Midweek Meander #10: Recent Amazon Purchases

woman over 50 wearing a yellow and white striped blouse at a kitchen sink pouring a glass of water from a ZeroWater water pitcher from Amazon

Amazon purchases are a frequent occurrence in our household.  In fact they are almost instant gratification these days with so many items next day shipping.  If not, they are on the doorstep in two days.  Guess that is an advantage to living in a metropolitan area where there are a few huge warehouses.

When other influencers I follow share their Amazon purchases, I always find the mix of things very interesting.  This past month or so I have really gone outside of my normal ordering habits with the move.  Honestly, I found several things from just searching and then bestsellers and similar items would appear.  I will tell you why I had to purchase it or why I am liking it.  You  can find out more about each of the products by clicking on the teal colored underlined words.

Amazon Purchases from Searches and Reviews

A Water Filter for Drinking Water

When we moved (blog post about that) I knew that I had to find a source for filtered water since I drink about a gallon a day.  We had a filtration system attached to the kitchen sink which I loved. I never had to worry about it except have Mark change the filter about every six months.  When I searched on Amazon I came up with this Zero Water Pitcher and let me tell you the review were correct.  This water tastes so good.  I have already had to to order replacement filters.  Needless to say, the replacement filter will go on automatic renewal.

How To Steam Perfect Vegetables

Once I solved my filtered water issue I was onto the next issue.  How to perfectly steam vegetables again.  For the last 12 years I had had a steamer unit by Wolf built into my kitchen island.  After a couple of google searches and how to guides by these food bloggers (here and here) I finally purchased an Instapot.  Trust me, click on those links and check out their recipes if you have an Instapot.  I also added these baskets to cart and do not regret it.  They work beautifully.

Soap Scum on Shower Doors

The next issue I had to tackle in this rental house was the glass shower doors.  They were driving me crazy with soap scum and splatter.  I haven’t had glass doors in 17 years.  I do know that when we decide where we are going and staying next I won’t have them again.  In the meantime, the 8,000+ Amazon  reviews came in handy and this product is so easy to use.  For me it didn’t take care of 100% by just spraying, rinsing and using a squeegee.  I would venture to say 95%+ came off with that method.  I consider that a win.

For the Furry Kids

One of the first things that I did when we got here is put on my pet detective glasses and check out the carpets.  I didn’t want Wally and Fluff to try to cover up someone else’s scent since I knew the previous owners had dogs.  Trust me if you have any type of furry child in your household do yourself a favor and buy a set of these.  They really do help you sniff things and issues out.  I have kept this product around for a while (vet recommended it), but I had to add this one to the collection to take care of some issues left behind by the dogs.

Fun for Me Purchases

Kitchen Gadgets

I rarely use a can opener due to the fact that I buy very few canned items, but I will say that canned tuna and salmon are staples in my pantry for lunch.  My was so old and just wouldn’t do the job anymore so I did a little search and came up with this one by Kitchen Aid (a favorite kitchen brand for me) and it is so much better.  Of course I went down the rabbit hole of “other items people bought” and found these amazing measuring spoons.  Finally got rid of all of my old plastic ones and this set has so many different measurements that I use such as 1/2 TBSPN and 3/4 tspn.  Can see why there are over 11,000 5 star reviews.

Cute Gift

Ok, this one is a gift for a friend with three kids.  Getting together for her birthday and kids will be out of school soon so I know it will come in handy for her.  Will let you know how it works.

Cocktail Time

So all of our bar is packed up and I realized that besides wine glasses we have no other glassware for cocktails.  Amazon to the rescue for my beloved Moscow mules and vodka tonics.  Now both are being enjoyed out of the appropriate beverage holder.

Well, that was a lot more to write about than I thought after looking thru my buying history.  Next up I will have to let you in on all of the products that I have set up on recurring delivery which makes my life easier.  Let me know if you try any of my recent Amazon purchases.  I have been happy with ALL of them.

Thanks for reading.  Here’s photos of all of my recent purchases.


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  1. KAAN AYDIN says:

    Dear beth, these products are really nice and I want to thank you once again. Thanks again and again for your detailed explanation of the benefits of Amazon.🙏⭐

  2. What great products and I enjoyed reading each of your reviews. I’m looking forward to the next post.

      1. KAAN AYDIN says:

        I like the glass cup set you put your picture on and I bought 2 sets. I like it very much, it is useful.

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