Is the T-shirt Dress the New House Dress?

woman sitting on sofa reading wearing a t-shirt dress

Another new week.  Seems like I am doing the same things for the millionth time this year.  Almost everything I do is right here around the house.  Not out and about near as much as I used to be.  I think most of us feel the same no matter where we live.  Even though no one but the cats see me I still like to get “dressed” each day.  It’s just much more casual  now.  Enter the House Dress.

Now that the dog days of summer are here I find myself reaching for my t-shirt dresses on the regular.  Add a pair of tennis shoes or my favorite flip flops with arch support and I’m good for the day.


When I was getting ready to write this for some reason my grandmother came to mind.  Trust me, the lady passed almost 30 years ago so I don’t think of her that often.  However, it did bring back memories of her “house dresses”.  My grandparents lived on a farm so she was always in and out of the house doing chores in the summer when I would go to stay with them.  She always wore dresses with pockets.  Never understood why as a child, but now I totally get it.  So easy, comfortable and cool.  Yikes, hope I’m not turning into my grandmother.

Anyhow, it made me think is today’s t-shirt dress the equivalent of the house dresses of the 70s? Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include these images from the 70s.  Do you remember your mother or grandmother wearing these styles?

Today’s grey t-shirt dress is from ZSupply.  This is my first purchase by this brand and it won’t be my last.  So soft and comfortable.  I almost feel like I am in one of my favorite nightshirts instead of a comfy house dress.  I’m linking some great house dresses that will take us thru the dog days of summer and into fall.

Make it a great week.





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