The Best Wedge Sandals for 2024

woman wearing a white sheath dress and comfortable wedge sandals for summer

Wedge sandals are a summer classic. Women have been wearing them for years and I don’t think they will disappear as an option anytime soon. They are summer sandals you can wear with many things in your wardrobe. Just find a pair in a neutral color that you like and that fits your feet well. You and your feet will be happy this summer.

If you are not a summer wedge-wearing lover, I promise you that by the time you read this post, you will be ready to try a pair. Before we look at the best wedge sandal option for the season here are a few other posts you might want to check out.

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woman wearing a white sleeveless sheath dress and nude wedge sandals for summer
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Summer Wedge Sandals You Will Love To Wear

Summertime and wedges just go together. Can you believe that this sandal style was first introduced in the 1930s? I was surprised to learn that Salvatore Ferragamo introduced and popularized the style in Italy in the late 1930s. Straw and raffia were more abundant than leather at the time. So that is why we have wedges and platforms today that are made of the same types of materials.

Over the years, the styles and materials used to make wedges have improved and evolved. However, one thing is for sure they have been around many years and I can pretty much guarantee that you will see them in shoe designs every summer.

Advantages Of Wearing Wedges

Let’s face it. Today we are so fortunate that shoe technology has advanced. Comfortable shoes now look a lot better than they did even 10-15 years ago. Women no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort. Yeah to that.

I am a shoe lover. No doubt about it. Have been for years and I don’t see that changing. What has changed about my love of shoes is that they have to be comfortable and not hurt my feet. Wedge sandals have been in my closet for years because they are comfortable.

Here are some reasons every woman should have a pair of wedge sandals in their closet that they love to wear.

Wedges Are Comfortable

This sandal style can be more comfortable than traditional high heels. Most of the time there is a platform that helps to alleviate stability issues. Your heel is also spread out over the entire width of the shoe so you are distributing your weight more evenly.

Wedge Sandals Are Easy To Walk In

The wedge heel and platform make it so that your foot is in a more natural or neutral position. Thus, your feet are more stable and lessen the chance that you will wobble or roll your ankle. This is why they are a great shoe to pack for vacation.

Wedge Sandals Give You Height And Are Easy To Style

Who doesn’t love a little extra height? You can find wedge sandals in various heights. Just make sure you have a platform that is proportional to the heel height. That is key for comfort and stability.

Wedge sandals are available in many different styles. They can be very casual or quite dressy. Casual styles are perfect with summer sundresses and shorts. You can also wear them with jeans and wide-leg pants. Dressy styles are the perfect outdoor wedding guest shoe.

woman wearing a white top, blue midi skirt, and tan cork wedge sandals
Similar Wedge from the same brand

Best Wedge Sandals For Summer 2024

Now that I’ve convinced you that you need to have a pair or two of wedge sandals in your closet here are my favorites for the season.

Wedge Sandal Use code SAS10 for 10% off

The pair of sandals I am wearing above deserves to be highlighted before I break wedge sandals down by color. This sandal comes in all three of those colors. Ladies, this shoe is so comfortable. Marmi Shoes is always my go-to source for comfortable, stylish summer sandals and this wedge does not disappoint. I could walk for hours in this shoe. The footbed is padded and the pitch of the wedge keeps my foot in a neutral position. The bonus is that it comes in six colors. So if you need a sandal to wear with shorts and casual dresses this is one to try this season. Here are a few other wedge sandals from Marmi that you might want to consider. Code SAS10 is good for 10% off sitewide.


Tan or nude shoes are always a must. There are always different shades of tan or nude that will complement your skin tone. I always like a good tan shoe for elongating the leg. Whether you are looking for a dressy nude wedge sandal or something on the more casual side one of these three should work.

This clear wedge sandal will go with anything. That is the beauty of the clear straps. It is the most neutral of neutral shoes you can have in your closet.

Sometimes we just want a little bit of a heel and this classic style of cork wedge sandal is one that you will wear for many years. It has simple straps and will complement any sundress, summer slacks, or dressier shorts. It is also available in black.

I love a slingback wedge sandal. No matter your shoe size this is a flattering style of sandal. The peep toe is always in style. It is also available in multiple colors.


A classic black espadrille sandal. Need I say more? This is a simple classic wedge that will look chic for many years to come. It is also available in other colors.

This slide high-heeled wedge sandal would be great with shorts or long maxi dresses. It just says vacation shoe to me.

Another peep toe slingback wedge. I have a similar (previous season) version of this shoe. I will be hones that I have it in black and tan. It is great to wear with dresses, skirts, and when you want to dress up a pair of jeans. The patent leather just lends it to be a little dressier than other materials in my opinion.


This is a great slide wedge sandal. If you just want a little neutral sparkle on your feet this summer then this is a great shoe for you. I would pair it with casual dresses and shorts for an elevated casual look.

Such a pretty soft gold leather espadrille sandal. Simple, elegant, and timeless. A great sandal to wear with dresses and skirts all summer long and for years to come.

The details on this gold leather wedge stopped me in my tracks. I can see this with a great wedding guest dress for an outdoor or destination wedding.

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