Boden Fashion: A Need To Know Brand For Petites

Boden Fashion: A Need To Know Brand For Petites brunette petite wearing a black Boden dress, snakeskin booties and carrying a black handbag

If you are like me, when you find a brand that makes petite clothing that truly fits your body you are ready to do a happy dance. Boden fashion is a brand I turn to when looking for timeless pieces. They always have a little flair and spark a little joy when I put them on my body.

It doesn’t matter if it is spring, summer, winter, or fall I can usually find something from Boden USA that I can’t wait to put in my closet. In this post, I will talk about the pieces that I find fit my petite body the best. As with all brands, some of their things work for me and some don’t. What I will say, is that there are plenty to talk about that do work for me.

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Why Boden Is A Need To Know Brand For Petites

Let’s face it. There are only so many American brands that offer a good selection of petite clothing. For years, petites have needed more options to choose from. That is why I started ordering Boden clothing for good classic pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Boden USA: Who Is Boden?

Boden is a UK-based company that has been around for 30 years. Johnny Boden launched the Boden that we know today in 1991 as a menswear mail-order company. Now you can find something for everyone on Boden’s website.

The brand is known for its eyecatching prints and fun colors. I always think of Boden as classic pieces with a fun twist.

How Does Boden Sizing Run?

I find the petite sizing to run true to size. I am 5′ 1/2″ and typically a PXS or P2. Most of the time I do not have to hem the pants if I am wearing them with heels. Sometimes the long-sleeved dresses will need the sleeves hemmed a bit.


Boden started as a mail-order company and that is how I shop this brand. I live in the metro Atlanta area and get my orders in a very timely manner. Usually within less than a week.

Returns are easy as well. I just print out a label and it goes back via USPS. My returns have always been credited in a timely manner as well. They make shopping for Boden fashion very easy for us in the United States.

Boden Fashion Pieces I Love To Wear

As with all brands certain styles and cuts fit your body better than others. I find that to be true with Boden as well. What I like about this brand is that once you find a cut/pattern that fits your body they make the same staples season after season. Their quality is very good for the price point.


The Boden website is the first place that I look when I am in need of a dress. They always have a great selection of shift dresses and fit and flare styles. Whether you are looking for a fun print or a solid color they will have several to choose from.

Same dress, multiple colors. Why not? If something works, it works. That is one thing about this brand that I like. They almost always offer the item in multiple colors or patterns.

Most of the dresses that I own from Boden are jersey knit or ponte fabrications. What I love about them so much is that they travel well, they wash nicely and don’t have to go to the dry cleaners. The pink dress above is one that is great to pull on and go. I love it with a fun scarf or just by itself. You can wear it with boots, heels or even loafers depending on the look that you want for the day. It comes in five color options.

The black fit and flare dress above is just dreamy to wear. The fit is just so flattering and comfortable. This dress I prefer with heels or heeled boots. It just makes the dress flow better in my opinion. It is available in three color options.

Here are some of my favorite petite dresses for the season.


Skirt from Summer 2023

Boden always has a good selection of skirts. Whether you are a mini or midi skirt lover there is one that will catch your eye each season. I know that’s the case for me. Skirts are such a versatile piece to have. In the warmer months, they are cooler to wear than pants. In the colder months pair them with a pair of tight, boots and your favorite sweater.

Boden makes great basic wool and jersey skirts. This season I really like this jersey midi skirt. This is just a classic piece that you can do so much with for several months out of the year. This black mini skirt is such a fun, more casual skirt to pair with boots and a sweater.

I will say that I have fallen in love with skirts that are not petite sized and they have worked for my body. I have had to take them in in the waist. You can see me in one here. This metallic skirt is really tempting even though it’s not available in petite length. I would just wear it longer with heels.

Here are some of my favorite skirts of the season.


I love a good, comfortable pair of trousers. Boden fashion never disappoints me in this category as well. There is always a variety of fabrics in wide-leg, straight-leg, and cropped styles. Something for everyone and every body type.

My latest addition to my closet is the jersey wide-leg pants that I have on in the photo above. The fit is amazing and they are so comfortable. I did not have one alteration done on these pants. These pants come in six color options. They would be great black pants to add if you don’t have a good-fitting black wide-leg option.

I am really liking these green velvet pants for the holiday season and winter months in general. These red velvets are pretty great too. You could easily dress them up or down. These velveteen jeans are also great for the colder months to stay toasty warm.

Here are some of my favorite pants of the season.

Thanks, Let’s Stay In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope this answers some questions that you have about Boden fashion and Boden USA. If you are petite and haven’t tried this brand before I encourage you to try a few pieces. Sometimes it takes a bit to find the right cuts and patterns when purchasing from a new brand. But once you find the ones that work for you I think you will be happy with the pieces.

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