Nighttime Routine

The end my day is just as important to me as to how I start my day. I have read about so many different nighttime routines and how they work successfully for people.  Finally, I have figured out that each day my “calm down nighttime routine” needs to be different.

Some days I do one of these options and other days I do two or three.  My nighttime routine is determined by how my day went and how tired I am.  One thing that I really try to do every day is to turn off all electronics two hours before bedtime….no TV, no iPad, no computer screen. Yes, it can be done.

I have found that these activities work for me to promote a calm mind so that I can get a good night’s rest.

Tub time…who doesn’t love time in a warm bath with Epsom salts and the smell of your favorite essential oil. Here are some of my favorite plain salts, just pour it in and ready to go salts, and essential oil. To add even more enjoyment and relaxation to my tub time I turn on my latest audio book.

Stretching….before or after my bath I love to have a few minutes to stretch. I have several stretches that work for my body for a regular routine.  I am linking a great article about nighttime stretches that promote a good night’s rest to get you started.

Nighttime meditation . I am a daily user of the app Headspace.  It is amazing what just a few minutes of guided deep breathing does to call the mind and body. They have a great variety of topics that can fit your daily need.

Calming music or white noise. These not only help to calm the mind and prepare you for a great night’s sleep, but they also block out other annoying noises. Again, Headspace is a great resource for this.

Here’s to a more restful night’s sleep. What nighttime routine activities help you get your ZZZZZs?

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