What Do Indoor Cats Need To Be Happy? My Furry Kids Are Sharing Their Favorites

what do indoor cats need to be happy? My furry kids are sharing their favorite things.

Yes, I am a cat mom. My furry kids are my pride and joy. Indoor cats are the only type of cats that I have had for the last 30+ years. We adopted our first furry baby on our 1st wedding anniversary and have adopted or rescued five more since then.

Since we live a childfree lifestyle our indoor cats are our children. They have quite the pampered lifestyle and their every whim is catered to whether that be specialty food, favorite treats, and lots of toys.

Before we talk about what things keep our furry kids happy, I have written some other posts about living a childfree lifestyle that you might want to check out. Also, if you know someone who is thinking about choosing a childfree lifestyle or is having a difficult time starting a family please pass the links along.

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Keeping Your Indoor Cats Happy

Meet The Furry Kids

Yes, we have had several cats over the span of 30 years. Our first cat, Mister, was an only child for 15.5 years and passed from heart disease. Next, we adopted a brother and sister duo, Blake and Heidi. Blake was with us for 11 years and Heidi almost 12. Both came down with health issues.

While we had Blake and Heidi we rescued Wally and Fluff from a construction site that my husband had. They were part of a feral cat colony that lived on land where Mark was building a home. Sadly we lost Wally at the age of 7 due to silent heart disease.

So that brings us to the current furry children in our home.


Some days I swear my home looks like I have a toddler versus two cats. Ginny, my little Ginger girl, is the latest addition to our family. We adopted her from a local cat rescue group, Cats In The Cradle. She is about five months old in the photo above and FULL of energy. She is constantly carrying toys around in her mouth and dropping them all over. If you asked Ginny what makes her happy as an indoor cat it would be her cat tree and lots of toys.


Fluff is her big brother. We rescued him when he was a year and a half old. He is now eight years old. Fluff is quite fluffy but can move when he needs to. He lost his younger brother Wally earlier this year and it was so obvious that he needed a sibling within a few weeks. That is when we adopted Ginny. Fluff still loves his toys on a string. That is about the only type of toy that gets his attention and makes him move. Actually making him move is what Ginny does.

Now if you were to ask Fluff what makes him happy as an indoor cat it would be access to the screened porch whenever he wants it. The second best option is having a doorman, his mom or dad, at his beck and call to let him in and out whenever he desires.

My photographer was able to capture the perfect shot of Fluff below. He is coming in from the screened porch. The paw in the air is just so him because one of his nicknames is Prancer.

Things That Make My Furry Kids Happy

Each cat has had their own personality and preferences. That is for sure. The items below are things that all of them have enjoyed.

Cat Tree

Oh what fun a cat tree can be. It is so much more than a great sleeping spot that is up high. We originally got a big tree when Fluff came into our lives. He loved to lay up high and since he was cat #4 in the family at the time he needed a place of his own. This tree has held up for several years now.

We keep it in front of a door so that he and Ginny can lay up high and look out. Now that he is getting older and fluffier we may need to get him this one that has a better ramp for him to get up high. I think he knows that he can’t jump quite like he used to.

Bird Feeder

Every Ferguson cat has been a bird watcher. I don’t even want to think about how much I spend on bird seed each year. A bird feeder can provide so much entertainment for any cat. I always keep one near our screened porch on a pole like this. Not only do birds come to visit us, but we get to see squirrels and chipmunks.

It’s so fun to watch the cats crouch down so that the birds don’t see them. Squirrel and chipmunk visits are the best. Espcially is there is a pair of chipmunks chasing one another.

Interactive Toy

This Smarty Cat toy is indespensible in our home. We have to have batteries in it at all times. We call it “mouse” because there is a mouse that is what is on the end of the wand that moves. Every cat in our household has had a different strategy when playing mouse. We have also had a version where the toy is in the air. That one did not last long.

Toy Rats/Stinkies

This type of toy rat has been loved by every Ferguson cat. Buying them in bulk is a good thing because they always seem to disappear under furniture and into closets. You never know where you are going to find them. Stinkies are always another big favorite of everyone. It must be the type of cat nip in the toy. For some reason, they love the smell of it. This large fish version is in every cat’s stocking on Christmas morning. There is something special about this toy with every one of our cats. They are always licking it.

Toy On A String

This is one way to get your cats to move without having to move much yourself. Toys on a string have always been a big hit in our home. You can find so many versions. We have found that they ones with feathers on the end are always popular. The feathers may not last long, but they enjoy them while they are there.

Window Perch

I used to have two windows in my old office. Each window had a perch attached to it. Blake and Heidi loved looking out the windows in my office. There was a huge tree outside of them and they were eye level with the birds all of the time. Window perches are great spots for napping and bird watching especially if you have a window that is in an upstairs with a good view.

Purr Pads

This is the best thing for cooler weather. Not only does the Purr Pad keep them warm, but it also keeps cat hair off of the furniture. I keep them on ottomans and chairs. Anywhere that someone has a favorite sleeping spot. I wash them and put them back out.


The Furminator is by far the best brush that I have found for brushing my indoor cats. Some like to be brushed more than others. This type of brush really gets the undercoat and comes in handy when the seasons are changing and more shedding is going on. Fluff sees you pick it up and starts purring.

Great Water Bowl/Placemats

Water bowls are on every floor of our home. It’s funny how some are more popular than others. Yes, we have had all types. The fancy water fountains were a hit with our indoor cats until Fluff came along. He was kind enough to teach everyone how to dip your paw in water bowls and splash water everywhere. The fountains had to go at that point and we just switched back to ceramic bowls with nonskid placemats underneath them.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by my post. I hope you found something new for your indoor cats to keep them happy, healthy, and entertained. If you have something that your furry kids love and can’t live without that I haven’t discovered please let me know in the comments below. Of course the main thing that all indoor cats want is lots and lots of love. They are great at giving in back in return too.

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  1. Jodie Filogomo says:

    This was so fabulous to read.
    I’ll have to check out that interactive toy! Especially for Spookie.


    1. It will be the best $20 you ever spend on a toy. So entertaining for them. Ours is on multiple times a day.

  2. What cat wouldn’t love to live at your home?! You have the most wonderful cat toys and perches.
    Also, the photos of Ginny and Fluff are adorable.

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