Summer Little White Dresses Great for Petites

petite brunette woman wearing a sleeveless cotton little white dresses carrying a rattan handbag and wearing nude shoes walking down a sidewalk,

Little white dresses don’t get nearly the love that little black dresses do. What a shame in my opinion. Every woman needs to have a great little white dress for summer. What better way to show off your tan or your great self tanner.

Years ago, I read a fashion book by Nina Garcia and in it she talked about the importance of little white dresses in a woman’s wardrobe. Ever since then I have made sure that I have at least one all white dress in my closet that I love to wear in the summer. I am convinced that once you find one that suits your personal style and lifestyle it will become one of your favorite things to wear all summer long.

Before we talk all about white dresses, there are a few other posts I have written about summer fashion that you might want to check out.

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Dress | Sandals (Use Code SAS10 for 10% off.)

Little White Dresses for Any Summer Occasion

Finding a little white dress (LWD) to suit your personal style and lifestyle is actually pretty easy. Summer LWDs can be very casual to very dressy. Depending upon the style you can easily change up the look of the dress with accessories.

Most of my LWDs are quite casual. Living in the south, it is hot and humid so dresses are a natural go to for me. Once that August humidity kick in and it’s 90+ degrees out there’s nothing better to wear than an easy, breezy dress.

Summer LWDs made of cotton, linen, or eyelet (cotton) are truly my favorites. I know those fabrics wrinkle, but they also breathe. I recommend learning to embrace the wrinkles in your dresses. I don’t say that much about wrinkles, but for dresses the answer is yes.

Cotton Dresses

Cotton dresses can be out of a crisp cotton poplin or a soft gauzey cotton. Either fabrication will feel great on in the heat. Here are some cute dresses that you can dress up or down to wear on repeat this season.

Linen Dresses

Either you love linen or you don’t. Some people really have trouble embracing the wrinkles. What is nice is that many designer/brands are now making their linen out of a linen blend. So always look at the tag. If there is some rayon or another fabric in there it shouldn’t wrinkle as much.

White Eyelet Dresses

The white eyelet dress is usually a very feminine dress for summer. You can find many different sizes and shapes of eyelet today. This fabric has been around since the Victorian Era so as long as you can keep your white eyelet dresses white, then it will be in fashion for the summer.

How to Accessorize Your Little White Dresses

brunette woman wearing a white cotton dress, carrying a wicker handbag, and wearing nude sandals
Dress from my closet by Milly | Sandals

Think of your little white dresses as a blank slate when it comes to accessories. Really, almost anything goes with white. So play with your accessories. It may depend upon when and where you are wearing the dress as to how much jewelry you choose to put on.


When it comes to jewelry I don’t like to go crazy in the summer months. I usually stick with either a necklace and earrings or earrings and a bracelet. Sometimes just a great pair of statement earrings with a LWD is all that you need.

One of my favorite go to online shops for gold bracelets is Hazen & Co. Their bracelets are comfortable to wear and what I do like about them is that the gold beads are available in different sizes so if you have small wrists like me this comes in handy. The other fun thing is that once you have a couple of the gold bracelets then you can add in other fun colored beads if you desire a pop of color. Trust me, they can become addicting and you will reach for them year round. They also have great classic gold earrings as well as many other feminine designs. Here are some of my favorite from their line.


A raffia or wicker handbag just says summertime. A good one can go with your LWDs, sundresses, shorts, or linen looks all summer long. When I want a unique bag that will last me for years to come there are three brands/designers that come to mind.

Each of these designers have different looks. They are not inexpensive bags, but they are timeless styles that you will have for many years to come. I have bags by these designers that I have had for years and look forward to pulling them out year after year.


Neutral shoes or metallic shoes in the same gold or silver tones as your jewelry always help complete your look. Here are a few of my favorite styles for summer.


As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the internet to read today. I really appreciate it. I hope that this will help you find a place in your wardrobe for a little white dress that you will enjoy all summer long.

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