say that I usually do two swipes with either color. One swipe and blend in and then another smaller one to get the exact amount of color that I want. It is never cakey and stays on for me. I do use this setting spray over my makeup every day.

The Minimalist Complexion Stick

The Minimalist Complexion stick is part concealer part foundation stick. It is available in 20 colors which is wonderful for matching your skin tone. It contains sea daffodil extract which helps to diminish dark spots and pigmentation.

I find this to be a great concealer or touchup stick to have in my purse with me. Personally, it does not give me enough coverage even when blended with their No. 1 brush.

No. 1 Blending Brush

The No. 1 Blending Brush complements the Minimalist Stick. It is a very soft, dense brush that blends all of the complexion products beautifully. I love using it with my Flush Balm on a daily basis.

The brush bristles are vegan so they are very gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Instant Glow Serum

What over 50-something woman doesn’t want a youthful dewy glow to their complexion? We want to look youthful and healthy but like ourselves. Am I right?

The Instant Glow Serum is a weightless serum that just melts right into your skin without any residue. It is designed to prep your skin for the Minimalist stick or any type of complexion product. 4 types of hyaluronic acid are in the formula to lock in hydration for all-day moisture. Niacinamide is used to brighten and smooth the skin. Caffeine-rich cacao seed extract helps to plump the skin. Last but not least Japanese goldthread root helps to soothe the skin.

I LOVE this product. I use it daily to prep my face for whichever foundation I am using. It just gives my skin this beautiful, healthy glow. My skin just radiates when I use it. I have “normal” skin and it does not make my skin look oily, just healthy. I would think that if you have dry skin your skin would love it too.

Solo Shadow

The Solo Shadow is their newest product, released in fall 2023. It is a buildable cream-to-powder shadow. All of the colors have a matte finish to them. It is a buildable and long-lasting formula. Available in 8 colors, ophthalmologist-tested and approved, and safe for people with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

I do agree that you can’t mess this shadow up. You can put it on with your fingers or with the No. 2 brush. I have Studio, the cool taupe, and it is just enough color to enhance my eyes, but not look like I have eye shadow on to go out for the evening. I really like that it contains peptides to reduce the appearance of fine lines and sunflower seed oil to nourish the skin.

Signature Lip

The Signature Lip is a lightweight and buildable sheer satin lipstick. Designed so that you can layer it for more color. You can add the Shade Slick for more of a gloss finish if you like. It is infused with ingredients such as stabilized Vitamin C to help with the appearance of fine lines and Papain enzyme to soothe lips.

I do agree that you feel like you don’t have lipstick on when you wear the Signature Lip and it is very hydrating. It doesn’t smear or feather out on my lips. I have this is in a couple of shades and reach for it regularly. I don’t mind reapplying my lipstick and find that I have to reapply after a few hours to have the color I desire. So for me, it is a perfect daytime lipstick.

Shade Slick

Merit Shade Slick is part tinted lip oil part lip treatment to me. It is a little glossy color for healthy shiny lips. I have one of the classic shades and need to add more to my makeup drawer for cooler weather.

Rose hip oil, shae butter, grapeseed oil, and jojoba oil are all in this lovely gloss so that your lips look healthy and shiny. Trust me, when you have it on your lips they do not feel heavy from the nourishing ingredients. Like I said it is one of the products that I would buy in multiple colors. It is also great to have in your purse with you for quick touchups.

Where To Buy Merit

You can purchase Merit Beauty from their website or from Sephora. The curated sets on the Merit website are a great way to explore the products that you are most interested in and you will then get a bit of a discount. Also, some products are offered only on the brand’s website. This summer I was lucky enough to score their red lipstick which is a limited edition each summer.

Orders from the Merit website get free shipping over $40 and they also have free returns. I have not had any issues with shipping from the brand’s website.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by my post today. I hope it answers some questions you may have about Merit Beauty products and mature skin. I am a firm believer that you don’t know how you will like a new type of product until you try it out. So glad I tried some new things and now have a few new favorites in my makeup drawer.

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  1. Nancy Margaret Lafortune says:

    Wondering what sunscreen you like?
    Does merit have any?

    1. Hi Nancy, Merit does not have any sunscreens that I am aware of. Since I live in the south I like a strong sunscreen that is broad spectrum. My favorites are EltaMD and Paula’s Choice. Supergoop also has some good options. Their handscreen is a favorite of mine.


    I tried them all. Mascara broke off my eye lashes with water or make up remover. Blush disappeared. Shadows caked. I use skinmedica beauty with le mer. Back to high end cruelty free brands which work.

    1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience Margot. I have never tried their mascara. I always use a setting spray to set my makeup so I haven’t had that issue with the blush. So glad you have some cruelty free brands that work for you. There are more options out there all of the time now.

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