A Practical Sezane Review For Petites By A Petite

petite brunette woman wearing a Sezane black sweater, black skirt, and camel topcoate for a Sezane review for petites

When you are petite and find a new brand that works for your body, you just want to shout it from the rooftops. Can you tell I am a little excited about this post? Yes, I couldn’t wait to try enough Sezane clothing so that I could do a proper Sezane review for petites.

I will disclose that Sezane reached out to me originally wanting to gift me some pieces. They wanted to help me “build my Parisian wardrobe”. Since I had never worn their things I was intrigued and accepted. So some of the items that I will be talking about are gifted and others I have purchased.

Before we dive into the world of Sezane for petites and my Sezane review here are a few other posts I have written about petite fashion that you might want to check out.

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Why Do A Sezane Review For Petites?

So many brands have the best clothes but don’t make petite sizing. I know that I am always falling in love with pieces and they are regular sizing. I am sure that I am not the only petite woman that has that issue. Some work for my petite frame and some don’t. Well, I have been pleasantly surprised with all of the Sezane pieces I have tried. Just so that you know, I am 5′ 1/2″ and weigh 103-105. I usually wear a US size 2. In most denim, I wear a size 25.

So let’s take a look at Sezane and some pertinent information about the brand and how you can “build your Parisian wardrobe” too. After that, I will go into detail about how each of the pieces I have in my wardrobe fits me as a petite.

Meet Sezane

Sezane was created in Paris in 2013 by Morgane Sezaolory. Sezane refers to itself as a company that was born online. They design and produce pieces that are meant to last. Many that you can pass along to another generation that can enjoy it as much as you did.

They are a B-corp and Mission-led company that focuses on responsible and ethical production. They desire to make pieces that respect the planet and its people. That means that they do not overproduce and mark things down. The prices that you see are the prices. You do not see sale prices and promotions from them. As of 2021 3/4 of the materials used in their pieces are eco-friendly. This commitment is even carried through to all of their packaging and shipping. Their beautiful shipping boxes are made of recycled cardboard and/or are sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

Sezane also has a philanthropic program, Demain. This program has raised millions of euros to support thousands of children, teenagers, and adults.

They release stylish collections monthly. They also have a section that they refer to as The Top 30. These pieces are some of their best sellers that they keep in stock year-round. So if you see something that you like and don’t jump on it right away many will be restocked at some point in the season.

Where You Can Purchase Sezane

You can find their shops in Paris and London. Now they also have a handful of stores in the United States….New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, and Los Angeles. Fingers crossed that they come to Atlanta soon.

Their website is wonderful and easy to navigate. They have a great help page if you have questions.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping is free on any order from France that is over $200. Returns are always free. So if ever you are in doubt about which size to order, get both and return the one that doesn’t work.

Since I live in Atlanta I am an online shopper. I will say that my orders get to me from France faster than many American companies ship to me. That is very impressive in my opinion. The return process is very easy and my refunds have been handled very quickly.

Sezane Sizing Basics

Sizing information for Sezane is important and essential because French sizing usually runs smaller than American sizing. Sezane is very good at giving tips for selecting a size on each item. So make sure that you check out the Sizing – Size Guide for each of the items that catches your eye. It has been updated to have US sizing. What I found helpful was to convert the actual chest, waist, and hip measurements from metrics to inches. This calculator will help you.

It is also good to really look at the photos to get an idea of how the piece is supposed to fit. Remember that these are European designs, not American. Some items may be more cropped or baggy than you are used to. Once you have analyzed that and how you like your things to fit, then you can decide to go with your regular size, size up, or size down.

Sezane Review For Petites – Sizing tips For petites

So now to the fun part. You can see the pieces that I have added to my Parisian wardrobe thus far and how they fit my petite frame. Most of the pieces that I have added to my wardrobe are from the Top 30. I am a big fan of having quality pieces in my wardrobe that I will enjoy for many seasons and that I can mix and match with other items that I own.

Sezane Chlo Shirt

The feminine details on the Chlo shirt are just the right amount. Not too fussy or frilly. The small covered buttons on the blouse and sleeves are a nice touch. The blouse has a nice, soft feel to it. This blouse works just as easily with jeans as it does with a pair of trousers. You could also pair it with a skirt.

I am wearing a size 0 in the shirt. The fit is perfect for me. I did not have to have the sleeves hemmed or the buttons moved over for it to fit at the wrists.

Sezane Tomboy Shirt

This is the one piece of Sezane clothing I owned prior to them reaching out to me. I love an oversized “boyfriend” shirt in white. It is one of my favorite go-to items in the spring and early fall. Always works with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

I am wearing a size 0 in the shirt and it is oversized. I wear the cuffs turned back, but would have to have the sleeves shortened if I wanted to wear them full length. This shirt does run on the larger size in my opinion. If you look at the photos of this shirt on the website it is not a fitted fit on any of the models.

Sezane Gaspard Sweater

This sweater is an essential for every woman. I have it in two colors and can’t wait to add another color. I like wearing frontwards and backward. It goes great with jeans, trousers, printed pants, and skirts. You can also wear it over your shoulders with a summer dress. So this is a piece that comes in handy year-round.

