Midlife Couple Winter Date Ideas

woman over 50 wearing pajamas with popcorn on them sitting in front of a fireplace with hands in the air winter date night ideas for midlife couples

Winter date ideas is something that I am always trying to come up with.  The worst thing is looking at one another on Saturday and saying “what do you want to do this weekend”?  Lunch and a movie gets rather old.  I’m too much of an early riser/early to bed to do dinner and a movie at this age.  Anyone else out there agree with that?

For years, we have preferred going out to lunch versus dinner on a Saturday.  We are lucky to be able to go into the city of Atlanta where there are many nice restaurants open for lunch and there aren’t many children around so you can have a nice, quiet dining experience.  Not that we are anti children, it’s just that we are not in that phase of life and prefer a quieter setting when we dine out.

So many times we have a fun-filled day out and about doing something and then come home and finish the day off with a game or two of cards or a fun board game.  Kind of ends the day in a fun and relaxing way.  Since all of our board games are in storage I went and did a fun search for some new ones.   You can read about why so much of our lives are in storage here.   Sometimes it’s nice to add a new fun one that works well for 2 people to your collection.

woman over 50 wearing pajamas with popcorn on them playing a game of cards sitting in front of a fireplace winter date ideas for midlife couples


The games that we added and have been enjoying are fun for two or more.

Day Time Winter Date Ideas

Morning Yoga Class and Brunch Afterwards.  Several years ago the gym we belonged to had a great class at 10am that was limited to 16 people and it was almost all couples our age.  We used to enjoy going to class and then we would go out for brunch afterwards.  Just sets the tone for a relaxing day and weekend.

Botanical Gardens.  This has been fun for us on a crisp, not cold winter day.  Check your local Botanical Gardens for special events and exhibits.  They need winter visitors as well as visitors when the flowers are in bloom.

Zoo.  Now this is a fun place to bring out the kid in you if you don’t have children.  If you’re children are grown it’s a nice winter outing for a “walk down memory lane” when you used to take your children.    Either way, a zoo is always a place that you can easily be amused.  We actually plan zoo visits into some of our vacations.

Ice Skating.  Seems like there are more and more of these pop up outdoor skating rinks during the winter months.  If you are brave enough to put the skates back on in midlife I say go for it.  Doing something like that for the first time in years can provide so many laughs.  Who doesn’t need those these days.

Day Road Trip Ideas

Sometimes it’s fun to get in the car and “get out of town” for the day.  When we do this we don’t like the drive to be more that 1.5 -2 hours one way.  That gives us a few hours to do something fun and outside of our normal box and get home before the cats think of themselves as orphans.  Things that we have done in the past are

  • Meet friends who live that distance from us for lunch.  It’s not always easy to see friends that live that distance from you so why not plan a Saturday or Sunday lunch.  Maybe you can even find a place half way which is even better.
  • Find a smaller city or fun town to visit that isn’t a long drive.  For us, a drive to the mountains or a fun college town are not that far and there is always something interesting to do or a great restaurant to check out.  The change of scenery alone can be so refreshing.


Let me know if you have any other fun ideas for winter date ideas for during the day.  Having fun together through all phases of life and marriage are so important.  Here’s a great article that I came across about so many ways that we can become a better spouse after the age of 40.

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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    We even have a membership to our botanical gardens because it’s always fun to see it all at different times of the year. You guys sound exactly like us…we love going to lunch and being home before they roll up the streets, LOL

    1. There are so many fun things to do during the day. You just have to get creative. I have thought about getting a membership to ours as well. They have a lot of special exhibits too. The other thing is restaurants aren’t as crowded midday. I love to have a glass of wine with lunch on Saturdays and then an afternoon nap. We roll up the streets around here.

  2. This sounds like us- we love centering our dates around daytime activities. We have enjoyed lunch and a matinee, a golfing date, and the occasional day trip. We’ll have to add card games back into the mix!

    1. It’s so nice to spend the day together sometimes and then have a relaxing evening in. There are some fun card games out there for 2.

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