Great Spring Date Ideas for Midlife Couples

spring date ideas for couples

Great Spring Date Ideas for Midlife Couples

Dates are important for all relationships. Whether you are a newly married couple or a couple who has been together for many years it is important to set aside time each week or at least a couple of times a month to do something other than just going out for dinner. As the warm weather arrives, it just time to plan some fun spring date ideas outside.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy or expensive outing, just something fun that the two of you can enjoy together. Sometimes it’s fun to take turns planning to see who comes up with the most creative ideas. I think that it also adds a little more variety to the things that you do together.

Recent Spring Date We Enjoyed

Recently, we were able to experience the Imagine Picasso exhibit that was in Atlanta. What was good about it was that it was something totally new and different to do on a Saturday afternoon. It’s funny how you can live in one section of a large city and not visit other interesting parts of the city for years. That was the case for this particular Saturday. We just never have the need to go to the area of town where it was located.

Before our outing I knew that we would want to go out for lunch. Since we were going to an older, more historic neighborhood of the city I wanted to make sure that we found a great locally owned neighborhood restaurant. Just taking the time to plan something like this made the weekend special and different for us. Nothing fancy, just outside our normal box.

If you are in Atlanta, you should check out the exhibit. It is here for a few months. Check out their website to see if it will be travelling to a city near you.

spring date ideas for midlife couples

Fun Outdoor Date Ideas

When I think of spring, I just want to be outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. Here in Atlanta, it get so hot and humid in the summer that you are wanting to find fun indoor things to do so that you don’t melt. Here are some spring date ideas that I plan to put on our calendar to mix things up. It’s easy to go for a walk and stop for coffee or something to drink at a outdoor cafe, but these take a little more planning. Not much, I promise.

The Zoo

It doesn’t have to be a large zoo. It could be a small petting zoo or some sort of wildlife refuge that is in your area. There are always lots of cute baby animals this time of year so go and ooo and coo over them.

Outdoor Concert

I have to admit that we love to go to outdoor concerts. We have seen some amazing big name 80s musicians over the years. It’s always so fun to pack a picnic if they are allowed. Really makes it a fun evening full of memories.

The last few years there seem to be even more local, free outdoor concerts popping up at different venues. The local city that we live in has almost like a neighborhood amphitheater and they have a summer concert series on Saturday evenings in the summer that are totally free. It’s nice because we are able to walk there. Check your local area and see what’s out there for free via your tax dollars.

Drive In Theatre

Now this one goes back to high school days (at least for me). Do you remember going back to the drive-in with groups of friends? We used to have a great time. I don’t think that we really watched the movies that much. It was just a fun place to hand out and the movie was in the background.

Today we can pack up the comfortable chairs, the cooler with our preferred snacks and drinks and actually enjoy a movie on the HUGE screen. Just do a quick google search for your area. If you are in Georgia this is a great resource.

Food Oriented Dates

To me, most dinners out doesn’t really count as a date night. Many times dinner out is because it’s been a long day or week or I just majorly need a break from the kitchen. Lately the price of going out has gotten so expensive that I thought I would come up with a couple of things to do that are more affordable.

Food Truck Night

This is something that you can find in many towns or neighborhoods now. I know that we have an evening locally where several food trucks gather and you can just go from truck to truck to make everyone happy with exactly what they want to eat. Plus it’s a great way to support small, local businesses.

Gourmet Ice Cream

Why not be like a kid and just go out for ice cream. The perfect dessert for warmer months. Even though I am dairy free I can usually look ahead and see if they have something that I can eat as well. I noticed the other day that there are two new shops opening up close to us. Fingers crossed that they remember the dairy free people too.


As always, thank for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the internet. Hope that today’s post gave you a little inspiration for some fun spring date ideas. Spring symbolizes a new cycle of growth so why not take this season to breathe a little freshness into your marriage or relationship. As a childfree couple we have more time to do some of these things than couples with children; (you can read my post about the Pros and Cons of a Childfree Lifestyle here) however, I do hope that you set a little time aside to do some fun things as a couple. It can make a world of difference in your relationship.

Remember to always have a little SASs in your day!


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  1. Great ideas here! We are actually doing a an afternoon date at the museum this very Saturday!

  2. Jodie Filogomo says:

    That’s such a great idea to go just for ice cream. Of course for us now that means acai bowls!! But it’s still a wonderful treat.

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