Even though this is a cardigan sweater there is something quite feminine about the piece. Maybe it’s the tiny buttons or the fact that it is designed to be worn both ways. I like to keep the top button unbuttoned either way. I am wearing an XXS in the sweater which is normal for me. It is a roomy fit on me, but again the sweater is not designed to be fitted. You will always see me wearing it tucked in for that reason. If you prefer your sweaters more fitted, then I would suggest sizing down.

Here are some other looks featuring the Gaspard sweater.

brunette woman wearing a Sezane red Gaspard sweater and grey corduroy pants carrying shopping packages in front of a vintage Fiat

petite brunette woman wearing the  Gaspard sweater backwards wit h the top button undone

Sezane Louise Jumper

This black sweater has seen a lot of wear this winter already and not just in photos. It is so versatile. Here I have paired it with the Gillie skirt, but I pair it with jeans and trousers too. The sleeves have the best button details. The sleeves blouse a little, but not so much that they overwhelm. The round neck comes up nicely, not too high.

Again, I am wearing an XXS and you will always see me wearing it tucked in. The sweater is roomy, but not oversized on me. If you like your sweaters more fitted, then you might want to size down.

Sezane Jacob Jumper

The Jacob jumper is another great essential sweater that you will easily reach for all winter long. It is made of Merino wool and is the most fitted of all of the sweaters in this Sezane review for petites.

I would compare the neck on this sweater to a mock turtleneck. It is fitted, but not tight. You can also easily unbotton one or more of the buttons that are on the shoulder. I would say that this jumper runs true to size. I am wearing an XXS.

brunette woman wearing a camel sweater with buttons on the shoulder to the  neck.

Sezane Sandy Skirt

This Sezane review for petites would not have been complete without the Sandy skirt. Slip skirts are tricky for petites and yet they are such a staple to have in your closet. This one works. The fabric has a very nice feel to it. It is not too thin or too heavy. I do not worry about it being too clingy in the wrong places.

I am wearing a size 0 in the skirt and did not do one alteration to it. This skirt is made for a woman that has a defined waist. I would recommend your normal size in this.

Sezane Gillie Skirt

This is such a fun skirt. It is a beautiful wool fabric and fully lined. Fun with boots and a sweater. You could also wear it with loafers and tights for an even more casual look. It is a short, straight skirt. I am wearing a size 2 in this skirt. The fit was perfect right out of the box, not one alteration.

Sezane Brut Sexy Jeans

No Sezane review would be complete without the Iconic Brut Sexy jeans. There is a reason that the word Sexy is included in the name of this jean. Boy oh boy, do the French know how to design a pair of jeans to make your back end look fantastic.

These jeans are made of organic cotton. They do not have stretch to them and they are a button fly. They are designed to be a vintage jean look and fit. The fabric hugs your every curve. The more you wear them, the softer they get. They are designed to be a cropped jean, but I decided to keep them at full length in this wash. I am wearing my normal size 25 in this jean. The waist had to be taken in a little for me which is not unusual for denim.

I would also recommend washing them in this laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. I use this for all of my denim and it keeps them soft and looking great.

Here’s a photo from the back side.

Sezane Martin Crop Trousers

For this Sezane review I wanted to include one pair of trousers for fit purposes. Sometimes regular sized pants will work and I am happy to say that this style of trousers does. These trousers are a high rise, but not too high. The wide leg is a nice width and does not overwhelm my petite frame. For me, they are almost a full length pant. For winter, I like this length to wear with boots.

I am wearing a size 2 which is my normal trouser size. I did have the waist taken in an inch or so. That is a normal alteration for me when it comes to pants and trousers. I would recommend your normal size in these.

Sezane Johnson Coat

The signature Johnson coat completes this Sezane review for petites. This coat is petite perfection in my opinion. It is the perfect legth for warmth and looking chic. The lapels are not too wide so they look great on a smaller frame. The straight, tailored cut is slimming and looks very streamlined when the buttons are fastened.

I do want to not that this is not a real heavy wool coat. I live in the south so it is a perfect winter coat weight. If you live in a colder climate it might be a coat that you would wear more during “collar” season unless you had on some heavy layers underneath.

I am wearing a size 2 in the Johnson coat and the only alteration that I had to do was shorten the sleeves. I would highly recommend adding this timeless coat to your coat collection. You will enjoy it for many many years to come and never look dated.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by my post. I hope that this helped answer any questions you may have about how Sezane clothing would fit your petite frame. I hope that you can find some great pieces from this Sezane review that you will enjoy and wear for many years to come. From one petite woman to another, happy shopping.

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  1. Great article on Sezane. Very helpful. Have been curious about
    Fit. Thank you for the excellent advice. The iconic Brut sexy jeans and the Johnson coat look great for my lake lifestyle. Thanks Beth. You look so good in everything !
    Merry Christmas

    1. The jeans are a great fit if you like a vintage jean. Yes, the Johnson coat is amazing and not too heavy. Perfect for a winter coat if you live in a warmer climate.

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