Best Healthy Cookbooks For 2023 In My Kitchen

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Living a healthy lifestyle is a big priority in my life. Yes, I am one of those people who believes in the saying ” you are what you eat”. Planning and preparing healthy foods really came into focus for me when I came down with a LOT of food sensitivities in my late 40s. Since then I have collected many healthy cookbooks for my kitchen. It’s funny because several of my friends will ask every time they talk with me or text “what’s for dinner”. They know I am always trying a new recipe.

Cooking is something that I enjoy doing. Some days I have more time for it than others. I have found that having food prepped and lots of fruits and veggies in the house keeps me on track to eat the way that I prefer to eat even if I don’t have time to cook something. I also love doubling a recipe so that I can quickly pull something out of the freezer after a long day. Always a nice backup versus eating something not as nutrient-dense and healthy.

Eating clean, healthy meals just makes me feel better overall. Just so that you know. My diet is 99% gluten, dairy, and soy-free and has been for 10 years. Before we dive into some of my favorite healthy cookbooks here are some other posts I have written that you might want to check out.

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Healthy Cookbooks That Are Great To Have In The Kitchen

Why have cookbooks anymore when you can just get recipes on the internet? That is something that my husband and a friend of mine ask me when I talk about my favorite cookbooks. To me, there is just something about reading a recipe and seeing a picture of it that just brings it all together for me. Also, I find it nice just to sit and look through them to find meal inspiration. I have to have a variety of things to eat and flavors. Reading a recipe in a cookbook just inspires me more to make something.

The cookbooks really come out as the seasons change for me. I love to change up the things that I cook and the spices I use with the seasons.

Types of Cookbooks For Healthy Eating

A healthy recipe is different for everyone. Some people watch their fat intake, others watch their carb intake, and then there are people who have very specific food intolerances or allergies. You can find recipes in healthy cookbooks for all of those things and more. Today I’m going to share different types of cookbooks and why it is good to have a variety. After all, “variety is the spice of life”.

By Diet

Each of us has our personal food preferences. Today you can find cookbooks that are specific to many of the popular diets. So if you prefer to eat a Paleo diet, the Autoimmune Protocol diet, or the Mediterranean diet you can find cookbooks to help guide you for this lifestyle of eating. Vegetarian and vegan cookbooks can also easily be found if, for one reason or another, you choose to go this route.

You don’t have to follow those diets strictly to enjoy some great recipes to add variety to your healthy lifestyle. For example, I am not vegetarian, but I love to have some great recipes so that I can creatively cook vegetables that are in season.

By Cuisine

Every cuisine has certain dishes or flavors that it is known for. Most chefs and cookbook authors usually specialize in a particular cuisine. So most likely you will find that each cookbook has a flair towards one or maybe two cuisines. Rarely will you find amazing French and Italian-inspired recipes in the same healthy cookbook.

What I Look For In Healthy Eating Cookbooks

Today we typically buy books online or look online for recommendations like you are reading right now. We can read reviews to help us prior to making a purchase, however, there are a few other things that you can consider before adding a new cookbook to your collection.


In recent years, I have been adding cookbooks from some of the food bloggers that I follow online. They will always hold out certain recipes just for their cookbooks. If I like the recipes that are free to everyone on their websites, then I know that the recipes in their healthy cookbooks are going to be on rotation in my kitchen as well.

Other than that, I look to see how many other cookbooks someone has. Are they a reputable dietician that has turned cookbook author? Are they a chef with great stories to tell? If they have been writing cookbooks or developing recipes for a while, then their cookbooks are usually full of tips and tricks and useful information.

Ingredient Lists

Ingredient lists are important to me. I like to think that I keep a well-stocked kitchen/pantry and spice rack. If there are lots of wonky ingredients that I have to look up, then that is a turnoff. I don’t like buying ingredients for one recipe.

Ingredients for recipes should be easily accessible from your local supermarket or farmers market.

My Personal Eating Preferences

Each of us knows what we like and don’t like or what we can and cannot eat. I make sure that each of the cookbooks I buy has recipes that are gluten-free and dairy-free or they give suggestions as to how you can substitute for that. You want the recipes to be easy to make in your own kitchen without having to do a lot of thinking about substitutions and wondering how it is going to taste.

So know your preferences or make a list before you do your cookbook shopping so you can truly get your money’s worth out of your new healthy eating cookbooks.

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional information by serving is a must for me. I think this goes back to my days when I trained really hard and counted every macro that went into my mouth. I did that for six years. Even though I don’t track my macros regularly, I still look to see how much fat, protein, and carbohydrates are in everything that I make. Another thing I look at is cholesterol. Sometimes that really sneaks up on you.

Tips and Tricks

A well-explained and easy-to-follow recipe is one thing that is crucial. What is even better is if the cookbook author includes some pointers, recommendations on the proper type of cookware or utensils, or general tips from an experienced chef’s point of view. I have found that helps my dishes to come out just as tasty as their version. It may not be plated up quite as perfectly, but it tastes just as good.

Cookbooks to Add To Your Kitchen

Mostly Veggies: Easy Make Ahead Meals For Healthy Living by Brittany Mullens

This is one of the food bloggers that I follow on social media and I visit her blog regularly. Her recipes are always tasty and easy to make. I am always trying to add more veggies into my diet so this is a great source for that. Her oatmeal recipes are some of my favorites. She also has great smoothie recipes and tasty cookies.

The SkinnyTaste Air Fryer Cookbook by Gina Homolka

What did we do before air fryers? For years, I just didn’t eat fried food for healthy purposes. Now the air fryer has changed all of that. From fish to whole chickens to vegetables there are great recipes in this cookbook. Again, she is another food blogger that I follow on social media. I cook her recipes from her cookbooks and her website on the regular. Always easy and simple ingredient lists.

Her One and Done cookbook is another good one to have in your kitchen. I am a huge fan of slow cooker recipes for the cooler months.

The Well Plated Cookbook by Erin Clarke

I discovered The Well Plated website several years ago. Her lightened up comfort food dishes are some of my favorites. Just like the website, her cookbook does not disappoint. Her recipes are easy to make, budget-friendly and oh so flavorful.

Meals That Heal by Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD

I love good anti-inflammatory recipes and this is a great resource for them. As we age, reducing inflammation in our bodies is so important. Whether it is gut health, heart health, or joint health that concerns you, adding anti-inflammatory foods to our diets is a good thing for our bodies.

Half Baked Harvest Super Simple by Tieghen Gerard

If you aren’t familiar with Half Baked Harvest, then you are in for a culinary treat for your eyes. This recipe creator and food blogger has some of the most beautiful food photography I have ever seen. Her test kitchen is in a barn that has been converted into an amazing kitchen. This cookbook has so many options for easy-to-make and prepped comfort foods.

I don’t cook from her recipes as often as some of the others mentioned here because I find them to have a higher carb and calorie count than I usually eat. However, every recipe of hers that I have made has been delicious. She is a great go-to when I want something mother-watering good. Oh, her cocktail recipes are also amazing.

Healthy In A Hurry by Danielle Walker

This author is known for her gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free recipes. This cookbook focuses on healthy meals to get on the table fast. All of her recipes are Paleo-friendly and have 10 ingredients or less. If you have dietary restrictions like me, then this cookbook and her Against All Grains: Meals Made Simple are great options for you.


Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post. I really appreciate it and hope that I helped you find some new healthy cookbooks to add to your kitchen. Discovering a new recipe to add to your healthy eating lifestyle makes eating more interesting. Food should be tasty and good for us at the same time.

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